A Little-Known Episode in Hidden History

Soviet Apologist Corliss Lamont Ignores How Father’s Wall Street Bank Aided Bolshevik Revolution

Thomas W. Lamont, senior partner of J. P. Morgan & Company was the nation’s leading Wall Street investment banker. His son and author of the book, You Might Like Socialism; a Way of Life for Modern Man, Corliss Lamont became a key figure in the Communist front organization Friends of the Soviet Union (FSU). In 1943 FSU was restructured under the name National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, with Lamont as its Board Chairman and chief incorporator. He is pictured with his father in the photograph below.

In 1936, Corliss Lamont helped found and subsidized the magazine Marxist Quarterly. When the Dewey Commission reported in 1937 that the Moscow Show Trials of Leon Trotsky and other purged Soviet leaders were fraudulent, Lamont, along with other key left-wing intellectuals, refused to accept the Commission’s findings. Under the influence of the Communist Party’s Popular Front, Lamont and 150 other left-wing writers endorsed Stalin’s actions as necessary for “the preservation of progressive democracy”. Their widely published letter warned that John Dewey’s work was itself politically motivated and charged Dewey with supporting reactionary views and “Red-baiting”.

Lamont remained sympathetic to the Soviet Union well after World War II and the establishment of satellite Communist governments in Central and Eastern Europe. He authored a pamphlet entitled The Myth of Soviet Aggression in 1952. He later became president emeritus of the American Humanist Association and in 1977 was named Humanist of the Year.

The Stalinist Lamont never discusses in this book or in his other published works, the hard facts later revealed in Antony C. Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution concerning how his father’s firm was instrumental in providing crucial financial support to Lenin’s Bolshevik regime and funneling illegal Bolshevik gold into the U.S.

Elite senior partner of the Wall Street Morgan banking firm, Thomas W. Lamont, the chairman of J. P. Morgan and Company’s board of directors, later described his circumspective exploits in his 1951 book, Across World Frontiers, a rare volume of which I have a copy.

Antony Sutton was the author of the monumental three volume series, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930; Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930-1945; and Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1945 to 1965. He later wrote National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union; and The Best Enemy Money Can Buy; concerning how the United States and its NATO European allies essentially built the Soviet Military Industrial Complex, their undeclared enemy and Cold War adversary.

Corliss Lamont (March 28, 1902 – April 26, 1995), was a socialist philosopher, and advocate of various left-wing and civil liberties causes. As a part of his political activities, he was the Chairman of National Council of American-Soviet Friendship starting from early 1940s. He was the great-uncle of 2006 Democratic Party nominee for the United States Senate from Connecticut, Ned Lamont.

Dr. Lamont was born in Englewood, New Jersey and graduated first from the elite prep school Phillips Exeter Academy in 1920, then magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1924. He did graduate work at Oxford and at Columbia, where he received his Ph.D. in philosophy in 1932.

He was a director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from 1932 to 1954. Then, until 1995, he was chairman of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (NECLC), formerly known as the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC), declared by congressional investigatory authorities as a Soviet front. He was nevertheless portrayed by the mainstream elite media as a leading proponent of individual rights under the Constitution. He won famous court decisions over Senator Joseph McCarthy and the CIA. In 1965 he secured a Supreme Court ruling against censorship of incoming mail by the U.S. Postmaster General.

Dr. Lamont had long been associated with Humanism, authoring the first edition of “The Philosophy of Humanism” in 1949. It has since become the standard text on the subject. He taught at Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard Universities, and at the New School for Social Research. Corliss Lamont was the honorary president of the American Humanist Association (AHA) at the time of his death in 1995.

The video clip shown to the right (on Amazon’s Corliss Lamont Page) is of Corliss Lamont and the internationally acclaimed Communist folksinger Pete Seeger being interviewed by Jonathan Heap, filmmaker and grandson of Corliss Lamont, on the occasion of the 1992 WESPAC (Westchester People’s Action Committee, now known as WESPAC Foundation) Festival, held on the Lamont Estate in Ossining, NY in 1992.

Wyoming: Thomas W. Lamont and son Corliss Lamont at Artist’s Point in Yellowstone National Park. Thomas W. Lamont is the Senior banking partner of J. P. Morgan. | Location: Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA.


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