A Lesson for the Masked Morons

LRC’s own Allan Stevo has published a guide to escaping “mandatory” muzzling of your mug. Face Masks in One Lesson may embolden folks who assume they must obey unconstitutional orders. And this absurd age knows few more significant issues: masks act as a gateway for the utterly evil plans Our Rulers harbor for us. That flimsy bit of cloth signals to these sociopaths that we are compliant and cowardly and that we are unlikely to defy their other diktats, either, however lethal to us or to liberty they may be.

Ergo, if Allan can persuade even half of the “millions [who] are exempt from the face mask orders and don’t realize it” to doff their diaper, his book will have performed as huge a service as Common Sense did. 

For the next week, a hard copy is only $10. Find it at

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Happy reading! Be sure to pass it on when you’re done.


6:31 pm on November 18, 2020