A Hero Who Only Grows More Heroic

You may remember James Kilcer, the retired Marine who single-handedly thwarted three robbers as they entered a Chevron in Yuma, Arizona: he tackled and subdued one, which sent the other two flying out the door (oh, the loyalty to their downed brother!).

No wonder, then, that

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot presented Kilcer with a YCSO Citizen’s Valor Award on Tuesday.

Wilmot presented the award “For extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage while voluntarily coming to the aid of another citizen during an incident involving criminal activity at extreme, life threatening, personal risk in an attempt to save or protect human life.”

And how did our champ dress for this occasion? In what looks like a spanking new “Let’s Go, Brandon” T-shirt!

Thanks to Bill Martin for sharing this entertaining story.


7:42 pm on October 27, 2021

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