A Darker-Than-Midnight-in-the-Middle-of-the Ocean-During-A-Typhoon Pot Calls The Kettle Black

Yet another passenger with no criminal motive or intent ran afoul of the TSA while exercising his inalienable rights per the Second Amendment:

An Ozaukee County man on Tuesday morning, Jan. 21 was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with a firearm at Mitchell International Airport. He had a .38 caliber handgun loaded with six bullets … The man … told officials that he did not know that he was carrying his loaded gun because he thought it was in a different jacket.

As I’ve previously pointed out, the TSA ballyhoos its anti-Constitutional discoveries of weapons for two reasons:

1) it thereby convinces folks the agency isn’t as inept and totally superfluous as they suspect—even though no studies or stats anywhere even suggest, let alone prove, that disarmed passengers are safe passengers;

2) mighty few actual terrorists, the TSA’s alleged raison d’etre, exist. Ergo, it manufactures an average of twelve a day from forgetful passengers to justify its sorry existence. Never mind that it ruins lives and reputations in the process since the newly minted “terrorists” are often arrested and jailed.

At any rate, this latest absent-minded gunman prompted one of the TSA’s spokesliars to lament, “People just aren’t thinking … Not even explainable how people still continue to take guns, or try to take guns through the checkpoint.”

We’re not thinking? This from a set of thieves and sexual assailants that search women’s hair for terrorists, I kid you not.



11:33 am on January 23, 2020