A Cui Bono Approach to the Malaysian Airliner Atrocity

The “cui bono” principle is always a good place to start in the search for culprits in any wrongdoing. Using this approach, the only self-interest motivation I see in all of this – at least thus far – is in the Ukrainian government’s trying to enlist the support of the rest of the world in its ongoing civil war in that country. If the Western powers can be convinced that a group of anti-establishment rebels performed this evil deed, all kinds of economic, political, and military support would probably be made available to the Ukrainian central government. This principle is not evidence that the Ukrainian state was responsible for bringing down this plane, but it is a good place to begin doing what the Western politicians and media will not want to see undertaken: asking the kinds of questions that will not be asked by establishment-minded people.


12:03 pm on July 21, 2014

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