43% of Minneapolis Voters Voted to Abolish the Police Department Yesterday

57% voted “no,” so the police will remain.  The abolish-the-police movement was supported by the state’s chief law enforcement officer, Obama crony and fellow commie Keith Ellison, who is the state attorney general, as well as fellow commie Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia).  Comrade George Soros reportedly gave $650,000 to the Minneapolis abolish-the-cops campaign.

As Ludwig von Mises wrote in his book, Socialism, all socialists everywhere have always been “destructionists” first and foremost.  They seek to destroy all institutions of civil society (the family, religion, law and order, free enterprise, rule of law, constitutionalism, etc.) first, and then they will think of the “appropriate” kind of totalitarian socialist hell to impose upon the rest of society.  That’s their pipe dream and it is on full display in Minneapolis, Portland, Oregon, California, and wherever else the Demo-Bolshevik party has significant political power.  It is why Leftist heads are exploding in Virginia and among all the Lying Media Scum this morning.


8:33 am on November 3, 2021