Not So Fast! Pols and Pundits Try to Divert Our Attention

In the almost-two-weeks since the “revelation” that President Biden has dementia, the politicians and mainstream media have avoided the inconvenient fact that they covered up that they knew this fact all along.  They’re trying to divert us with novel ideas such as an open convention or a “mini” or “blitz” Democratic Primary” between now and the convention.

The media and political establishment seem to think Americans will just nod and watch.  But I say, Not so fast. We have questions. USA: The Ruthless Empire Ganser, Daniele Best Price: $14.99 Buy New $17.75 (as of 08:17 UTC - Details)

1. Why haven’t the politicians and “journalists” who have been covering up this Big Story resigned or been fired? These people didn’t just learn during the debate that Biden was demented. Biden’s dementia has been obvious since at least 2019 and has been covered in some partisan and foreign media since them. Yet now, only after they’ve been caught lying, do the political and media establishment say the emperor has no brain and that he must do the honorable thing and step down, “to save democracy.” How about the politicians and “journalists” who have been lying to us — why don’t they step down? They’ve grossly failed in their duties.

2. Why haven’t the officials around President Biden used the 25th Amendment to relieve Biden of his duties? The 25th Amendment outlines a process for removing a President who is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” The public knew little about this amendment until Democrats and GOP Trump-Haters demanded that it be deployed against President Trump. Where are these screaming voices now? Officials around Biden long have had a duty to move him aside and install the Vice President as President (and never should have run Biden for President in the first place).

3. Why is age discrimination suddenly OK? Pundits and politicians keep saying Biden is “too old” to be President. Biden’s date-of-birth didn’t change during the debate. But suddenly he’s too old! Democrat powerbroker David Axelrod, who among other things managed Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012, penned a piece in CNN saying Biden must step aside, because he’s too old. Axelrod says “polls” show that a majority of Americans think Biden is “too old.”

But Axelrod and our political and media establishment well know that the issue is not age but ability. These people well know how to avoid making blatant discriminatory statements. These people well know that our various civil rights laws that were designed to force employers and others to judge people based on ability and not age — or race, sex, national origin, religion, etc. But now we’re taking a huge step back and making ageism OK again.

South Carolina Civilia... Karen Stokes Best Price: $11.50 Buy New $3.37 (as of 05:45 UTC - Details) Why this ham-fisted, offensive focus on age? Here’s a wild guess … It’s because Trump is old!  After Biden is (somehow) removed and replaced with “someone younger,” it will become a Democrat Talking Point to compare the candidates’ ages — and dismiss Trump as “too old.”

4. Who’s the secret shadow government claiming to act in Biden’s name? President Biden is a puppet — who’s pulling the strings? Yes, Virginia, there is a shadow government. What are these people’s ties, conflicts of interests, biases, etc.? And No, the shadow government is not Dr. Jill Biden. She’s obviously part of the cover up, but it’s extremely unlikely she’s been helping ramp up the war in Ukraine, or opening the border, or censoring “misinformation,” or using arcane legal theories to bring cases against Trump. Nor is Hunter Biden the shadow government, despite that President Biden says this son of his is the smartest person he knows. It’s clear from the revealing information on Hunter’s laptop that he has … other interests.

It’s no surprise that politicians have been lying — politicians gonna politician.  But the silence of what many people thought were media lions is surprising to at least some people — and to others, it confirms the worst: that our media, the Fourth Estate, the “watchdogs,” are in league with the government.  And they continue to be, even after getting caught. Instead of reporting, they’re just scrambling to cover up their own cover-up of the government’s cover-up.