The American Military & Its Militia – The National Guard

I had a brother-in-law (deceased) who was quite intelligent and made it his mission to let everyone know. If you didn’t hear something he said and said ‘pardon’, he took that as cue that he was speaking over your head. His remedy was to say the same thing again but to enunciate every syllable and speak very slowly.

In his world everything you needed to know could be had in a book. So when he decided to learn how to windsurf, he read an instruction book. His test sail was a disaster. Had he spoken with virtually any person who had mastered windsurfing, he would have been told his first was like everyone else’s first. He didn’t think that way. Instead he tossed the windsurfer.

The Pentagon is reading books on Russian military strategy because the intelligence agencies thought American strategy would win every war – instead we have lost again. What Really Makes You ... Parker, David Best Price: $35.77 Buy New $31.50 (as of 04:40 UTC - Details)

The US is at war with Russia. Despite claiming to be the greatest military on earth, the US continues to fail at strategy 101. Not because of the soldiers – because of the brass. Lloyd Austin was a teacher. He read books. He is not leading the military, he is reading books. If it wasn’t for General Patton, it is doubtful the west would have won WWII. The Nazi’s read books on – Patton. Not on the American military – but on Patton because his strategies worked.

Strategy requires critical thinking. One of the foremost books on military strategy is 2500 years old, The Art of War. It has been a part of recommended reading at West Point for generations. Yet reading this book does not make you a strategic powerhouse or every officer coming out of The Academy would be a war Master.

The US has 43 active four star generals. All told there are 620 generals. Yet Russia has won the war against not just these US generals, but against every intel agency across every western country and every NATO affiliate as well. Is the curriculum at West Point, Annapolis, Langley, Colorado, etc… deficient? Or has the level of acumen of the officers been lowered in order to create a general?
It isn’t simply an American problem – it appears to be a ‘western’ problem.

Australia’s military is lacking in recruits so they are now allowing the recruitment of ‘noncitizens’. Poland is short personnel. Germany is short. The pay is atrocious – the living standards are a Hellhole. And soldiers are treated like trash for the privilege of putting their life on the line. The world – is war weary. It is a pointless endeavor that has decimated the mental and physical health of those who live.

The Cartel solution? Lower the standards –

Instead of birthing Platos and Aristotles – the Cartel prefers our children to be mentally stinted because achievement and productivity will reveal their own shortages in wisdom and intellect. Biden is their Man! A dementia riddled, angry, blustering pedophile who ranked near to lowest on the totem pole of education. Like McCain. Surrounded by idiots, the Kabbalah feel enlightened!

Exactly what do four star generals do all day? Gen James Rainey commands the Army Futures Command. General Dan Hokanson is the nation’s senior National Guard Officer.

The Army Futures Command was created in 2018.  It was created because the military had spent $32 billion over 14 years on projects that were scrapped. In order to mitigate inefficiency and wasteful spending, the military created a new agency with an additional budget to watch and report on the inefficiency. The ANNUAL budget? $177.5 Billion to mitigate scrapped projects that were costing $2.3 billion per year.

Why was the National Guard created? The National Guard was created as a militia in 1903 via the Militia Act or more commonly as the “Dick Act”. The entire purpose was to bring the US militia under the control and financing of the Federal Government to prevent the potential of mutiny. According to the US Constitution, the President did not have the power to call forth the Militia – it was technically private.  So it was changed.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution: “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to secure and bear arms shall not be infringed.”   

Hamilton and the Founding Fathers believed that governments are prone to use soldiers to oppress the people. English history suggested that this risk could be controlled by permitting the government to raise armies (consisting of full-time paid troops) only when needed to fight foreign adversaries, ie the US Military.

Therefore, state Militia’s were supposed to counter a rogue military. By bringing the Militia into the fold of the federal government – absolute control was guaranteed. Charles Dick solidified this with the Militia Dick Act of 1903 and they became known as the National Guard. Practical Guide to Far... Aihara, Herman Best Price: $7.99 Buy New $24.95 (as of 04:33 UTC - Details)

To maintain war preparedness, the US military is using the Philippines as their base against China while conducting ‘war games’ in the South China Sea. The tag-line is – to counter Chinese aggression. Chinese aggression is labeled ‘unprofessional and unsafe behavior’. Unsafe behavior is further defined as ‘warning Philippine frigates for trespassing in waters around Scarborough Shoal. Both China and the Philippines claim the Shoal belongs to them. The Philippines asked the US to determine which country owned the Shoal – which is used by their respective fishermen. Its ownership remains disputed. As such water cannons are lobbed at each other – and that is the extent of the dispute.

The US military thus decided to insert itself in the middle so as to exacerbate tensions and promote disagreements and conflict and conduct military drills in the Shoals.

According to the commander posted in the Philippines, Colonel Mike Logico, “Exercises are like a second language that, as you are performing the exercise, you are also sending a message to both your adversaries, your likeminded partners, and other stakeholders.”   Who are the stakeholders? The companies making the weapons to use in these drills.

They are called War-Games for a reason. Because that is how it is perceived by the Stakeholders who never actually fight in wars and conflicts – they just create the GAMES. Like Hunger Games…

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.