IDF Calls War With Lebanon – Pentagon Sends Ukraine Patriot Systems

President Trump continues to attempt to plug the hole that AIPAC and Israel created in the Zion Dyke.   To no avail.  His latest comment was to tell us we just need to be friends and let go of any misunderstandings…  “Republicans’ Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton just want to wipe Palestinians off the face of the earth.   The progressive Democrats are siding with the AIPAC Republicans and the liberal Democrats are siding with Libertarians.  A Farking MESS!

With two solid AIPAC candidates running for President, the future of America is looking more and more bleak.   Putin stated that a Trump presidency would change – nothing.  AIPAC destroys any candidate that does not support Israel – which is election interference.  But AIPAC has always been – above the law.  They helped drive the January 6th infiltration and arrests of Patriots.  They drive the infiltration of the pro-Palestine protests.  They created a Hunger Game Hollywood.   And they run the CIA. The Progressive Era Murray N Rothbard Best Price: $17.74 Buy New $11.33 (as of 07:25 UTC - Details)

AIPAC is also quite active in Europe, albeit under its subsidiaries:  The European Jewish Congress.  Friends of Judea and Sumaria.  European Coalition for Israel.  Christian Zionist current.  European Jewish Association.  Transatlantic Institute.  B’nai B’rith Europe.  Europe Israel Public Affairs – which is the equivalent of AIPAC, an umbrella for Zionist control.

Their main platitudes include – hatred of Russia, hatred of China, hatred of Christians and Islam, and War is always preferred.   They are running the western show in Ukraine.   Many of their PR tweeters present claims of self pity – ‘look how little we are in a sea of Muslim countries’.   While wielding death on Muslims.   And death on Ukrainians.  Why do they hate Ukrainians?  Because they literally hate – everyone.  Especially the weak and the poverty stricken.

We are cattle under their eyes which is why we are now enslaved – corralled.

Unfortunately, Trump is onboard the AIPAC train.   The same AIPAC that has been trying to destroy him from the progressive left and rhino right.  The same AIPAC that put MAGA patriots in jail.   Completely confusing the game plan.   Are the slew of democrats converting to MAGA – AIPAC shills set to undermine Trump once again?   The evangelical church is eerily silent.  Rabbis are robustly vocal.

How do we extricate America from this enslavement?

When attempting to enter the website of Europe Israel Public Affairs, I was redirected to Israel National News whose headline is, “IDF Approves  Plans For Invasion of Lebanon”.  Their goal is to turn Lebanon into a greater Gaza ~ According to Defense Minister Gallant.  According to Hezbollah there are warships stationed on Lebanon’s coastline and air force strikes commenced last night.  Ground troops are being assembled.  Just in time for the US to issue a bill requiring registration for the draft ages 18-25.

The U.S. is sending Ukraine 7 US Patriot air defense missile systems that were contracted for purchase by other countries, the White House announced Thursday.  Upping the Ukraine war.

US simultaneously is sending 1000 war drones to Taiwan while Taiwan has followed the Israeli mantra:    A new bill was passed in Taiwan, ‘Contempt of Parliament’.  The bill contains a clause which can impose fines and even a prison term of up to one year for officials who disrespect parliament.   While China has declared that Taiwan separatists will receive the death penalty.  All staged for a very unclean War.

Biden is at Camp David – under the guise of preparing for the Trump/Biden debate next week.  It is looking more likely that war hawks are pushing WWIII and Biden has been taken into ‘the basement’.    With AIPAC Trump sidelined.

Did Russia offload some weapons in Cuba before leaving?   Is North Korea on heavy alert to assist?  How will the Middle East react to Israel bombing Lebanon?   The UN has again issued empty threats while Israel’s new war cabinet is completely rogue.   The ‘deterrent strategy’ is Israel’s response to everything.   Of course, after Lebanon, they will want Iran.  And then the entirety of the Middle East will blow up!

The rift between Netanyahu and the White House is seemingly a stage play.  Netanyahu claims Biden is withholding needed weapons, while The Pentagon claims weapons are sent weekly.  Leaving the US open to assault.  Possibly internally.  Illegal immigrants trained at US military bases. Pagan America: The Dec... Davidson, John Daniel Buy New $27.95 (as of 07:03 UTC - Details)

Although Trump appears to continue to receive Zionist money, he has touted his anti-War stance since 2016.  And perhaps that stance is what is fueling WWIII before he can be elected.   It would definitely appear that war is no longer a possibility, but a rapidly moving forward reality.  The Zionists are out of time.  Upping their gamut, given they have lost control of their power vacuum, not point in waiting would seem to be the agenda.

US Strategic Reserves remain on empty.  The Department of Energy claims a contract for 3 million barrels at $77 average is on the table with delivery – November.   Twice the cost of the inventory under Trump’s direction of $30 per barrel.  The reserves comprise 714 million barrels when full – 3 million = .0042 or .4%.

So we have no fuel reserves, we have no weapons because we keep giving them away.   We have two major wars ongoing and a third prepped for Taiwan while the Zionists lead all decision making in Washington.   Who is going to come to our rescue?  Europe?   Canada?   They are both equally sitting ducks having never built adequate militaries and instead relying on US Taxpayers to foot their bills.

The Zionists running these wars, pushing America into a debt hole purposefully to the tune of $41 trillion according to the Treasury Balance Sheet, is about to become an internal riff they can’t afford to lose – and certainly a civil war is not off the table…

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