A Guide to Operation Prison Camp

This week and next I am running 3-5 minutes reads that pick apart the reason for the failing economy for the bottom 70%. As Dr. Peter St. Onge  says, the bottom 9 rungs on the ladder have been knocked out. These essays describe why, and how, if fixed, the economy will soar. I am taking ten days off the cortisol carousel, because the next six months are going to be busy. And awesome. And pivotal in world history. Back on Saturday, the 14th.

Also this is a farewell to the environmental file. I have written about this in depth for the past 20 years, one book, four in depth policy papers and hundreds upon hundreds of essays. I have been writing for Michael Walsh’s the-pipeline.org, which attempts to take down the environmental junta, and I found I don’t have much more to say. Will keep up with any more developments. In any case you will be receiving five minute reads on this heart-breaking mistake over the next ten days. Read them, file them, ignore them. They will be here to read whenever you want. Or to send to your family and friends who don’t understand the threat.The tsunami of lies that issued from leadership during the Covid hoax has created a hypervigilant populace which flares into suspicion given any excuse. The balloons, the unpopular Ukraine war, government-caused inflation, the parade of food production facilities bursting afire, the unacknowledged excess deaths, have contributed to an almost universal mistrust of anyone official. And then came East Palestine. Eco-Fascists: How Radi... Nickson, Elizabeth Buy New $9.99 (as of 03:17 UTC - Details)

The Norfolk Southern railroad was carrying vinyl chloride which when ignited, turns into dioxin, the great-grandmother of all toxins Within days, it spread across the 75,000 family farms of Ohio, across the Nebraska wheat fields into the underground aquifers and has killed, so far, 45,000 fish. Birds fell out of the sky, and most think that anyone pregnant in the vicinity is at extreme risk. The fire released the largest plume of dioxin in history.

The government tried to blame the fire chief of a town of 5,000 for lighting the chemicals. That is not how it works in rural America. The Department of Interior through its various agencies micro-manages every watercourse, farm, range and forest. Whoever gave that order was at the top of the food chain: the governor, advised by Interior by the Office of the President. Every single interest was consulted and signed off in a prescribed chain of decisions, before the train car was drained of vinyl chloride and the fire was lit.

The following is a concision of populist opinion, observations, and theory:

Even the Wall Street Journal is expressing “concerns” about food production in the region after the Norfolk Southern crash. That, of course, is nothing compared to the anguish in the village itself, where people are developing all manner of symptoms, wheezing, coughing, throats closing up, migraines, seizures. The EPA finally demanded the railroad test for dioxin. On its website, the agency warns that even a small amount of backyard burning of vinyl chloride and dioxin released from burning is dangerous.

Nor did it help that Norfolk Southern initially offered each resident a mere $1,000. Researchers like Erin Brockovich have pointed out that the Camp Lejeune vinyl chloride pollution was 10 percent of the scale of East Palestine, damaged one million people, and insurers were paying out for decades.

In January, the Biden administration released a ‘blueprint’ for the decarbonization of the transportation sector. Transportation issues more carbon dioxide than any other sector, so must be contained. As usual with environmental “blueprints,” the language is vague and faux-compassionate. Firepower: How Weapons... Lockhart, Paul Best Price: $17.49 Buy New $24.31 (as of 01:30 UTC - Details)

Under the leadership of President Biden, EPA is working with our federal partners to aggressively reduce pollution that is harming people and our planet – while saving families money at the same time,” said U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan. “At EPA, our priority is to protect public health, especially in overburdened communities, while advancing the President’s ambitious climate agenda. This Blueprint is a step forward in delivering on those goals and accelerating the transition to a clean transportation future.

Consider the incompetence in not knowing that vinyl chloride when ignited turns into dioxin. Consider that those are the people who will be “reimagining” transportation, people so hapless that they cannot contain the most toxic chemical man has ever created. Or was it incompetence? Suspicion is building that the accident was deliberate in order to clear the region for Intel moving into Ohio, so that water now used by residents and farms, can be reassigned to the factories. Norfolk Southern is owned by hedge funds, Vanguard and BlackRock, who own Intel.

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