Alex Jones and Infowars

"BREAKING: Democrats Admit Plan To Close Infowars On June 14th!"

Alex Jones is reporting that the federal government tried to shut down the Infowars studio. Update.1

Here is Chat GPT’s summary of Jones’ legal troubles:

“In the defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones, he was ordered to pay nearly $1.5 billion. This amount was awarded in various verdicts and judgments related to the cases brought by families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The lawsuits stemmed from Jones’s repeated false claims that the shooting was a hoax. The damages include compensatory and punitive awards given in multiple cases across different trials.”

I asked whether Jones apologized for his statements before the trials took place. The Great Awakening: D... Heckenlively, Kent Best Price: $11.74 Buy New $14.21 (as of 07:37 UTC - Details)

“Yes, Alex Jones did issue apologies before the trials took place. Over the years, he has made several public statements retracting his previous claims about the Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax. He acknowledged that the shooting was real and expressed regret for any distress his false statements may have caused the victims’ families. However, despite these apologies, the lawsuits proceeded, with plaintiffs arguing that the damage caused by his repeated false claims was extensive and profound, leading to the significant judgments against him in court.”

Alex was ordered to pay nearly $1.5 BILLION.

For statements he made. For which he apologized.


Make a list of heinous crimes of the past and present, for which the perpetrators paid nothing.

Think of all articles you’ve ever read which claimed crimes weren’t actually committed, but were hoaxes. No one paid anything for saying “hoax.”

Think of all the times you’ve heard people say that other people who claim they’re victims aren’t really victims.

Think of all the mainstream articles you’ve read claiming a drug or vaccine was safe and effective—when it wasn’t. Think of the readers who believed those media statements.

Somebody was obviously after Jones and wanted to wipe him off the map.


Because he and his writers have attacked the government and the powers-that-be from hundreds of angles over the years.

And he has a large audience.

And he has defended Trump many times in the past.

And he has given air time to whistleblowers.

And he has defended nationalism against globalism.

And he has been one of the leading voices who has gone after the medical cartel as part of parcel of the Deep State.

The “somebody” who went after Jones couldn’t have cared less about his Sandy Hook comments.

That was just the occasion for taking away his money and resources.

I’ve known Alex for a long time. I used to do a weekly solo segment on Infowars. Not once did he or anyone at Infowars tell me I shouldn’t cover an issue in the way I was covering it. Not once did anyone tell me to cover an issue. I was free to say anything I wanted to.

The “somebody” who was after Alex also wanted to put a wet blanket and danger sign on the 1st Amendment. So writers and broadcasters operating on their own would think twice about what they should say. So they would self-censor.

It’s a disturbing fact that there are people out there who despise someone and don’t care how they’re brought down. 1st Amendment be damned.

“Well, maybe the case against him isn’t strong. Maybe it’s weak. Maybe it’s ridiculous. So what? As long as he suffers, as long as he’s shut down, that’s fine with me. Just work the legal system every which way until he’s wiped out.”

The legal system becomes torches burning in the night that a mob can carry.

Then people can say, “Justice was done. He was found guilty under the law. The system prevailed. Democracy won.”

A bunch of fat asses and perverts won.

Censorship keeps strolling in and bleeding in with “greatest good for the greatest number” rattling in addled brains. THEIR greatest good, for THEIR greatest number.

Free speech was put at the head of the line because, without it, every nut and criminal and controller with a cause would be able to silence his opponents with a stroke of the pen. Or a prison cell. Or a gun.

You and I know people who believe in ideas we find horrible. But we don’t want to shut down their ability to talk. They can say anything they want to. So can we. Ideally. If that right goes the way of extinct species, then we’re in a pick and choose situation. And we’re not doing the picking.

This is the intent of “hate speech” laws. They say: shut your mouth. When you say certain things about certain people. Pick and choose. The Great Reset: And t... Jones, Alex Best Price: $6.98 Buy New $16.87 (as of 06:02 UTC - Details)

I have the right to hate you in public, and you have the right to hate me. Because a “somebody” has decided we don’t count.

The day is coming when some independent-minded person is going to be standing up in front of an audience giving a speech. And every person in that audience will consider himself a victim of some kind. Therefore, nothing the speaker can say will be acceptable. Not one word.

Unless now, many, many people draw the line. The line that defends the 1st Amendment.

If that happens, then yes, people will be saying and writing sentences that make you cringe. Cringing is fine. It’s all right.

As long as you don’t have the right to bring a case to court and win.


My three-part series on Alex Jones, here.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.