Biden’s Handlers Impose Massive Destructive Tariffs

The Biden Handlers have imposed Tariffs on China:  semiconductors 50%, syringes 50%, lithium batteries 25%. Electric vehicles 100%.  Steel and Aluminum 25%.  The purpose is to destroy China’s economy.  The reason?  China continues trade with Russia. 

If Russia wins the war with Ukraine there are fallouts:  ego – front and center, the race to devalue the dollar will gain significant speed, America’s hegemony is built on wars.   Losing wars is typically a nonplus given the US funds both sides.  In this case, funding Russia is not available –

The Position being held by these non-economist lawyers and bankers is that America manufacturing needs to be competitive.  Why?  Because American prices can’t compete, therefore everyone must manufacture according America pricing.  Which is significantly higher already due to the price of transportation and labor.  According to the Directive, Biden claims American workers can only compete if China price matches… The Anti-Capitalistic ... Mises, Ludwig Von Buy New $39.42 (as of 02:47 UTC - Details)

When enacting tariffs, the loser in this scenario is American consumers who will now experience inflation ranging from 25% to 100%.  The hardest hit will be everything electronic;  cars, electric vehicles, appliances, cell phones, electricity, and Renewable Energy!  Everything green will now be unaffordable.  Simultaneously, the Intel chip making plant in Ohio  has announced they are behind schedule and the plant may not be up and working until – 2030.

Very few Chinese EV’s are actually sold in America, in fact very few EV’s are sold in America as dealerships post losses and sit on billions in unsold inventory.   According to the NYT, the industry ‘fears a flood of China’s EV’s’…   The reason?  The one company that is poised to ship Chinese EV’s to the US and Europe is Stellantis.  The cost of the car is $10,000 and according to Elon Musk – the car is stellar!  When the Federal Government is thru – Stellantis will be lucky to sell the car for $35,000  – taking away its competitive edge.  Altering the entire concept of Free Trade.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Stellantis was formed in 2021 thru the merger of Fiat and the French PSA Group.  The Chair of Stellantis is John Elkann, the heir to the Gianni Agnelli family.   He is NOT happy.    His planned expansion of sales has just been gnashed.   Leading to an 11.5%  in share value.

While the EV market is the media focus – the steel and aluminum, and semiconductor tariffs will have the most egregious impact.  These costs directly affect the Green Market of solar, and windmills, but will also impact construction, cars, infrastructure – including bridges, and military equipment.  These tariffs are then absorbed by consumers and Taxpayers.

Right on cue, Mike Johnson declares that the Biden Handlers are wholly responsible for Inflation due to a government spending crisis – like the $95 billion Johnson approved.

Why would the handlers want to destroy the economies of The West?

The John Birch Society knew at its creation that a shadow government was controlling the FBI and CIA to convert the power of government to stakeholder elites and communists.   The power of control needs to be autocratic.   Founded in 1958, the John Birch Society is labeled anticommunist, right wing, radical, far right, libertarian, and a threat to democracy.   John Birch was an intelligence officer in WWII who was shot by the Communist factions of Mao.  He believed that communists in the Soviet Union and China were the greatest threat on earth.   Robert Welch, jr, was the founder of the John Birch Society and stated:

“Both the U.S. and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the U.S. government would betray the country’s sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order, managed by a ‘one-world socialist government’”.

The Society once included the Koch Brothers who left sometime in the 1970’s.   Everything America is fighting for today can be traced to the Birch Society warning us of the Communist agenda – secularism, big government, unlimited autocratic power, and a One World Economic Forum Government.   As the Kabbalist collective plan is being shredded, they are ramping up their Agenda looking for disintegration wherever they can get it.

Somewhat of a last hurrah.

This is NOT about China or Russia or Ukraine – this is about ensuring and maintaining an autocratic control over those countries currently occupied, including America. Murray N. Rothbard vs.... Best Price: $13.04 Buy New $11.00 (as of 05:22 UTC - Details)

As the PM of Slovakia learned today, assassination is the outcome of a nonconformist ideology that does not align with the Kabbalah.  Whistleblowers are targets of assassination for nonconformist ideology.   And inventors who attempt to intervene in the allowed arena of Kabbalah industries are assassinated.

The Economist has called the elections in India – Modi Fatigue.  The intentional insertion of Modi’s opponent, Arvind Kejriwal, was financed by The Ford Foundation, which is a CIA construct – a left wing protégé of the Kabbalah.  In addition, Harper Collins published Kejriwal’s book Swaraj which increased his assets by Rs 1,34,57, 504 crore – or 60%.

Modi is not anti-Russia enough for the CIA and needs to go out quietly – either via the elections or via the same means as the PM of Slovakia.  Should Modi win the election, he will likely find his country sanctioned … the Kabbalah first means of punishment.

The Global Order is faltering – their schemes of punishment for not embracing a full alliance are now open and transparent.   Because they no longer care – because they know they have LOST their alter of acceptance.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.