Facing Nuclear War

The invention of nuclear weapons was an act of total insanity. If the massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons are not dismantled and destroyed, sooner or later they will destroy planet Earth.

We have survived so far because the Cuban Missile Crisis awoke President Kennedy and Soviet leader Khrushchev to the danger of distrust between nuclear powers. For the remainder of the 20th century Washington and Moscow worked to defuse tensions and to build transparency and trust. Sufficient success was achieved to avoid false indications from warning systems showing incoming ICBMs from resulting in the launch of nuclear war.

Union Terror: Debunkin... Addicott, Dr. Jeffrey F Buy New $21.95 (as of 10:47 UTC - Details) Today there is no trust. In the 21st century all of the arms agreements hammered out over the decades of the Cold War have been abandoned, first by Washington and then in response by the Kremlin. The Soviet collapse in 1991 gave rise to the neoconservative doctrine of US hegemony, an assertion of American unilateralism, a claim of American supremacy. Such an absurd and unrealistic claim is totally inconsistent with the existence of nuclear weapons.

All trust has been erased. In the US Russia has been demonized to an unprecedented extent. It is so extreme that anyone who gives an objective analysis is branded a “Putin agent/dupe.” This makes realistic assessments impossible.

In Russia trust of Washington has been completely destroyed by broken promises, such as NATO will not move one inch to the East, broken arms agreements, deceit over the Minsk Agreement, and by Washington’s endless rejections of Russian requests for a mutual security agreement.

Today all it takes for the world to end is one false warning of incoming missiles.

It was Washington, not Russia, that created this situation, and nothing is being done about it. The world is content with the Sword of Damocles hanging by a thread over the planet.

Whenever I raise this most serious of all issues, a gaggle of idiots pronounce that nuclear weapons will never be used because there can be no winners. All the while Putin is warning that Washington and its NATO puppets are pushing Russia into nuclear war. There is no end of people too stupid to see the dire threat.

If Biden, the defense secretary, anyone in Washington had any sense, they would call Putin and declare that we need more than a mutual security agreement. We need to dismantle and destroy all nuclear weapons–the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel, France and the UK. To demonstrate our newly acquired good intentions, Washington should announce that it is closing its worldwide network of illegal bioweapon research laboratories and abandoning its effort to substitute Washington’s self-serving “rule-based order” for established international law.

The notion that the US needs to defend against a Russian or Chinese invasion is an absurdity when the US is being overrun daily by immigrant-invaders. According to official numbers, immigrant-invaders recruited from 160 countries by NGOs financed with federal tax dollars are entering unopposed our country monthly in numbers equivalent to the population of Pittsburgh.

300,000 a month is 3.6 million a year. No one knows how many immigrant-invaders have entered our country, but the evidence is clear that the US is being colonized. The best guess is that 30 million illegals have taken up residence in the US. And this at a time when US manufacturing has been offshored and robotics is eliminating many remaining jobs. The influx is so great that even schools, airports and bus stations, and hotels are being turned into housing for immigrant invaders. There are reports that private businesses are being paid by state, local, and federal governments to provide housing for the immigrant-invaders. In other words, an invasion is being turned into a profit center for private businesses based on government tax dollars.

The Art Of Self-Learni... Thinknetic Buy New $24.99 (as of 03:31 UTC - Details) American property owners are finding themselves dispossessed by immigrant-invaders. A family can return from vacation to find immigrant-invaders, who cannot be evicted, occupying their home. Breaking and entering has been turned into an “owner-tenant dispute.” Rental property owners find rental units vacant between leases occupied by illegals who cannot be evicted. I have reported examples on this website.

American citizens are exploited in additional ways. They have to pay for schooling, health care, and prepaid credit cards given to illegals. The character of neighborhoods is erased. Crime multiplies. Liberals demand that illegals be given voting rights. California hires them as police officers. Members of Congress want to put the immigrant-invaders in the US military and use them to defend the country whose borders they have violated. As Washington refuses to oppose this invasion, why is Washington so concerned about a mythical Chinese or Russian invasion? The absurdity boggles the mind. America has been turned into a tower of babel.

We know for certain that Russia and China combined do not have armies approaching in size the immigrant-invaders overrunning our country. So, why are we only concerned about being invaded by Russians and Chinese or the UN, but not by the invaders we are actually experiencing, about which nothing is done?

Instead we are pursuing an aggressive foreign policy toward, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran that is fomenting nuclear war. Washington’s aggression is a dire threat to the existence of life.

To comprehend the collapse in US-Russian relations, compare the warm reception given to the American pianist, Van Cliburn, in Moscow in 1958 when he won the international Tchaikovsky piano competition with the refusal today of Western orchestras to perform the music of Russian composers.

This Sunday morning brings news that Washington think tanks are now saying it is time for NATO troops to be sent to Ukraine or the West will suffer a catastrophic defeat. So, after all the denials, it is the West’s war against Russia. Perhaps Putin will take note.

Following the Vietnam pattern, the NATO troops will be used for logistics and support personnel, thereby freeing more Ukrainian soldiers for the front, but not themselves used in combat. It was through this door that the US ended up with 500,000 soldiers in Vietnam and still lost the war.

The US already has soldiers in Moldova, where they are engaged in exercises with Moldovan soldiers. There is talk of Moldova joining the US in occupying Odessa, Ukraine’s last remaining position on the Black Sea. Once again it seems Putin’s lackadaisical way of fighting war has worked against him.

In Romania, law changes are underway that allow Romanian soldiers to engage in offensive operations against countries that have not attacked Romania, and the Polish foreign minister is sending a mission to coordinate with Ukraine.

As it has since day one of Putin’s “limited military operation,” the war continues to widen. And dangerously. Perhaps for budget reasons, perhaps for civilian labor force needs, Putin has not raised an army sufficiently large to defend with conventional weapons the enormous length of Russia’s border with NATO. As attacks can come from the Arctic to the Black Sea and even from Georgia in Central Asia, Russia is relying on nuclear weapons.

Putin was forced to intervene in Donbas, but it should have been done in a way that quickly ended the conflict and chilled any appetite for war with Russia.

Donald W. Miller, Jr., calls to our attention a new book by Annie Jacobsen titled Nuclear War: A Scenario. Read the article and the book and demand that Washington sober up before it gets everyone killed.