Cartel Blackmail: What Would You Do?

IF I don’t like you, why must I like you?

If I am offended by you, why must I be unoffended?

If I don’t want to associate with you – why must I associate with you?

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Why must I share my country with people I don’t want?  And if I complain I am arrested?

Why can’t I say ‘illegal alien’ – even though it is a factual statement?

Why does the FDA tell me what I should do?  What is good for me?   What groceries to buy?

IF I want to protest and you don’t like what I say – why am I arrested?

IF you consider me inferior, then why should I be penalized for saying I don’t approve of your ideology?

IF I believe in God and you don’t, why must I adopt your view?

The Federal Government is now telling American people what appliances they are authorized to use, what cars they must buy, what taxes they must pay, and what value they are to society.  Those who do not comply – will be punished.

Why does the Government tell businesses what fees they can charge?

Why are women in sports being usurped by the federal government run by Zionists?

Why is Israel our ally?  Have they helped Americans? Or just their Zionist Control?

Why do US politicians roll over like a puppy dog when the Zionists say – SIT!

Why do Zionists pretend they are Jews?

Why is Zionism protected but Christianity is NOT?

Why are anti war protestors called Israel traitors, but anti war protesters against Vietnam war not?

Why is a dementia riddled actor playing the part of president ok – according to Congress?

WHY won’t one member of Congress stand with the balls to tell us WHO is running America?

Why does Israel support Nazis in Ukraine?

It took just 300,000 Bolsheviks to bring down the entire Soviet Russia in 1917 – and yet there are now 4.2 million in the US and – no one bats an eye…

Why does US Congress support communist Jews?

Why is the holocaust of Jews Lenin and Stalin redirected as an ideological ‘purge’ when 60 million Russians were assassinated?

Why hasn’t Rothschild returned the plunder he stole from his instigation of the Bolshevik Revolution and assassination of Tzar Nicholas II + family – billions in today’s dollars?

Why is AIPAC running the US government?

Why are Muslims Bad?

Why did Milei convert to Judaism?

Why is Christian Mike Johnson supporting atheist Israel?  Why is Christian Mike Johnson supporting Nazi Ukraine?

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WHY did the Zionists and The Vatican rewrite our entire history?

IF Romulus is the admitted Emperor of the Roman Empire – does that mean the Roman Empire was Mythology?

Why is the vast majority of history written between 1100 and 1700 AD!?

Why does Congress think they are the only ones who can know the Truth – because Americans are too weak minded?

Why can’t I have a friend the Zionists don’t approve of?

Who declares which countries are evil and which are allies?

There are currently 45 battles ongoing across the globe toady.   Why?   Who Benefits?   Who Loses?

The people most afraid seem to be the ones who have given their souls to the Zionists in return for money.   Yet at any given moment, they could say or do the wrong thing and have a sudden unexplained ‘heart attack’.   They are the minions – who cower in fear for themselves as they sell the entirety of their country and 335 million SOULS… to save their own hide.  What would you do?  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.