The Existential Crisis

It is not far-fetched to state that most people believe that there is an existential crisis facing humanity.  But there is fundamental disagreement on the nature of the existential crisis. The climate alarmists believe it is human activity causing climate change and that this change is an existential danger to humanity.

Speed Reading: Learn t... Knight, Kam Check Amazon for Pricing. The climate is a very complex topic (see the note below) that is usually represented by a single value recorded once per year, the average surface temperature of the Earth. One single number per year to represent climate change is an incredibly low resolution simplification of reality. Note that this single value must be the result of a complex average over the Earth’s surface and over time (daily and seasonal). Simplification with metrics is a typical left brain hemisphere approach to reality, as is the over reliance on models, mistaking them for reality. This is especially true for climate models, arguably the most complex models ever conceived with great assumed simplicities in important components such as sun energy output variation and the transmission of that energy to the Earth, and heat and mass transfer of the atmosphere with the oceans including the effects of cloud cover on that transmission.

If any single value might integrate the immense complexity of climate change it could be the average sea level (however, it should be noted that this is also challenging to measure, see: Sea Level in Hobart, Tasmania), as it naturally incorporates spatial and temporal effects. Consider the very crude measure of these photos of the Statue of Liberty taken about 150 years apart to assess the sea level rise. Whatever the difference might be, it is not an existential crisis.

The old photo from 1887 was found at The construction of the Statue of Liberty.

The Bible in 52 Weeks ... Laxton, Josh Best Price: $5.45 Buy New $12.49 (as of 06:02 UTC - Details) I believe, like any half-observant person, that there is climate change. But I also believe that it is questionable that this change is largely caused by human activity on a global scale (compared to the clear urban heating effect) as the geological and historical records show even larger climate changes than have been experienced in the last hundred years.

What is the existential crisis I would worry about? It is that the top down planning by globalists to prevent climate change will result in widespread environmental disaster and poverty similar to the last great experiments in  top down planning in the Soviet Union and Maoist China. As the plans fail, the planners resort to violent coercion to force the square pegs of individual human action into their round holes of state dictations. The most worrying part of this rehash of progressive disasters is the technology for surveillance and economic control of every individual on the planet. So the real existential danger I see is an oligarchic controlled, technocratic elite based bureaucracy that controls the world energy, finance, food, and information flows will inevitably lead to a dystopian nightmare beyond anything ever experienced in history. (read here to see that it has already arrived: THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What’s Coming Next…) ( I might add that the globalist “solutions” also apply to other existential crises such as security from foreign enemies and viruses.

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