What Are Bombs Made For?

The ultimate purpose for which a bomb exists is to kill people, to maim people, to cause people great suffering. Over the last twenty years the U.S. Catholic Bishops have unanimously taught as a canonical unit, National Conference, that it was morally in conformity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for U.S. Catholics to be members of the chain of murder that was required to bomb, kill and maim millions of civilian men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Ukraine. The American Catholic Bishops as a tight-knit corporate unit presently teach, in a fashion that the simplest Catholic soul can clearly understand, that it is in conformity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ  for Catholics to be members of the chain of evil required to mow down, mutilate and mangle tens of thousands of unarmed non-combatant men, women and children in Gaza.

The U.S. has sent approximately 70,000 tons of bombs to Israel since it initiated the genocidal slaughter of Palestinians en masse in October 2023. The ultimate purpose of each shipment and of each bomb is to kill or maim a Palestinian man, woman or child, combatant or non-combatant. This is beyond question or doubt. A significant amount, however, of the labor required to move a bomb from its place of manufacture in Indiana into the hands of an Israeli in Rafah, who is going to use it to kill Palestinian men, women and children, is being done by U.S. Catholics. This has been the case in all the post-911 USA human slaughterhouse operations in the Middle East. The Fourth Quarter of ... Allen R. Hunt Best Price: $11.65 Buy New $15.46 (as of 05:44 UTC - Details)

We are not talking here about the U.S. Bishops missing a single My Lai-like incident of murder of the innocent where Catholics have been involved, we are talking about twenty consecutive years of a million My Lai-like victims where Catholics have been involved at every level on a grand scale. It should makes one ask what these fellows who “worked the room and climbed the ladder” to be a Bishop wanted the job for, if they can’t even see the need to tell those in their spiritual jurisdiction that they morally cannot be links in a known chain created to slaughter the innocent and be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ or a member in good standing in the Catholic Church.

This moral principle of non-cooperation with intrinsically grave evil absolutely holds whether the chain of evil is meant to lead to murder by abortion or murder by war is not a matter of moral dispute in Catholicism. Murder is murder and is absolutely forbidden under all circumstances, whether it is legal or illegal, private or corporate, romantic or sordid, mass murder or a one-off.

Please, Bishops in the U.S.,, at this point do not mollify your episcopal consciousness by claiming that to participate in the killing of abortion is always the unjustified killing of an innocent human being and is therefore always the intrinsically grave evil (mortal sin) of murder, but, the killing of war is morally neutral and depends on the circumstance whether it i the grave evil of murder or justified, e.g. the designated homicide victim is in the act of trying to kill you. When thousands or tens of thousands or millions of people, who are killed are unarmed, non-combatant, innocent children, women and men, and the Bishops of the Catholic Church—in their fear of losing the good graces and largess of the government and economic elites—play along with the nationalistic and military think tanks and corporate mass media propaganda and pretend overtly or by stealthy silence that the murder of thousands or millions of innocent  human beings can be justified by some silly putty application of Catholic Just War Theory, are they not radical anti-magnetic witnesses to Jesus and betrayers of the ministry bestowed on them by Christ? What the Nurses Saw: A... McCarthy, Ken Buy New $18.83 (as of 02:01 UTC - Details)

Ask your bishop and priest can you morally assist someone in participating in murder by abortion? Can you morally assist someone in participating in murder by war?

What are Jesus’ standards in the Gospels for determining if an act of homicidal violence is justified or is unjustified, and therefore murder?  What are the Catholic Church’s traditional standards in its Just War Theory for determining if an act of homicidal violence is justified or unjustified, and therefore murder?

Is there any evidence, any evidence at all, that the American Catholic Bishops as a unit are abiding by either set of standards or leading their people to abide by either set of standards?

“Nothing is better or more necessary than love.
God is pleased with nothing but love.
One act of pure love is more precious in the eyes of God 
and of the soul, and more profitable to the Church, 
than all the good works together, 
though it may seem as nothing.”

– St. John of the Cross