Tuck & Vlad: The Interview of the Decade, if Not the Century!

Though summarily booted off Fox News only ten months ago, Tucker Carlson has single-handedly pulled off the journalistic coup of the century. He’s now the envy of the myriad sycophants in mainstream media newsrooms, who do nothing more than read the scripts given them by their handlers, all of whom are in the pay of their globalist masters. Predictably, they’re attacking Carlson on cue, meaning he’s over the target.

Way to go, Tucker!

He just enabled us to witness a two-hour candid encounter with one of the world’s most important leaders.

Those of us who’ve listened to Putin’s speeches in the past—especially his remarkable speech from February 24th, 2022, when he announced his reasons for beginning a military operation in Ukraine—were not surprised to find him a highly intelligent, knowledgeable leader with an unflappable demeanor.  But as Tucker’s interview with him proceeded, we also got a glimpse of his candor and wry sense of humor. A Beginner’s Gui... Kratter, Matthew R. Best Price: $1.36 Buy New $6.99 (as of 02:52 UTC - Details)

Predictably, the Putin demonizers—i.e. the mainstream media, Dems, RINOs, the globalist Left, etc.—are clearly scrambling to enact damage control now that millions of Americans have seen for themselves, by virtue of Tucker’s two-hour interview with the Russian President, that Putin is no bogeyman after all. And that means we’ve been lied to for years.


Those of us who watched all two hours of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Putin were treated to an historic conversation in which we witnessed a true statesman steeped in the history of his country and that of Europe, giving insightful, measured, candid yet diplomatic answers to Tucker’s questions.

Yet the Leftist media found nothing of value in the entire interview, and everything to disparage.

Two memes appeared almost immediately in the MSM’s attempt to discredit Tucker: the claim Tucker is “not a journalist”, but rather a “useful idiot.” Just in case we miss the point, the press lackeys go on to discredit Putin as well.

Case in point: A recent MSNCB article by Frank Figliuzzi contends that Tucker is “not a journalist” but a “former Fox News entertainer”, and that Putin is a “master at manipulating” a ”despot” and a “stone-cold killer” who “used” Carlson and “played him for a fool.”

Here are some woke attempts at zingers from Tucker’s former colleague, Chris Wallace, who says Tucker was “basically broadcasting fascist propaganda to credulous people in the West who are eager to buy into the mythology of Putin…as an enemy of wokeness.” Wallace elaborated with the memes du jour, saying the interview was: “one of the most disgraceful — to call it a journalistic performance is wrong because he’s not a journalist. …It was just simply being a scribe to one of the most vicious dictators of our time.” (Emphasis mine)

Nice try, guys. But you’ve got it exactly backwards. Having been shills so long probably makes it hard for you to recognize a real journalist when you see one. The biggest tip-off is that Hillary herself called Tucker “a useful idiot.” That’s a badge of honor coming from the Hildebeast who refers to American patriots as the Deplorables.

In fact, with his rational discourse and impressive knowledge of history and changing global power alignments, Putin puts our own President, Vice President, and most members of Congress to shame, though they were in no need of outside help on that score.

Putin comes across as sincere, principled and even, dare I say, compassionate. What a shock! Of course his perspective clashes with that of O’Biden’s destructive policies, as could be expected. And another shocker for many in Tucker’s audience may be the provable fact that the West, and particularly America, repeatedly betrayed Russia after the fall of the USSR. So instead of Putin appearing as the villain in this piece, we are confronted with our own guilty role in the war in Ukraine which we are stubbornly prolonging, among other things.


COUNTRY FARMS Fruits a... Buy New $39.98 ($0.11 / Count) (as of 02:52 UTC - Details) During the interview, Putin put to rest a few of the West’s main charges against him. It’s your decision, of course, whether to believe him or not, but many facts bear him out.

We learned that Putin favored an early diplomatic negotiated plan regarding Ukraine, and that such a plan had been in the works, but got torpedoed by the UK’s Boris Johnson, presumably at the behest of the U.S. Here’s some outside verification.

Arguably the biggest lie of the Leftist press has been that Putin plans to take over Europe. Here’s Politico quoting Strobe Talbott in February 2022: “Putin certainly has an endgame in mind: It’s recreating the Russian Empire with himself as tsar.” And here’s the title of an article from the UK’s Independent from March 2022: “Putin the imperialist: Why Ukraine is part of his dream of a Greater Russia.”

So Tucker asked Putin: “Well, the argument… is that, well, he invaded Ukraine. He has territorial aims across the continent. Latvia. Expansionist behavior. Can you imagine a scenario where you send Russian troops to Poland?”

And now we have Putin on record: “…they’re trying to intimidate their own population with an imaginary Russian threat… we have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why would we do that? We simply don’t have any interest. It’s just threat-mongering…. It is absolutely out of the question.”

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