Of Course We Should Mock the State

Every once in a while, Big Government globalists inadvertently tell the truth.  It’s usually not because they’re dumb, but because they’re so entombed inside their own dystopian cocoons that they forget how crazy they might sound to reasonable, well adjusted people.  The World Economic Forum is filled with giddy zealots who have no idea how insane their plans for global domination sound to the wider population because the WEF’s psychopathic members are universally eager to depopulate the planet; cage the survivors; and drip-feed their human pets with a cocktail of drugs, bugs, and propaganda.  Ordinary people look at Klaus Schwab and see Dr. Evil.  WEF-fers see Commie Klaus as a shiny-headed (perhaps reflecting so much bright light as to be downright Luciferian) globalist god.  While Davos devotees yearn for a “new world order,” prudent Westerners are thinking about how to end the WEF’s madness before it abruptly ends them.

Deep Politics and the ... Scott, Peter Dale Best Price: $4.76 Buy New $26.14 (as of 12:35 UTC - Details) There was a time when Americans would look at some of the eccentric cult behavior taking place in Europe, shake their heads, and dismiss it as the kind of kookiness that happens when Old World aristocrats and commie-curious “elites” get together to drown their sorrows in cognac and regale each other with tales of lost colonies and mighty empires.  Then American politicians began sounding a lot like their European cousins, who speak of common people as a farmer would a sounder of smelly pigs.  When then-senator Barack Obama was yukking it up on the campaign trail with Nancy Pelosi’s friends in San Francisco, he complained about “bitter” blue-collar voters who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”  Even Hillary Clinton cackled at that mask-slipping moment, when she denounced Obama’s remarks as “elitist and out of touch.”  She was lying, of course, because eight years later, she told an audience in New York City that half of Donald Trump’s voters are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it” and deserve to be relegated to a “basket of deplorables.”  Those moments of candor — delivered in front of adulatory audiences who shared Obama’s and Clinton’s cloistered worldview — crystallized for tens of millions of Americans that the political “elites” occupying D.C. have more in common with Dr. Evil’s communist club of aspiring tyrants in Davos than with the hardworking, God-fearing, patriotic citizens who have always sacrificed so much to make America great.

Ever since Obama’s election, the effort to bulldoze America and rebuild on its rubble a compliant nexus point for the WEF’s coercive Borg to dominate the West has picked up speed.  Unaccountable bureaucrats and politicians in Washington don’t even pretend to respect the will of voters anymore.  Strong majorities of Americans have said resoundingly: close and secure the borders, stop spending money that you do not have, end widespread warrantless surveillance, stop censoring public debate, stop distorting the law to punish dissenting voices, safeguard elections from mail-in ballot fraud, and stop funneling money to foreign regimes that use that money to attack the United States.  The hive-mind Borg in D.C. has told the American people to go suck an egg.  The federal government’s targeted abuse of Americans has been an eye-opening experience for many.

Consider this question: when is the last time you can remember an Establishment politician trying to unite Americans behind common history and principles, irrespective of background or race?  It’s been many years, has it not?  Why is that?  Because the current power structure of the U.S. government depends upon keeping Americans fiercely divided.

The moment a large coalition of Americans come together to tackle common obstacles is the moment that the small “ruling class” of political elites (across all three branches and the vast, unconstitutional administrative State) get tossed to the curb.  From D.C.’s point of view, the scariest thing about Donald Trump is that his policies make sense to an amazingly diverse cross-section of the American people.  In his wake, the political class’s usual attempt to pour salt in old racial wounds has become less effective.  That’s why we now hear so much about the scourge of “Christian nationalism.”  The attempt to use religious discrimination as a new wedge to divide society is an admission that the Deep State is desperate for a new boogeyman. Break It Up: Secession... Kreitner, Richard Best Price: $20.11 Buy New $18.72 (as of 04:28 UTC - Details)

As a Christian who does not have an irrational fear of nation states, I always think, “Better to be a Christian nationalist than a globalist child-groomer, amirite?”  What those who seek to divide us are really saying through the use of this Christian dog whistle is that people who believe in personal freedom, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible are somehow “white supremacist” Nazis.  That’s a pretty hard sell when WEF-fers are the biggest Nazis operating today.

In Germany, where ordinary people have begun pushing back against a government hostile to their safety and prosperity, far-left interior minister Nancy Faeser goose-stepped to the nearest microphone and announced that voters who criticize the German government or donate to unapproved political parties will be treated as potential criminals.  How very democratic — and certainly not at all reminiscent of the bad old days when fascism was openly in fashion!  “Those who mock the State must be dealt with by a strong State,” the Cruella de Vil clone warned the German people.  Hear that, Germany?  You must not laugh at the people who are destroying your country with “green energy”–induced inflation and open border immigration policies.  Otherwise, you might just get a spanking.  In order to remain “free,” you must do exactly what you’re told.  Those who resist will lose the “freedom” to obey.

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