NATO & The EU European Peace Facility War Machine

In 2021, the European Union created their own military – European Peace Facility.   Despite its claim of building peace and preventing conflicts – they have instead instigated conflicts and provided weaponry to western backed governments or military juntas.  Some of these peace building initiatives include funding military operations in such countries as:  Macedonia, Nigeria, Jordan, Ukraine, Boznia, Ghana, Moldova, Somalia etc…   Their first distribution of funds was $130 million to the African Union.   Included in their detail description of the military spending is this phrase,  “…designed to deliver lethal force”.  CODE = KILL.  Peace is NOT mentioned.

The funding for these military operations comes from member countries of the EU which still cannot meet their NATO 2% mandate.   The same NATO paid for predominantly by American Taxpayers.   NATO’s last Audited Financial Statements were for 2021 wherein the audit revealed 82 issues (code for fraud) and made recommendations such as;  Internal control weaknesses found in the financial reporting process, covering areas such as the presentation of the budget execution statements, the classification and recognition of customer advances Morale and Welfare Activities, related party disclosures, NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control and Air Ground Surveillance contribution in kind recognition and disclosure, the disclosure of a provision related to NSIP receivables, and the Central Pipeline European System… Good Energy: The Surpr... Means MD, Casey Best Price: $26.27 Buy New $20.99 (as of 11:13 UTC - Details)

NATO was happy with this report because the previous year they had 102 errors and were required to resubmit their financials – which they did – late.  Apparently they neglected to audit their 2022 or 2023 statements.  Imagine ANY company being run in such a ramrod rimshod preek of shiitake?

ANYWHO – The US gives NATO 2/3rd of its annual budget.   Europe and Canada together contribute less than 50% of what the US obliges or 32% of total.   In 2021, the EU‘s GDP was $14.5 trillion, Canada’s was $2 trillion = $16.5 total.   The US GDP was $22.3 trillion.   THUS contributions should have been distributed 43% and 57% – even in a skewed world.  Personnel costs represent 71% of the budget.  NATO ramrod.

As the US and UK deplete their stockpile weapon inventory aiding and abetting the Ukraine and Israel wars, disrupting African nations via coups, Saudi Arabia just wrapped up their largest ever World Defense Show with weapon sales topping $6.9 billion.   At the event, Lockheed Martin announced that it would begin manufacturing parts for its THAAD system in Saudi Arabia.  Lockheed gets upwards of 70% of its annual funding from US Government contracts in the $53 billion range.

Raytheon which gets 50% of its contract funding from the US Government was also representative at the World Defense Show given their operations in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi represent a valuable portion of their American Taxdollar FUND.

Countries attending the show revealed their concern that the world is entering a global phase of pre-war that will erupt into a titan of destruction.  Given the West has depleted its inventory and spent billions creating disinformation campaigns and coups across Africa, they stand to be most at risk – while simultaneously initiating the stage for War..

According to Lockheed, 28% of its customers are International and an additional 5% are Commercial.  Those International customers include:  Japan, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Germany and the UAE.   Hypothetically, what if the Middle East implodes against western backed colonialism?   Like China – suddenly the Middle East will become persona non grati.  Their support of Israel – dirt.   Sanctions will be imposed.   And trade will devolve into the abyss.   Yet – The Middle East may at this point have more weaponry than the US, having bought their entire arsenal from France, US, UK, and Spain.   Germany is defunct… no longer viable.

America would bend a knee.

It seems to me The Temporary Fear Propaganda about a Severe Security Threat against the US by Russia – in the midst of the unraveling of the Russia CIA Illusion – is more ego driven than political.   It reveals that the US ‘forgot’ to actually go to work at the Defense Industry and build instead of culturally pronouning.  In that event we might actually have superior military capability.  Alas, our military complex was too busy playing the Epstein Island diddle dance.

They brought in Musk hoping he could make something of Nikola Tesla’s some 1000 or more designs and patents the CIA stole when he died in 1950 something.   Oddly, no one was able to decipher the work – until many decades later VOILA a Musk was born of this stratosphere.  According to Musk he anticipates being able to land a man on the moon in perhaps – 5 years….

Feeding the Truth Conspiracy.

Somehow I am going to align all these disparate thoughts…

When researching history and/or The Bible, there is truly one dominant theme – WAR.   The last generation of Peace was during the Minoan civilization which lived quite nicely between 2800 BC and 1200 BC.   What differentiated them from the rest of the world was the fact that they didn’t war.   They had no aspiration for someone else’s land.   They happened to be rather adept at ‘trade’ and flourished quite nicely until the Barbarians warred and destroyed them – and desecrated their land. UNHOLY TRINITY: How Ca... Trevor, Daniel Buy New $20.66 (as of 05:03 UTC - Details)

The War that is alive in this world today has many rises and defeats in history.   There are two imperatives the Zion west requires in order to even begin to recreate their image – 1.  they must take over all social media and completely censor it in dictatorship mode,   and 2.   They must realize their share of global dominance is now reduced significantly to perhaps 30%.

You see.   Minoan society had to be destroyed because it showed that there is a heaven on earth when showered in the wings of angels.   Suffering is a forced creation.    And false preachers have led us to believe that unless we are suffering hideous trauma – we are not Christians.   Suffering, to the extent it is executed today, is created – it is NOT natural.   For Example – Cain and Abel.   The Parable is about ego – and allowing ego to rule your psyche.  It speaks to every Leader in the world – throughout antiquity.

Because in its basest form – ruling is about ego.

The Zion mind is perhaps 2-4 times higher in EGO QUOTIENT.   Ego is the basis of war – ie winning.   So when you have a Zion ego running entire colonies under the British Tzar, you create Freaks.  And these Freaks go on to rule countries.   But because their entire mind quotient is – self – their EMPIRES FALL.

There was a time frame wherein movies promoted the idea of reliving an event over and over again until ‘you get it right’.   That would be the failures in nth quotient we have lived for centuries of civilizations constantly fighting this stupid alternate species brainstem.   And for some odd reason – the aliens allow them to … continue.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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