Could Be Worse

Could be Ukraining

In 1921, Vladimir Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy (NEP), to reset the Russian economy and convert the country from capitalistic markets to a command economy.

In 1958, Mao Zedong introduced the Great Leap Forward (GLF), to reset the Chinese economy, root out captialism, and convert China’s economy from agriculture to heavy industry.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson initiated the Great Society program, which sought to transfer wealth from the middle class to non-productive segments of society and force the masses to adopt an entirely foreign culture and ideology, which is only now beginning to crumble in the light of common sense and human nature.

In 2020, the Bumbledicks introduced the Great Reset (IDIOCY), to reset the global economy from a vaguely capitalistic, somewhat free market system to a command and control economy of worker bees.

In all four programs, the normal organic operation of production, distribution and consumption — not to mention society and culture itself — were interrupted to create chaos and install a neo-feudal centralized economy of wealthy elites forcing the masses to jump through whatever hoops were placed in front of them, with the result of harvesting the many for the benefit of the few.

In all four programs, the effort failed miserably, because human nature cannot be mandated, no matter how much fear porn is heaped on the effort. Humans in the aggregate will always default to common sense, self-interest and comfort zones.

In each case, bored disaffected youths were recruited to both sow discord and institute the centralized “solution”. The youths, cut off from history and tradition, were easily manipulated with the promise of lavish spoils stolen from the proles. They were swayed with the carrot of power and influence in the Great New World system.

Each of these cases were surrounded with great social upheaval and war. With Lenin, the world was emerging from WW1 and slouching toward WW2. In Mao’s case, wars raged in Korea and Vietnam. In the Bumbledicks’ case, riots in American cities and war in Ukraine and the Middle East, with haunting threats of Taiwan waiting in the wings were stirring the pot of social upheaval, division and collapse. In the Great Reset, chaos was enhanced by the Damnpanic to establish a global, rather than regional scope.

Through all of these Marxist coups, the central theme has been to cut off the teens and tweens from cultural, traditional and historical context. The primary concern of the Marxists has always been to sever all connections to the past in order to install an artificial culture, with the only focus being the State as god, nanny and Santa Claus rolled into one.

There is one important difference between the Lenin/Mao/Johnson efforts, and the current Bumbledick agenda — previously the effort was to modernize and industrialize society, but now it’s to revert to sharecropping serfs. Perhaps they figure the previous efforts led to too much middle class affluence?

We clearly see the hand of the Marxists in daily headlines: the decay of educations, the raiding of the public treasury, the destruction of historic monuments, the repudiation of merit-based advancement, the celebration of criminal activity, the flood of non-acculturated hordes, and the indoctrination of youth into a system of “social justice” that is fundamentally opposed to the hard-won advances that Western civilization brought to life.

Can we find a ray of hope in all this?

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