America: A Regime of Government for Government

What would it take to rebuild America?   What form of government would be immune to blackmail?   Can America undo FDR?   Every Executive Order is required to comply with the US Constitution.   Can Constitution Amendments be repealed?   While we are ‘told’ America is a pure capitalist society, is that factual?   Technically, America has been operating under a socialist/monarchial-elite government for decades – if not centuries. 

The illusion – the first lie.

During Russia’s Soviet imperialism era, the government operated under a communist/Marxist manifesto regime.   When the Soviets were liberated from this oppression, it is almost as though the entity that held Russia under its thumb attached to Reagan like a globular cell and was brought to America in full force –  creating an American Soviet Union.  This Union was then allowed to infiltrate every aspect of the US Government recreating a Bolshevik America.

The ‘entity’ attached itself to every aspect of Imperialism to the point that Congressional members became infatuated with themselves and their self imposed mini-power.   As though the entity infiltrated into their psyche.  It typically manifests in the classic smug statement,  “Do you know who I am!?”   Threatening repercussions should a business dare not bow and scrape to their power and push the peasants to the back of the line.   Ted Cruz. The Holy Grail of Inve... Zook, Christopher Best Price: $3.41 Buy New $10.45 (as of 10:47 UTC - Details)

Today, Politicians act like spoiled Entertainers – the Jesters of the King.  Notoriety is their goal.   Fame.   Fortune.   And their roles are dictated by a script provided by the Shadows who are too fearful and cowardly to reveal themselves.

China’s Government is labeled a “Uniparty Socialist Republic”.   A nice way of saying Communist.   However, note that China is a Republic.   Americans are quick to correct anyone who dares claim we are a Democracy – we are a Republic – they scream in defiance!   Well, so is China, so is Egypt, so is Greece, Italy, Yemen, Russia, Poland, France etc…   The definition is thus worthless as it defines every communist stronghold in Africa… Europe and Asia.

What is the US Government?

This Is What We Are TOLD:   “The Constitution establishes a federal democratic republic form of government. That is, we have an indivisible union of 50 sovereign States. It is a democracy because people govern themselves. It is representative because people choose elected officials by free and secret ballot.” ~ The White House

Self-Governing.   The concept arose  in ancient Greece during the time of Plato – 550ish BC.   Whether that was ever an intention in America, or simply a propaganda postulation is unknown.   But, it certainly does NOT apply in any manner today.   The Pandemic made that quite clear.   The US is not run by the White House or Congress – that is also abundantly clear.   Putin acknowledged that factoid stating that 40 years ago when conversing with the US the CIA was running the stage.

The concept of a Republic was notable during the Roman Republic – Empire.   Their Constitution was characterized by a Senate composed of wealthy aristocrats wielding significant influence.   Representation in a republic may or may not be freely elected by the general citizenry.  In fact, all it really represents is the lack of a ‘monarchy’.  When viewing the components of a Democracy, the US shares few of those ideologies – including “open society”.

An open society, first coined in 1932, is defined as one in which ‘moral universalism’ is the main characteristic.   But moral universalism means everyone – all 2-5-10 billion inhabitants on earth – must abide by the same ethics as created and adopted by some alien self-defined god, like Klaus Schwab.   The ultimate nihilist.   Created by The Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union – and now ruling America.

It didn’t work so well for the Soviet Union – millions put to death arbitrarily, millions starved, no trade, no productivity, no evolution, no modernization, no philosophy, no religion, no smiley faces…

So what sort of government is effective?  

We are told that Denmark is the least corrupt government in the world… – according to ‘perception’.   In other words, the Danes are so muddled in propaganda, they have no idea what their government is doing – therefore it must be Tony The Tiger – Grrreeeaat – Perception!   To put it into perspective – Canada and the UK are also ranked among the least corrupt governments… ~ World Economic Forum.

Corrupt US NGO’s promote their ability to ‘fight corruption’ around the world – stand up for justice…   And once upon a time – we believed.   We just don’t any more – and America cannot regain that veil – ever.

The Democrat Party is considered the longest lasting party to survive in the US – 187 years.   But in its present form – that would be through fraud and corruption.   ANY government can be usurped by nefarious individuals, only a few have managed to prevent that coup – Russia and China – utilizing two completely different forms.

CHINA:   China’s success came from opening its market to trade.   China’s failure came from their misplaced trust in western governments.  TRADE was the means to success.  But as the enemy – trade was deleted.   Therefore, China was relegated to find other sources to benefit its existence… when the US decided China Good = China BAD.

RUSSIA:   Russia’s success came from slowly building their entire economy from scratch after being freed of the Bolsheviks.   Their ‘near’ failure came from Trusting western governments.   Once relieved of the oppression, Russia has become a formidable state.   Built on Nationalism, a love of country, and a religious house of stone.

What made Putin Enemy #1 in the view of the Western Cartel, is also what made Putin favored #1 with the Russian People.  He booted all things Soros, communism, Rothschild, NGO infiltration and coup proliferation from the country and firmly kept them at bay.

NO COUNTRY IS PERFECT:   Crime will always exist.   Mafia Cartels exist in every country.  Some are more prominent.   China has organized crime cartels, Russia has the Russian Mafia, and the US has The CIA and FBI.   ALL these cartels operate on a global basis looking for the weak point wherein they can attach control.   However, the largest and wealthiest Mafia Headline still belongs to Italy in Calabria.

What successful governments and Cartels share in common to survive is – unity.   China attempts to force unity, while Russia promotes unity through nationalism, and the US destroys unity through forced immigration, diversity, and racism.   China, Russia, Cartels, have little to Nix, Nada, Nilch – diversity.   Diversity is not a cornerstone to growth – it is the means of economic and social death.

America is now the MOST ethnically diverse country in the world by percentage of population, displacing the ethnic majority – white.    Middle Eastern countries have zero tolerance diversity.   When analyzing the most effective form of government in the world, the US and Israel rank 26th and 27th.  NOT stellar.

When discussing various forms of government, the ideologies are based on a perfect system that will never be corrupted.   A ‘perfect democracy’ vs an ‘absolute dictatorship’.   Neither truly exist.   Because it isn’t about the form as much as it is about the person running the form.  In the US that would include:   FDR, who greatly increased government, took power away from The People, regulated everything and everyone, and created the caste system of rule.   This would be followed by Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden…

America has yet to have the grace of a man who can rule with an iron fist to protect The People, while ruling with respect and fidelity for The People.   Instead, we lay listless, the wind has died, the sails are tattered, the crew is worn weary, and a hurricane force storm is brewing on the seas.   Captain… what do you do?

Captain Biden would call a lid and go on vacation.

There is no perfect government.   However, during Biden’s tenure, the jobs reports typically show that employment has been generated via more hiring in the government – not the private sector.   Expanding the government is classic totalitarianism.   Rule by Might – facts and history are thus ruled by the government.   Instead of intelligent noble leaders we are gifted the grifters within an anarchic ruthless system.   Grifters grift for themselves.

In essence, our entire Federal government is comprised of grifters.   When you work for a cartel – suddenly you become a Ted Cruz – ‘do you know who I am’ persona who believes he is above the peasants and plebes and undesirables.   Unity becomes divisive anger.   And the waves on the sea crash the bow of the boat, flooding the bowels. Lions of Medina: The T... Glass, Doyle Best Price: $13.24 Buy New $15.99 (as of 10:47 UTC - Details)

Where is The Captain?

Our Constitution should remain the mainstay.   Congress and their 3 million employees should be purged.  State and local governments now account for 15 million full time and 4.5 million part time employees.   Roughly 20 million US employees work for the government – not including civilian employees working for the government.   In fact, there are at least 24 agencies that are considered independent of the federal government despite their being granted government monies via taxpayers.  In addition there are thousands of NGO’s – nongovernmental organizations – working for the government, as the federal government, paid for – by the government despite their nongovernmental status;   CIA, NASA, FCC, Federal Reserve, EPA, etc…   PURGE.

Thus America has become a country whose government works for the government, by the government, and with the government to further – the government.  It isn’t technically about Capitalism vs Socialism, or Republican vs Democrat, it is about abuse of power.   Congress should be limited to 50 states.   Senators are redundant.   District Representatives – are redundant and worthless.  They have no value, serve no purpose, and cost inane amounts of money when staffing and security become their entire valuation.

Pensions should be eliminated completely.   Benefits should match those provided by middle America businesses.   Education requirements should not include bought and paid for degrees from mafia cartels – Soros, Rothschild, Morgan, etc… or couch-services.   This is NOT Pompeii.

Obviously, the only way to purge to this extent would be thru The Clauses of The Constitution recognizing The People as the Employer and The government – as employees.   Trump does not have this Power.   But, we do.   Constitutionally.   WE have The Power.   We simply need to exercise it.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.