There Is Hope After All

From time to time I receive a message from a reader that he or she has been reading my analyses for years, is convinced that what we have known as Western civilization is in collapse, but wishes to see some hope.  What can we do to resurrect our civilization, integrity, moral behavior, and respect for truth?

My position has been that nothing can be done unless the people are aware of their plight.  My job is to bring awareness.  Nothing can be done until the people seek awareness and become aware.  As long as the media and official narratives keep people in The Matrix, nothing can be done.  Movies such as V for Vendetta and The Matrix have made this clear.

But today I bring you good news.  After a conversation with a friend today, I can tell you that it is in the collapse of the system where hope resides. As every aspect of the system is corrupt, collapse is the corrective.  The ruling elites have miscalculated.  By bringing about the collapse, the elites are collapsing their own power. The End of the World I... Zeihan, Peter Best Price: $6.85 Buy New $14.53 (as of 10:30 UTC - Details)

Collapse brings reset, not the World Economic Forum’s, but the peoples’ reset.  The people have the numbers, not the elites, who are diminished by fights among themselves.  As their power shrinks from their miscalculations, their power diminishes. The elites know this, which is why they are trying to kill us with “vaccines,” “pandemics,” and the destruction of our food supply in the name of “saving the planet from global warming.”

The only way humans can destroy planet Earth is through nuclear war, which seems to be the goal of US neoconservatives, such as Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland.

Why is there hope in collapse of the accumulated evil?

Because it clears the agenda. 

What can we do to survive the collapse?  Arm ourselves. Create organizations of family, friends, community, county, and elevate them into state alliances against the anti-American woke, the anti-American neoconservatives, the anti-American Democrats, and our deadly anti-American enemy in Washington described in 1935 by Albert Jay Nock in his book, Our Enemy, The State Secession of the red states is possible.

As in Robert Heinlein’s novel, The Puppet Masters, it is the blue states that are infected with anti-American hatred.  These states are a far more dangerous enemy to Americans than Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Hamas, and Houthis in Yemen. 

Yet we hear from the whore media nothing of the real threat, only the make-believe threat to America from the designated enemies of Zionist Israel’s expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates. 

Except for the Houthis and Hamas, Muslim rulers are too content accepting bribes from Washington to do anything about the US/Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. Much of the leadership of the Muslim world could be in the dock, with Zionist Israel and the West, at the International Court of Justice

One consequence of the disconnect between Muslim peoples and Muslin leadership could be the collapse of American/Israeli power in the Middle East. Arab power collapsed long ago. But American power has failed to take its place. After a 20-year effort, the American “superpower” was defeated and driven out of Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, who again rule the country, just as happened in Vietnam where endless US bombing only ensured the Vietcong’s victory. It is the Houthis and Iranians who are likely to control the sea lanes in the territory under attack, not Washington, unless the Houthis and Iranins accept being paid off.

None of this works for the anti-American, anti-nation, anti-national sovereignty, anti-borders, anti-white civilization ruling elite in Washington who use “diversity” and “multiculturanism” to destroy a nation and its culture. The ruling anti-western white elites hate America, national sovereignty, and human liberty far more than they hate their self-chosen foreign enemies chosen for profit and control reasons. The US Constitution is in the way of their dictatorship more than are the designated enemies. 100 IS THE NEW 30: HOW... GLADDEN MD FACC, JEFFREY Best Price: $9.90 Buy New $14.99 (as of 10:30 UTC - Details)

The West is going down in flames.  Don’t be discouraged by the collapse.  Be encouraged.  The collapse of evil brings the opportunity for renewal. 

What will the renewal be?  It is not clear. 

The renewal will involve violence.  

Karl Marx said that violence is the only effective force in history. My Oxford University professor, Michael Polanyi, and I disputed Marx’s contention. We argued that good will is an effective force in the world and provided examples.  But today decades later watching Western moral collapse, I see that Marx had a point.  

Today the West faces evil so strong that good will is excluded.  Where is there good will in the West’s support of Israeli genocide of the Palestinians?  Where is there good will in the Democrats’ persecution of Trump supporters? What we are witnessing is ideological hatred, not justice. Is Marx correct that only violence rules history?  If so, what are the  concepts of good will, mercy, justice worth? Are they merely delusions to ease our way into a non-aware mental slavery? How can these concepts affect human behavior when evil is accepted as the new normal?

Only aware peoples of the Western world can bring themselves to step forward in defense of the values  that define their humane existence.  If they fail, then so has the West.

So, my answer is that hope resides in the collapse. It is up to the people to rebuild a humane and free  society in which law is a shield of the people and not a weapon in the hands of rulers who govern by violence.