The Anglo/American World Has Destroyed the Accountability of Government

More evidence of the rise of dictatorship in the Anglo-American world of “liberty and freedom” is the failure of both the US president and the UK prime minister to notify Congress and Parliament that the executive branches in the US and UK were committing the US and UK to war with Yemen without consulting the legislative branches, a requirement in the US and a historical convention in the UK.

Two people acting as dictators committed their countries to war.

A History of Money and... Murray N. Rothbard Buy New $21.83 (as of 05:17 UTC - Details) The Biden Regime has the War Powers Act or the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) for its justification for attacking Yemen territory. If memory serves, the power Congress gave the executive branch only applies to the use of force against those who attack US forces.  It seems that the Biden Regime has expanded the definition to include anything the US executive branch can claim is an attack on America. The Houthi  had not attacked US Navy ships, only commercial ships supplying Israel.  The recent Houthi attempted attack on a US Navy ship came after the US attack on Yemen, not before.

The Zionist neoconservatives who control US foreign policy consider any alleged, potential, or real attack on Israel to be an attack on the United States.  Thus narratives can be constructed that justify every warmongering action Washington undertakes in Israel’s interest.

England’s Prime Minister simply gave Parliament the finger claiming that “the government”, which apparently does not include Parliament, has no responsibility to inform the legislature when it intends to take the country to war.

We now have the situation where the two countries who gave the world government accountable to the people are acting totally independent of the people  

You can see what will develop from this.