Iran: Good Guy – Bad Guy – A PR Campaign

For over 100 years our government has told us who are the bad guys and who are the good guys.   And we dutifully believed because our government would never lie to us – it was unfathomable.   Today, our government is caught lying daily.   About everything.   No PR campaign can undo what has been revealed.    Everything we were told was fake – is real, and everything we were told is real has been found to be fake.   Therefore, we can assume this fakery will continue unabated because it is all they know.

IRAN.   Iran is the bad guy.  Why?   The Label began with the Iranian overthrow of the US inserted Shah of Iran – Shah meaning king – in 1979.   The UK had been given control over Iranian oil since the early 1900’s.  When that control was taken away in 1952 – the British declared war on Iran.   A coup by the US and UK followed with CIA intervention quite prominent via Alan Dulles – inserting the western backed Shah.

In 1963, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini emerged as the most powerful voice of opposition, denouncing the shah as a “wretched, miserable man” and a puppet of American and Israeli masters.   He was arrested at the behest of the CIA and Mossad.  In 1979 a Revolution of Iranian college students took US embassy workers prisoner.   Carter botched it.   The Shah was expelled and the Ayatollah took command.  Today, it is deemed to have been a religious war given the Shah was ‘secular’.  But the reality is Oil and Control. The General’s So... Peled, Miko Best Price: $10.16 Buy New $15.22 (as of 05:22 UTC - Details)

ANY country that opposes US colonization is deemed a ‘terrorist’.  Iran had defied the western colonization and thereafter became Enemy Number 1.

Later, Bush branded Iran and its “terrorist allies” as part of “an axis of evil, aiming to threaten the peace of the world.”   The U.S., aka George Bush, charged Iran with sponsoring terrorism, pursuing weapons of mass destruction, exerting a destabilizing influence in western Afghanistan, and possibly harboring Al Qaeda fugitives…  Without evidence.  But the lie stuck.

Certainly, our government would never lie to us…

Like Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, etc…, the punishment for fighting colonization is death, destruction, and economic suppression.  Iran was simply another enemy to pile on the list that is now far greater than the list of our allies!!

Does Iran have laws that don’t align with our value structure?   You betcha!   But the West also embraces laws that don’t align with our value structure – as in illegal border invasion, bribery of politicians, illegal stock market gains, pedophilia, child molestation, etc…. Yet, Iran isn’t bombing the US because of our failures and abuses.  Neither is China.   Neither is Russia.   But all these countries are Enemy Number 1 because they will NOT allow US colonization.

As a Bad Guy Campaign – Nikki Haley has declared Iran must be wiped off the face of the earth and American Taxpayers should be willing to spend every last dollar – to do so!!!

And the reasoning given is ‘Human Rights’.    Because that tugs on moral ethics and ‘victimhood’.

The West derives its power thru accusations without evidence.  Just like the E. Jean Carroll assassination of President Trump – no evidence.   It is a legal manipulation that has tripped our judicial system into the realm of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.   A communist doctrine born within dictatorships.   Like the US.

Some countries have come to understand how this manipulation of propaganda distorts reality.  But westerners have become so ingrained with the assumptions and belief that we are the “Good Guy” unraveling is a long and arduous task.   Just because a country’s culture is different, does not mean they are evil, nor does it mean they must become a western colony in order to be “good”.   But that is – the mantra that got us in this Twilight Zone time warp.

The Wall Street Journal has published an article declaring that UNRWA employees were complicit with Hamas.   The ‘dossier’ was compiled by the Mossad.   It makes broad allegations but fails to cite evidence.   This damning dossier was released just days after the UN found Israel guilty of genocide and asked them to pinky swear never-ever do it again.   Whereupon Israel killed another 300 Palestinians.   Ignored the vacant assertion and began compiling a nonevidence based file of allegations, assertions, and libel.

Like the Steele Dossier, this is a PR stunt and asserts the communist judicial law of – prove my allegations wrong…

Despite these being allegations and not investigated or proven facts, western allied nations all came to the same conclusion – guilty until proven innocent.  Like the January 6ers.   Communism in full display!

Interestingly, one country has come out calling for factual evidence of the claims and an investigation – Saudi Arabia.  Not a western backed, judicially democrat nation – not the EU Commission bent on reigning as a Leadership, and not Amnesty International which has seemingly completely disappeared from asserting itself in any conflict any longer.   Even the same UN that called Israel out for genocide is seemingly panicking given the flagrant Zion death wish, claiming they have already fired everyone Israel named BEFORE an investigation. Break It Up: Secession... Kreitner, Richard Best Price: $20.11 Buy New $18.72 (as of 04:28 UTC - Details)

Allegations no longer need proof ~ according to the Western Bloc.   Why?  Because, Israel is a good guy and would never-ever lie…  Meanwhile, UNRWA has declared they won’t have any more money to give Palestinians as of February 1, because they spent it all?   According to the last audited FS by the United Nations 2022 – cash and cash equivalents were $233 million and growing each year.

In addition to stopping aid money via the UN, Israel has been confiscating $188 million of Palestinian money – every month since November.   The tax money is legally the property of the PLO per the Oslo Accords.  But like Ukraine – Israel never upheld the Oslo Accords.  Nor did it intend to do so – any more than Ukraine/Merkel intended for the Minsk Agreement to be upheld.   It is this inability to adhere to documented contracts that has ultimately led to the Western Fall from Grace.

And Netanyahu has given us the EVIDENCE.

While a disgraceful UN continues to thrive based on its “Peace Accomplishments”…   The US has been involved in 108 Wars since 1776.   There are roughly 10 wars ongoing across the globe.   This is what the United Nations declares to be ‘peacemaking’.   According to a Swedish report, there have been 285 war/conflicts since the UN was created in 1945.  Not exactly a stellar accomplishment…

Despite declaring that Israel is guilty of genocide, this Twilight Zone saga of UN corruption instead commits its website to the abhorrent October 7 terrorism while calling the annihilation of Palestinians and their land – a hostility.  And goes on to dedicate observation of the Holocaust.   The Holocaust is used up.  It’s over.   It has been over for 75 years!   Victimhood is an emotional disease.

It is disheartening – to say the least – to learn that the country you love is run by psychopaths and pathological liars, but at least, Now we Know.  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.