The Covid-19 Vaccine: “The Antichrist of All Products” — And Biden Taking U.S. To War as Congress Does Nothing

While the vast majority of evangelical pastors and leaders were out front promoting the Covid-19 “vaccine” (and getting paid by the government to do so), I was one of an extremely small number of pastors who were publicly calling the Covid narrative what it really was: an antichrist system. In terms of the lasting evil effects of the Covid narrative, it just might be the most blatant antichrist system to attack Western Civilization since Western Civilization began.

Of course, the three men most responsible for the devilish Covid-19 false narrative, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden, live in complete denial that what they unleashed upon the world was both dangerous and deadly. To this day, each of these men still BRAGS about what great servants of humanity they were to force this satanic system upon mankind.

Of course, most of us know now that the whole thing was a complete fraud. Everything from the stupid 6-foot social distancing rule to the required mask-wearing to the forced lockdowns, school closures, church closures, business shuttering and job losses to the elderly mothers and fathers in nursing homes forced to suffer and die alone (because loved ones were prohibited from visiting them) to the economic chaos, educational catastrophe, massive inflation, supply shortages, worker shortages and bank insolvencies, not to mention the psychological, emotional and spiritual damage that was done to children and teenagers—from which some of them will NEVER recover—it was all a FRAUD. 5-Minute Core Exercise... Dzenitis, Tami Brehse Best Price: $5.19 Buy New $6.99 (as of 08:07 UTC - Details)

Now, the Surgeon General of the State of Florida is calling for a complete halt to the distribution and administration of the Covid shot. His name is Dr. Joseph Ladapo, and he maintains that the mRNA shot attacks and changes human DNA.

As Dr. Ladapo said in an interview with Tucker Carlson, “Our DNA is God’s gift to us.”

Indeed. Our Creator gave us our DNA to make us who we are biologically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. To think that the American people have been injected with a life-altering, mind-altering, perhaps biological-altering experimental drug defies the core of what medical science itself portends to represent.

We know that millions of people have died and suffered serious injuries from symptoms of myocarditis associated with taking the Covid shot. We also know that these harmful and often fatal symptoms can take years to materialize. That is not even debatable anymore.

But now we are being told by courageous medical professionals such as Dr. Ladapo that the Covid shots also attack human DNA and can permanently alter the human genome.

In the conversation with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Ladapo made a similar analysis to the one I made at the very beginning of the phony Covid narrative. He said (paraphrasing) that virtually every effect that the Covid narrative had upon humanity was evil—even antichrist. Dr. Ladapo called the Covid-19 shot “the antichrist of all products.”

I again point readers to my message DVD containing 6 messages on the beastly system known as the Covid-19 narrative entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.

How refreshing it is to hear the Florida Surgeon General say basically the same thing I said at the very beginning of this satanic assault of our liberties and our way of life almost four years ago. Yes, he discusses the science of it, but he is also not afraid to identify this attack as being spiritual in nature, which was my contention from the beginning.

Thank you, Dr. Ladapo.

Congress Asleep as Biden Makes War on Yemen By Dr. Ron Paul.

Late last week President Biden started a new US war on the tiny country of Yemen. US warships and fighter jets launched more than a hundred missiles at the country in a massive escalation that the Administration bizarrely claimed would “de-escalate” tensions in the Red Sea.

Taking the US to war without a Congressional declaration of war is a grave crime against the Constitution. Not only did Biden show no interest in coming to Congress for a war declaration, he didn’t even ask for authorization. Together with Washington’s reliable junior partner in war, the UK, Biden attacked Yemen. It seems the US Administration consulted more with the UK government than with the US Congress on the attacks.

But that’s not really the worst part. Far from taking action against this illegal move by an out-of-control president, Congress as a body couldn’t even see fit to criticize the Administration. On the contrary, Congressional leadership in both bodies actually applauded President Biden for brazenly violating US law!

House Speaker Mike Johnson not only praised the illegal move, he urged the President to go further and confront Iran. He said, “This action by U.S. and British forces is long overdue, and we must hope these operations indicate a true shift in the Biden Administration’s approach to Iran and its proxies that are engaging in such evil and wreaking such havoc.”

To their credit, several Members of Biden’s own party joined with a handful of Republican colleagues to denounce a US president taking the country to war without the authority to do so. California Rep. Ro Khanna was one of the first Democrats to criticize Biden’s warmaking, stating, “The President’s strikes in Yemen are unconstitutional. For over a month, he consulted an international coalition to plan them, but never came to Congress to seek authorization as required by Article I of the Constitution.”

The Framers of the Constitution gave war-making power to Congress because they understood that leaving such power in the hands of one person was a recipe for disaster. The role of the president is to make the case for a war declaration. Congress deliberates and either authorizes or refuses the proposed action.

Washington has obviously not learned the lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and all the other failed US interventions over the past 20 years. Why do we keep losing wars? Because we do not go into wars according to the US Constitution. This war will be no different.

The Houthis in Yemen withstood years of attacks from the Saudis using the latest US weaponry and came out on top. To this point they have not been targeting US vessels in the Red Sea, but only ships heading to or from Israeli ports. They are doing so in opposition to Israel’s destruction of Gaza. In short, it was never our war. But now, with this attack, Biden has made it our war.

So we are left with the strange and sad spectacle of Congress asleep at the wheel as a Defense Secretary launches military strikes from his hospital bed in the service of a president clearly not in his prime. All this in pursuit of a policy that makes no sense and is leading us closer to a major war in the Middle East that will only harm, not serve, the US national interest.

Amen, Dr. Paul.

As I have said repeatedly: There is only ONE party in Washington, D.C.: The War Party. It can also be called The Zionist Party.

But if the Washington warmongers in both political parties think that they can facilitate and manipulate a major war in the Middle East and the U.S.—not to mention Israel—remain unscathed, they are living in Fantasyland.

By a major war, I mean a war that incites a major amount of Arab states to unite and fight. Even an alliance with as few countries as, say, Turkey, Lebanon (the IDF cannot even defeat Hezbollah in an all-out war), Yemen and Iran would be more than the U.S. and Israel could handle. Add Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia (though I doubt that the corrupt House of Saud would be willing to risk losing the bribes from Uncle Sam), and even Oman, Ethiopia, Algeria, Sudan and United Arab Emirates, and the consequences for the U.S. would be enervating in an unwinnable war and absolutely catastrophic for Israel—perhaps even fatal. The Art Of Self-Learni... Thinknetic Buy New $24.99 (as of 07:44 UTC - Details)

Add potential internal war within the United States via hundreds of thousands of single military-age illegal aliens with strong alliances to the aforementioned Arab states that Joe Biden deliberately brought into our country (4 million or more since he took office) to an already depleted, underprepared, transgendered/sodomized military force, and a major Middle Eastern war could easily spell the E-N-D of American hegemony in the Middle East and a significantly weakened and rudderless America.

The Ukraine War is already in the process of obliterating NATO and American hegemony in Europe. China is salivating over another major U.S. military engagement in the Middle East, as it would undoubtedly seize the opportunity to take advantage of an overextended and overconfident U.S. Pentagon to invade Taiwan.

Do you really think the United States could effectively fight a global three-front war—or, if North Korea decided it was the perfect time to invade South Korea, a four-front war? America hasn’t won even a single-front war since World War II. We fought to a stalemate in Korea; we lost the war in Vietnam; and we lost the war in Afghanistan. We even got our tail whipped in Somalia.

As Dr. Paul said:

Why do we keep losing wars? Because we do not go into wars according to the US Constitution. This war will be no different.

Dr. Paul is spot on, as usual.

Albeit the U.S. escalation of a Middle Eastern war could be a LOT different in terms of consequences for America. And as for Israel, it could spell total destruction.

When U.S. presidents are as unpopular as Joe Biden going into a national election (although NO U.S. president has been as unpopular as Joe Biden), they normally do one of two things: 1) They resign, or 2) They start a war.

All last year it was speculated that Biden would resign. At this point, that doesn’t seem likely, which leaves option number 2 as the one most likely to materialize.

Biden has already shown an insatiable appetite for war. His war in Ukraine is Exhibit A for his lust for war. His personal support and facilitation in the war in Gaza and now his willingness to begin expanding war throughout the Middle East signals a very bloody 2024.

I referenced the above in my message last Sunday entitled What We Will Face In 2024. I invite readers to watch it.

But don’t be discouraged, folks. In facilitating the end of a lot of bad things, a lot of good things could follow. Read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ recent missive for an elaboration.

Reprinted with permission from Chuck Baldwin Live.