Preemptive Stink

Word War III

Ever notice how the first to label an event or person or thing sets the tone of further conversation?   Or when the entire media adopts the term, however scurrilous and untrue?  It’s simply linguistic jiu-jitsu, a first-strike definition that sticks, at least in the short term, but the stink lingers longer than skunk on a dog.  These Jedi mind-tricks always support an agenda and are quickly accepted in the mainstream narrative.

Rapist is the blaring example of indelible stink; that’s old school.  Now we are confronted with any number of issues bearing false connotations meant to deceive;  cover-ups, false accusations, false flags….totally dishonest “Fauci-speak!”  It’s what puts the spin in spin. Economy, Society, and ... Hoppe, Hans-Hermann Buy New $11.95 (as of 09:31 UTC - Details)

From Lee Harvey Oswald to Bin Laden done-it to Arab Terrorism to Putin evil and Orange Man Bad, stink always seems to win.  We get blindsided by the “popular” presentation and jump to conclusions before we ever know what happened and who the real perpetrators are.  Then we wonder why people parrot these lies, why I was shamed for not wearing a mask or smoking in the schoolyard.

We saw the prepared words used in the hard-sell to attack Afghanistan and Iraq; scary stuff like WMDs, yellowcake and anthrax as well as a false justification that we needed to bring ’em “Freedom and Democracy.”

Then we had The Russian dossier as “proof of collusion” and several failed impeachments.  We had claims of “tax evasion” and fallback accusations of “rape.”

Actual “election tampering” involved questionable vote counting and the dismissal of a “phony laptop” by fifty “intelligence” heads.   Protests over the outcome were quickly labeled “an insurrection” while surveillance tapes were hidden, the presence of provocateurs ignored; culminating in a kangaroo 1/6 Commision.

The “deadly corona virus” from “the Wuhan Wet Market” likely was hatched years before by the DOD in N. Carolina.  “There are NO cures,” wait for the Vaccine” that didn’t work, “Hospitals are overflowing,”  “We must speed production of masks, tests and ventilators”  (Ca$ching) and stay home “or you’ll kill Grandma.”

The Attack on Ukraine held its own murky history of a regime-change plot, yet was sold as naked Russian aggression on an “innocent state,” who by the way fostered a Nazi militia guilty of killing Russian ethnics in the Donbas and wanted to join NATO.

10/7 came along with Bibi warning, “We are at war!”  After a brutal retaliation to a 9/11 style forewarned Hamas attack, our suits claimed that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” even as “defense” morphed into the genocidal destruction of Gaza.  Israeli spokesmen and the IDF have relentlessly piled obvious disinformative stink and outright lies on the whole disgusting operation.

It’s all water under the bridge. Given this brief history of deception by word, one can only guess what the next  psyop will entail and when?

Currently Iran is in the crosshairs as Wesley Clark revealed shortly after 9/11.  See the rhetoric grow;  “Iranian backed Hezbollah in Lebanon”, ” Iranian missiles fired from Syria” and now “Iranian backed Houthis threaten Red Sea shipping.”  This would be my bet as the “triumvirate” Empire’s (US, UK, Israel) next gambit since our fair and trusted networks are already running accusations into the ground!


Why must we always bend the knee to the Israeli government, proclaim undying support and fund their military?  Is it because of the ridiculous claim that Hebrews are the “chosen people” or is it the Holocaust victimhood smokescreen or evangelicals driven to protect Jesus’s future landing spot on The Temple Mount and be raptured at the end times.

Rubbish; dual citizenship-holding zionist-leaning Jews indisputably own our networks, much of social media, Hollywood, a Rothschildean financial system and control Washington with huge “contributions.”

Who would dare criticize the hand that feeds ’em and signs their paychecks?

It is against the law to criticize Jews or Israel and commit the mortal sin of “antisemitism.”  See the network spin against pro-Palestinian demonstrations, a few Squad members, university presidents and Kanye who was cancelled like others who touched that third rail?  Can’t miss it.

No Hate Here….

I personally do not hate anyone,… save liars, murderers and greedy global gangsters who are the actual existential threat to us all.

Criticism of Israel’s Likud government is in no way antisemitism or a hate crime against Jews.  

Many countries around the world have condemned the brutal assault on Gaza, with the exception of the US at the UN.  They do not hate Americans and Israelis as people, they despise the governments of the US and Israel for this as well as our “misbehaviors” in the past and all the death and broken states in our wake.

Funding of Bibi’s Old Testament blood-sacrifice must stop! He is extremely unpopular among Jews in Israel and Jews of conscience everywhere.

Anyone with a lick of humanity sees that the Israeli government has horribly abused our largesse.

Stop feeding the monster!

***(As horrible as the Gaza situation is today, consider the death counts under Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden/Clinton and Biden.   Bibi’s paltry 30k and growing numbers appear miniscule next to millions taken during our own 20 years of MidEast destruction.  Or millions more by a lab-grown bioweapon and mRNA-vaxxx depopulation measures, millions from open borders/fentanyl, a half-million bodies in the Ukraine proxy war. Furthermore, these horrific numbers pale in comparison statistically to overlooked losses from pharmaceutical “healthcare,” faulty foods and environmental toxins vouched “safe” by a corrupted FDA/EPA.  Media disinformation, fear-mongering and censorship directed by our deep state intelligence agencies has led to all these premature deaths.  Network propaganda and social media influence are the tap-roots of a toxic weed…making them the real target for preemptive stink.)

Preemptive Stink!

The only defense we might have against this war of stink-words and a likely stinken-war is “preemptive stink!”  Put the stink back on the stinkers!  Light a backfire of anti-stink, create the words to identify and cancel-out the skunks in charge of a deadly game.

Be the anti-war majority we are!  Heap stink on the state media ministry of disinformation!

A Theory of Socialism ... Hans-Hermann Hoppe Best Price: $1.99 Buy New $10.70 (as of 07:55 UTC - Details) We can pretty well guess more stinking false flag events are in the works.  A coming war with Iran is being telegraphed and would be the 7th Jewel in the zionist crown of total Mideast domination. There could be fake direct attacks on shipping, Israel proper or US bases. Some have pointed to a cyber attack where sources could never be corroborated. Domestic bombings, shootings and attacks on infrastructure could easily be labeled Iranian terrorism.

The blame-game will accelerate until an all-out war or a WW3 involves other nations aligned with Iran.  Remember Xerxes and the power of Persian armies?  Iran will be no pushover and can retaliate in unexpected ways upon our homeland.

The idea of preemptive stink is to out the war machine before it gets rolling; let em know loud and clear we are onto their murderous games.

I know there are clever wordsmiths out there who could plaster social media, billboards and T-shirts with a reeking preemptive back-stench to abort a coming catastrophe.

If enough people expect the next move, it could be halted via public pressure, demonstrations and mass protests.

A war with Iran MUST be preempted at all costs because it could cost absolutely everything.

“The adversarial age of conquest, economic one-upsmanship, resource theft and genocide either evolves into international cooperation or dissolves into feudal chaos.”