Will the Corrupt US Department of Justice (sic) Be Held Accountable?

It is a paradox that Jack Smith, who in my opinion has less integrity than the infamous Stalinist prosecutor Andrey Vyshinsky who prosecuted Stalin’s show trials of the Bolsheviks, was appointed director of the Justice (sic) Departments Office of Public Integrity.  Perhaps recognizing Smith’s lack of concern with justice, Merrick Garland, the worst Attorney General in US history, sicced Jack Smith on President Trump and Trump supporters who attended the Trump rally labeled an “insurrection” by the whore media and Democrat Party.  

The way Smith got his convictions was to intentionally misapply law in order to coerce innocent people with a 20 year prison threat into a plea bargain.  In other words, by intentionally misusing law he forced people to convict themselves via self-incrimination, which is what a plea bargain is. Vive Long Handled Shoe... Buy New $9.99 (as of 08:22 UTC - Details)

Federal judge Carl Nichols threw out charges against three defendants based on Smith’s wrongful use of law.  This has led to a situation in which the US Supreme Court announced yesterday that it would take up the defendants complaint that Jack Smith illegitimately used evidence-tampering law to prosecute Trump supporters and force them into self-incrimination to avoid a 20 year sentence. Smith’s pressure on one defendant, Matthew Perna, caused him to commit suicide.  In my opinion, Jack Smith should be indicted for murder.

Defense attorney Joseph McBride said that the DOJ’s misuse of law “is rooted in corruption and political hatred.”

Defense attorney William Shipley predicted that the Supreme Court’s decision to take up the case would put an end to the case against Trump:  “The decision by SCOTUS today to take up the appeal on the 1512 ‘obstruction of an official proceeding’ case means the Trump D.C. case will not be going to trial.”

After the Supreme Court’s refusal to take up the clearly wrongful conviction of Derek Chauvin, I haven’t as much confidence as Shipley in the Supreme Court’s interest in justice.  But I hope Shipley is right as the result will be the release of the hundreds of innocent Americans wrongly convicted on purpose by in my opinion a totally corrupt Department of Justice (sic), every member of which should be indicted for weaponizing law and using it as a  weapon against Trump, his attorneys, and his supportrers.