US Government Operates as a Communist Dictatorship

What is a Dictatorship?   Every country that has a monarchial rule is a dictatorship.  Every Communist country is a Dictatorship.  A dictator is a tyrant who rules by absolute power, including via Emergency Power.   A Communist statehood is comprised of proletariat laborers and bourgeoisie profit takers.   Executive Orders are a dictator communist power.   Agencies within the government that operate outside of Congress – are operating via dictatorial control.   And under these varied definitions, America is a Communist country ruled by a small unit of Bourgeoisie Dictators who own the blackmail.

The media is in aggressive SPIN mode targeting all things Trump.   Trump’s response to Hannity was priceless – “I Will Be A Dictator For One Day”.   Which is true – because he has a plethora of Executive Orders that need to be signed into law in order to upend the Biden Regimes destruction of America.   Boots are shaking.   Heads are spinning.   And the bobble dolls are in full overdrive as they wonder who will be first to go to Guantanamo…

**Executive Orders:  In their original context, Executive Orders were interagency directives issued by the President.   All EO’s must abide by Constitutional Law and cannot create a law.  **The National Emergencies Act was created in 1976 by Gerald Ford and establishes a communist dictatorship that circumvents traditional laws. Tylenol Extra Strength... Buy New $9.90 ($0.10 / Count) (as of 06:07 UTC - Details)

**Eminent Domain: A communist construct that allows the government to take your property away from you for public use at a reasonable level of ‘compensation’.

**Funding For Ukraine:  As Secretary of State, Blinken declared Ukraine an Emergency and bypassed Congress in allocating $110 million to be sent there immediately.

BLACKMAIL:  Epstein and Maxwell provided the blackmail, but which Dictators own it?   Recently, the Mossad has been named given that Maxwell and her father were both civilian agents for Mossad.   This is not unprecedented, the US government hires 2 million ‘civilian agents’.  Epstein was brought in later with the directive to create the means, aka Epstein Island.   Nearly every politician across the globe, every Hollywood actor, countless musicians, artists, and writers have been brought into the umbrella of this blackmail.   They are the gods who demand tithes, promise money and fame, and own your life via a file – compromised with pedophilia.  An old Mafia agenda utilized for extortion.

Even the IRS is a communist construct.   It is a means of tithing to the godless Bourgeoisie.   Every government agency – all 438 of them – operate to redirect money from the poor and middle class to the wealthy.   Congress is now a self-imposed Elite.   They are the 1%ers.   And in their febrile brains – money equates to intellect and intellect to power.   How many of them ‘bought their degrees’?   Disparaging wisdom, intellect, nobility and honor in favor of Bourgeoisie wealth accumulation to fit onto a tier of the ultimate pyramid.

Mz. Ellis, a former Trump appointee, convicted and plea deal conspirator, denigrates those on Twitter/X who don’t have the ‘number of followers’ she deems appropriate for a person to have a voice.   As though Twitter followings is equivalent to gods and wisdom.  She would be on par with Meathead in that evaluation.   Perhaps not her preference, but self designated anyhow.  Mz. Ellis has fallen into the void of the self-grandiose Bourgeoise mentality.  She is a better, more worthy person due to her Twitter BOTS.

An interesting psychological aberration.

Yet.  It explains much of Congress, much of Hollywood, and much of the liberal mental acuity.   Who all seem to be in the same ‘club’, as George Carlin loved to quip!   Hollywood is controlled by the Zions.   I remember my first coming about in the US after growing up abroad, and being warned of the Zionist infiltration in Hollywood.   Secularism.   Worshipping self.   Money.  And above all –  divisiveness.   “If you are not anti-religion, then you are unworthy of Hollywood – unworthy of Politics – unworthy of existence…”

The age of John Lennon and his ‘odd’ wife Yoko Ono;   Lennon was raised a Catholic.   He was very close to his mum – until Yoko drove a stake in his soul and used ‘persuasive techniques’ to recreate Lennon as a secular Cabalist.  It was only when he had declared that he was leaving the Cabal and embracing his original Catholic faith – that he was killed.   JFK style.

The means that the Cabal had for its rise was the recreation of reality.   The means for their demise is the very technology that they advocated and funded and utilized – believing that the entire human race could be forever subjected to Proletariat Rule and subjugation in a secular denomination, ie a re-creation of reality.

The Sad reality Is America is a Communist Country and Has Been for some decades – if not centuries.   We are governed by communist dictums of censorship, law, budgets, spending, and false illusions of racism and gender dysphoria. Augason Farms Long Gra... Buy New $43.48 (as of 08:14 UTC - Details)

The purpose is control.   The means is dysfunctional and chaos.

The perpetrators include:   the Three Cabals – Banking, Pharma and Military.   They don’t always agree.  They vie for the wealth.   And they argue who is more Elite.   It is this Argument that is their Achilles Heel.  The gods are in war against each other for ultimate Control.   They cannot agree.  And will annihilate each other in vie for The Throne.

This is how they will be brought down.

The bottom line is this – you can’t fix something if you refuse to acknowledge the disrepair and brokenness.   You will only continue the cycle of depravity ad infinitum.   Which is what we have done for 350 years.  Believing – a LIE.

So.  How do we start?

The more knowledge we have, the greater the insight, the more plurality the faster the repair.    Congress is dysfunctional.   Justice systems are mafia plagued.   Therefore, we need to address “The Core”.  Starting from the TOP.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.