JFK 60 Years On – Inside OffG’s Archive

Today marks 60 years since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, and the last of any worth or note.

There is the expected flow of official story reinforcement, a dabble of sentiment, a little bit of “new evidence” which handily backs up the Warren findings.

Alt-media channels were even subject to it, with one “red pill” going around claiming “Oswald’s handler” was an Israeli and Jack Ruby was Jewish, which means Israel killed Kennedy. Factless nonsense, seeking to both reinforce the lie that Oswald was the shooter and tar JFK truthers with the antisemitism brush.

Mainstream articles try to tie Oswald to Cuba or the USSR, securing the decades-old fallback that “the commies did it!” and casting any US cover-up as an attempt to avoid a nuclear war. Kelly Kettle Large Sta... Buy New $29.99 (as of 09:52 UTC - Details)

That or they just flatly assert lies older than the brainless husks repeating them, like this one in TIME, where their “history reporter” doesn’t even mention the Church committee finding of “probable conspiracy”.

These are trifling attempts at propaganda, to be honest, listless and impotent, barely worth acknowledging let alone responding to. There’s no point in arguing with the authors because these are neither opinions they hold nor facts they’ve learned, they are hard-wired beliefs. Coded assumptions on which they build their model of reality.

You’ll never convince them to change their mind, their programming won’t allow it.

The truth is the argument is over and we won, the media will just never admit it. As I wrote in my anniversary post last year…

Let the media tell their empty stories to their dwindling readership, let their aging lies echo forever in hollow headlines. None of us believe them. We all know what really happened, and we always have.

Just as we did this past 9/11 anniversary we are putting together a reference page for all our JFK content.

This is a pet subject of mine, and I have written a long-form article, JFK and the War on Our Heroes as well as shorter pieces over the years.

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