The Polarizing Nature of Exposing Truth Reveals the Hypocrisy and Contradiction of Insincere Positions

He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.”

George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant

One legitimate and honest consequence of exposing real truth, is that the cream separates from the milk. When this happens, the line between integrity and deceit becomes much clearer, and immediately exposes hypocrisy and contradiction, although many will continue to ignore this bifurcation in order to remain hidden in the crowd. The reason for such cowardly and immoral behavior rests on the fact that most pretend to be what they are not, and in order to maintain that fantasy, they have to perpetuate the lie. Of course, this tactic in the end will consume itself, as each lie rests on the last, and eventually there are too many lies to support. This is especially evident in certain areas of false beliefs, nationalism, manipulated fictional events, bogus ‘patriotism,’ and of course, fabricated ‘victimization.’ Oh my, have I suddenly hit a nerve?

When one dost protest too much, critical scrutiny should be applied by the ethically sane, in order to gain insight into excessive reactions that defy common logic and reason. This extreme insistence of defending a false narrative, is of course a common response when one’s conditioned (schooled) beliefs clash with reality. This brings about an obvious revelation of truth where none is sought. When this happens, the natural response by those who avoid truth and conflict at all costs, is to protect their blindly accepted positions. This is mainly due to a fear of being exposed or shunned, so they react with fallacious ad hominem arguments and indifference, which is their way of ending a valid argument without ever defending their undefendable opinion, or refuting honest debate.

Let us put this theory to the test considering modern times and events, and the division this brings about between those taking sides concerning contentious issues, usually stoked by intentional State propaganda. This is where the polarizing effects of manipulation become aggressive, and lead to extreme division; this causing the State to revel in its accomplishment, while its victims are lost in a cloud of near ‘religious’ argumentative ignorance. This is also the essence and basis used by the State and media outlets, whether mainstream or alternative, to affect the use of censorship as a weapon against the truth. Censorship at any level, should be viewed with contempt, and never condoned, regardless of any ludicrous excuse of ‘hurting feelings,’ or harming ‘poor victims,’ for those who take this inauthentic stance, are effectively being manipulative and deceitful in an effort to alter the psyche of those they seek to fool. It is not so much an act of weakness, as it is an act of psychological manipulation based on unfounded make-believe pity.

Nearly everything going on that is suspect and evil, which are all efforts by governments, so-called intelligence services, nation states, mainstream media, State-supported terrorist organizations, politicians of all stripes, militaries, and the corporate industrial complex, is intentional and conspiratorial, and therefore criminal. Consider recent events meant to cause a particular reaction, whether purposely set fires, geoengineered disasters, microwave and directed energy events, the completely fake ‘covid pandemic,’ bioweapon injections,  intentional economic destruction, monetary inflation and supply line shutdowns, the absolute lie of ‘manmade climate change,’ and mass censorship of most all those attempting to uncover and reveal the truth regardless of consequences.

In the midst of all this corruption, propaganda, lies, and coverup, there is brutal war, and the threat of annihilating world war, genocide, ethnic cleansing of an entire people; all as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, while efforts to control the world, an age-old plot to be sure, are getting closer to fruition every day. These wars are more fake than not, as they have plotted outcomes based on  game theory collusion among many players, not the least of which are Zionist Israel and the United States. They are as one after all.

The Ukraine ‘situation’ is a prime example of fakery at the great expense of the truth. One would have to assume that Russia could take out Ukraine in an afternoon if thought necessary, but lo and behold, this so-called war is coming up on its two-year anniversary. In the midst of what has been ‘reported,’ as being a horrible , brutal war, with death and destruction everywhere, tanks, bombs, armed drones, missiles, even nuclear threats, a farce to be sure, heads of State around the world have gone to this so-called hellacious battleground, and walked around the streets of Kyiv without much security for photo ops. Would any politician ever put himself in harm’s way in the actual line of fire? Of course not, as most all politicians are cowards who would only use others as fodder to be killed for the State. But the list of political types who have gone to Ukraine since the ‘war began is telling. It includes, Macron from France, Scholz from Germany, Draghi from Italy, Boris Johnson from the U.K., Trudeau from Canada, prime ministers and presidents from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, U.S. congressional delegations, and even Jill Biden, among other celebrity types as well. Does this make any sense at all during what is claimed to be a hot war?

Now, the mislabeled war of Zionist Israel against Palestine, under the guise of attacking Hamas, an Israeli and U.S. creation, is said to be raging, but how can a war take place with only one side having an advanced military and weaponry, and the other side caged in a heavily guarded concentration camp, with a population made up mainly of unarmed women and children? But now genocide is said to be a legitimate war, but how can that be? It can happen only if the U.S. and Zionists are involved as aggressors, as any other country on earth committing these war crimes would be targeted by extreme scrutiny, and possibly sanctioned and attacked by these same aggressors.

But in this particular case, truth-tellers are heavily censored, as any honest reporting is rebuked, and labeled as hate-filled or ‘antisemitic,’a misunderstood (purposely) term if ever one existed. If it were not so serious, it would be quite comical, as Semites include much if not most of the Middle East, and mainly Arabs. The Semitic people’s identification is based on linguistics, (language) and is widespread throughout the Middle East. It is not, and never has been completely specific to the Jewish (Hebrew) people, but that is the common false understanding. The derivative “Semitic,” (from Semite) was not coined until 1781. Semites include the Elamites, Assyrians, Lydians, Arameans, and many numerous Arab tribes; people spread from Lydia, eastward through Syria and Assyria, to Persia. (Iran) The northern boundary is Armenia and the southern , the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. In reality, to actually be antisemitic, would also mean to be anti-Arab.

Perception is now considered reality in this world of manufactured confusion. This has led to the mass polarization of peoples, where unwarranted victimization is the mainstay of every claimed group, race, ethnicity, culture, color, and so-called sexual oriented non-human. Most all want to identify as something they are not, in order to gain attention and immunity from honest criticism. Each group seeks to embrace separate identities instead of accepting that we are all human. As humans, we all are similar and have similar wants and needs, but as self-identifying units, everything normal, including all proper criticism of the individual, is considered offensive and politically incorrect. This idiocy serves nothing other than dividing us all; thus leading to separation and hate.

Because of this, those attempting to expose evil, those who choose to tell the truth without limit, those who are not seeking approval from the State and each self-excusing fictitious victim-status fool, are continuously subject to ostracization, name calling, threats, and extreme censorship, all in the face of truth. This is when the hypocrites are fully exposed, and hypocrisy is the epitome of deceit, and the censorship by hypocrites is an admission of cowardice.

“In the days when hyenas of hate suckle the babes of men, and jackals of hypocrisy pimp their mothers’ broken hearts, may children not look to demons of ignorance for hope.”

Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams