A World Where Genocide of Civilians Is Not Only Accepted, But Cheered

“In Gaza, some of us cannot completely die.
Every time a bomb falls, every time shrapnel hits our graves,
every time the rubble piles up on our heads,
we are awakened from our temporary death.”

Mosab Abu Toha, Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear: Poems from Gaza

I wish I could say that this world of genocide, democide, torture, terror, and slaughter of innocents was something new, but of course it is not. The story of mankind is one of horrible brutality, and it is never-ending. The latest atrocity is the ethnic cleansing and slaughter of innocents in Palestine, and the majority are children. This is the purposeful slaughter of Palestinians at the hands of the Zionists; this after 75 years of ruthless savagery levied against them. My comments here are in no way meant to support Hamas, or any State, government, or terrorist organization, but then that is repetitive, as all States, governments, terrorists, and those who control them, are cut from the same cloth, and are pure evil. That is the nature of all States, organized ruling governments, and criminal terrorists.

Because of the history of man, many would think that his natural state would be that of evil, and given what has occurred over thousands of years, one might be justified in accepting this conclusion, but I think it is much more complicated than it appears. On the other hand, one comment I hear consistently, at least by Americans, is that most people are basically good. I think this incorrect as well, so where does that leave us? It seems to me that the natural state of man, at least psychologically, is more sympathetic and peaceful than is evident, but the stoking of hate and division by very nefarious forces, and the purposeful instilling of great fear, has been voluntarily accepted by the majority, and this has caused constant turmoil among nation-states, leading to horrendous nationalism. Because of this intentionally structured antagonism among peoples, constant war has been the result, and this has led to a common behavior that would be best described as dual hatred. What is meant by this statement, is that governments and rulers are certainly evil, but due to the intentional instilling of nationalism, the majority supports State evil due to false ‘patriotism,’ apathy, and fear; this greatly enhanced by the collectivist nature of nationalism.

We live in a ‘modern’ world where the bulk of populations, if given the opportunity to do so, will more than not, choose non-aggression, but they are willing to turn their heads in the face of brutality, war, and carnage instead of facing the truth. Human nature is fickle, and a spectacle of inverted logic. When one is confronted with a death of friend or family, there may be a cry of agony. When a small group of innocents is mercilessly slaughtered by horrendous means, torment may occur. But when thousands or millions are murdered by States and their armies, a heavy fog of indifference takes over the psyche, and a cloak of silence spreads, covering the crowd. One might say that this is just a protective mechanism, but in reality, by remaining silent, it is an acceptance of evil, which is in and of itself, evil. Until this is understood, evil will reside not only in those who perpetrate this terror, but also in those who stay silent and support or condone it.

First and foremost, there is no real war between Israel and Palestine, there is only war against Palestine. There is no war against Hamas, at least not in any conventional sense, because Hamas was created, built, funded, and supported by the Zionist Israeli government and Mossad, with the assistance of the U.S. government and the CIA. This is also true of groups like ISIS and al Qaeda. The Palestinian people have no military, no navy, no tanks, no rockets, and no arms. They are virtually helpless civilians, mostly children, locked inside a completely walled concentration camp, that is heavily guarded by the Israeli military and Mossad. They are relegated to throwing rocks at Israel’s world class military that consists of advanced weaponry that qualifies as the third most powerful military in the world. This is a slaughter and genocide of these people for political, geopolitical, and monetary purposes, and is nothing more than intentional, unbridled, and inhuman wrath against a persecuted population.

What is so confusing is that this torturous brutality, land and property confiscation, mutilation, starvation, and humiliation by Zionists against Palestinians, has gone on relentlessly for the past 75 years under the guise of a false claiming of a long-inhabited territory; all in the bogus name of defense of a forced Zionist State. But in the bright light of truth and honesty, this has been only offensive and unrestrained aggression. Zionism is not Judaism, it is a tyrannical political cult bent on power, control, and the elimination of Palestine in favor of a singular ‘Jewish’ State.. Zionism is colonialism, pure and simple, a political/nationalist movement, formed and plotted for the purpose of taking over lands of the peoples in that region, and by any means necessary. This plot was decades in the making, with deals solidified with Nazi Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. According to Jewish historian, Ilan Pappe, “Zionist leaders were well aware that implementing their project would necessitate the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population.”

This is a very deep and complicated subject matter, and this short essay is obviously not meant to be an historical accounting of Zionism, but it is vitally important to understand the background of this heinous movement that is not what it has always been falsely portrayed to be. There is no innocence in Zionism, as would be true of any brutal and violent nationalist movement.

The bottom line is this: We are witnessing the unrelenting genocide of a people at the hands of the world powers. It is being sold as a defensive effort due to aggressive terrorism by Hamas, an Israeli created organization, used as a patsy, whether accepted or not by the casual observer, to allow for the long-planned and final elimination of all Palestinians from their homelands. But it is so much deeper than this implies. The West, especially the United States government, the CIA, the U.S. military, and the entire U.S. military industrial complex, among many other Fascist corporate partners, are in full support of this genocide. What this means, is that the U.S. population, the masses if you will, are complicit as well in this inhumane, immoral, and brutally evil plot to slaughter and murder an entire people. They are after all, at least a majority,  condoning it through taking sides, and allowing the funding of this murderous rampage with their own tax dollars stolen by the government they support.

Geopolitically, this becomes a springboard  for regional or world conflict, all for the purpose of continuing the drive toward a one world government; a secret global governing cabal, which has the one goal of attaining total power and control of all populations. Depending on the agendas sought, the involvement of powers due to this plot, could include Russia, China, Iran, the entire Middle East, the U.S., the U.K., and all of NATO. One can just imagine the carnage possible in the future due to what is deceptively claimed to be a struggle between only Israel and undefended Palestine. It is anything but that, but by framing this as a localized regional conflict, the masses of plebiscites will take sides, thus allowing the rulers and their enforcement monsters, to assume a much larger aggression, and one that will affect everyone on earth.

How can any accept this horror? How can any not speak against it, and refuse to support any factions and nation-states, instead of embracing the plight of all innocent victims, regardless of sides? Condemn all who harm the innocent. Condemn the governments and rulers, and their murderous armies, who stoke and perpetuate this violent assault on civilians. People have the ability to live together in harmony, but governments have no ability to live in peace, because the only mission of ‘authority’ is to attain power and control by any means necessary in its rule based only on the dominance of others. Reclaim the higher ground as individuals, and completely eliminate and destroy all forms of government and rule, as war is their health, fear, violence, and killing are their tools, and elimination of dissent is their only means of survival.

“We will expel the Arabs and take their place. In each attack, a decisive blow should be struck resulting in the destruction of homes and the expulsion of the population.”

David Ben-Gurion: Zionist and first Prime Minister of Israel–Letters to his son, 1937

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