Yes, America Is Almost Entirely Captured by the Uniparty, and It's Time To Fight Back

Rejecting this nefarious force starts with recognizing reality.

In the aftermath of the House Speaker chaos that’s unfolded this week, we’re seeing lots of popular commentators, journalists, pundits, think tankers, and the like balking at the idea that America is increasingly controlled by a single uniparty system.

It’s too simplistic and simply not true to state that the entire red hat blue hat system is captured, they say.

Respectfully, they are entertaining a massive delusion.

And I’ll show you how.

Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire, I writer who I have nothing but respect for, put together a long list of issues where Red Hats and Blue Hats supposedly have fierce disagreements.

The best steel man for this roster of policy items comes from the abortion category, where there is truly a divide, and other social issues where the two camps are firmly divided, at least publicly.

However, the Uniparty rears its ugly head most prominently when it comes to seeking, maintaining, and expanding its power. Republicans and Democrats spar within the boundaries of some issues and put on a nice kayfabe performance from time to time. But when it comes to staying in charge and peddling influence, they move in lockstep.

First and foremost, America is $33 trillion in debt, and the leadership of both parties has unanimously supported massive trillion dollar deficit budgets after massive trillion dollar deficit budgets. Republican leadership often pretends to care about the debt, but never actually follows through with resisting the massive expansion of government.

As Covid hysteria and the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 proved, when push comes to shove, both parties support massive stimulus and money printing. Yes, there is a small minority of the GOP that seeks fiscal discipline, but the people in charge are always pushing for more corporate bailouts in the event of a naturally occurring or manufactured emergency.

The wealth redistribution caused by the people who control the power of the purse is crippling 99% of Americans to the benefit of the ruling class in Washington and on Wall Street. Pretending that Republicans (especially those in leadership) serve as a bulwark to this corruption is a laughable delusion.

The Slava Slush Fund for the Ukraine war effort is continually racking up billions. It has yet to meet significant resistance. Perhaps $150 billion is finally enough. We shall see.

During the Covid hysteria era, our rights were completely curtailed, with the full support of D.C. world. The whole of Washington cheered on the fastest roll up of power in US history. And people still wonder why nobody is being held accountable for anything…

We could go on for days with this list. The point is that on every consequential issue involving control and power, the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats choose to side with the Uniparty, often leaving little distinction between the two parties.

There are levels to Uniparty control.

As we’ve seen in virtually the entirety of the Anglosphere outside of the United States, tragically, a Uniparty has captured complete control over the political system.

Thankfully, there are still pockets of resistance to Uniparty control in our halls of power. However, the likes of Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden are virtually interchangeable politicians, but they just wear different team hats.

Like him or not, Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) made the right move to initiate the process to depose Kevin McCarthy, a tried and true Uniparty member. All efforts to combat this growing cancerous force should be applauded, and it’s worth recognizing the reality before the Republican Party fully transforms into a fully controlled force akin to the present make up of the U.K.’s Tories and the Conservative Party of Canada.

This originally appeared on The Dossier.