Is Trudeau Selling Out Canada to the World Economic Forum?

It has long been known that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a very special relationship with Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Trudeau is also one of Schwab’s favored Young Global Leaders (YGL). In Schwab’s own words – “We are proud to be able infiltrating our YGLs into governments around the world.” Trudeau was infiltrated as PM into Canada’s government.

It is no secret: Trudeau is one of Schwab’s top darlings.

” But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now… (Klaus Schwab)

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Looks like this “infiltration” pays off.

If Trudeau’s transferring more than a hundred million dollars of Canadian tax money to the WEF, via the infiltrates process referred to by Schwab  – the WEF is generating its own business, by generating money from the countries that implement the WEF’s globalist policies. How absurd.

What to expect. We are living in a world where war is peace and lie is truth.

According to a “Counter Signal” video (see below, 8 minutes) of Street Politics Canada, reveals that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has transferred large sums of money to the World Economic Forum, for them to produce a fraudulent and fake report on the climate crisis, so that he, Trudeau, then may implement his own stern climate agenda at home – which is also the WEF’s agenda.

So, you may ask, why pay for the fake report?

The “Counter Signal” video purports that Trudeau is beholden to the WEF and wants the WEF to support his “climate change” agenda, which may lead to lockdowns, mask wearing and new rounds of coerced vaxxes — in schools, workplaces, and the homes of the elderly – for diseases yet to be invented. The agenda is clear. It would be a new round of genocide for the eugenists behind UN Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and the all-digitizing 4th Industrial Revolution.

Again, why would Trudeau have to pay for such a report – when he is doing the WEF’s bidding?

Already in 2019, Trudeau’s government allocated nearly half a million dollars of tax payers’ money for WEF’s report.

This WEF report was to make an economic case to justify Canada’s climate change policies.

These policies are already being implemented. One of the criminal anti-climate actions, to fake global warming, were the manmade forest fires. reports:

Canada’s fire season this year has been described as ‘never before seen’, with a record-breaking 18 million hectares burned and over 200,000 people evacuated. The fires have had huge long-term consequences, devastating the forest landscape and contributing to climate change (highlighted by author). See this.


Among other insanities, the WEF report says,

“Science has never been clearer – and the voice of citizens has never been louder – that we are reaching irreversible tipping points in key biomes of the planet that keep the balance of all life on Earth intact. There is an urgent need for change to ensure that there is equity in our society and harmony with our ecosystem… for a stable and healthy planet for future generations.”

It goes on,

“What is required is bold policy ambition and decisive political leadership to send a signal that business as usual is no longer valid.”

There we go. This inevitably leads to a carbon tax which had already been planned way before 2020 and before the WEF report was produced. The carbon tax was subsequently increased from $ 40 / ton [of CO2] to $ 170.

Where does this money go? Just into Trudeau’s black-box budget?

How is it used to fight climate change?

Does anybody ask?

Many financially struggling Canadians may ask this question, as they have been left in the cold, first by COVID-induced unemployment, then by the ever-ongoing fearmongering about climate disasters and job insecurity and eventually, another plandemic on the horizon – and more of those to come. Not to forget – WHO had long ago declared the decade of 2020-2030 as the vaccination decade.

Just remember, disaster will not happen if we are not afraid and if we do not allow it to happen. We have the strength. We are many. They are few.

Remember also, any vaccination – way beyond COVID, and the ridiculously called “virus X” — is now based on the mRNA [deadly spike protein] method. The 2020-2030 vax decade is an eugenist agenda.

Be not afraid. Just do not get vaxed.

This was not the first time the Canadian government invented reasons to transfer money to the WEF. And to the detriment of Canadian citizens, it was recently revealed that the Trudeau government has an ongoing $105 million contract with the WEF for the known Traveler Digital ID. It is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is a contractual fact. See this  or this.

If indeed carried through, Canada would be one of the pioneers to implement this infamous and enslaving digital Traveler ID – clandestinely, no transparency – nobody is being told what kind of information is being stored on this ID. Trudeau wants to shine in front of his mentor and supporter – his Great Teacher, Klaus Schwab, who is about to make Trudeau destroy beautiful Canada.

It is highly suspected that Trudeau and the WEF will use the Canadian example as sort of a trailblazer for other countries to follow with a digital ID, integrated into a digital, constantly updated, vax certificate and personal banking records.

Mr. Trudeau, long before the onset of Agenda 2030 alias Great Reset, has been selling sovereign Canada to the WEF’s and UN’s Globalist Agenda. And this without the Canadian people’s consent.

The question remains, why would Trudeau pay the WEF for helping him implement the WEF’s agenda? Is he seeking “legitimacy” for his actions?

Or, is he hoping and buying potentially needed WEF protection if things get ugly.

If anything is getting loud and louder – it is the call for Trudeau’s resignation.

Canadians are waking up.

Do not let it happen.

Your resistance will be a signal to the world that people’s willpower and peaceful solidarity must and can resist this tyranny which is planned to being cast upon us worldwide.

So far, it is just a plan. FEAR NOT. Fear is their weapon number one.

We, the people, have the mental and solidarity power to stop the plan from being implemented.

The People of Canada – like in the Canadian truck drivers strike of January 2022 – have had enough of WEF policy, paid for by their tax money to infringe on Canada’s — the Peoples of Canada – sovereignty.

The original source of this article is Global Research.