Israel War: A Slew of Back Stories Gone Awry – Blinken on Suicide Watch

There are some peculiar irregularities beginning to rise as we attempt to parlay where the Israel/Palestine war goes from here:  

  1. ‘Aid” to Palestine was an Obama construct, reversed by Trump and reinstated by Biden –
  2. Does this imply a confrontation had been planned for years?
  3. Egypt warned Israel 3-4 days before the attack and they did absolutely nothing to prepare.
  4. This is exactly what happened when our own distinguished intel all dropped the ball despite warnings ahead of 9-11.
  5. The Cartel likes to play the same reruns over and over…
  6. The WH declares absolutely no US incursion into the war.   Yet today DoD Austin announced two warships are off the coast, and marines had been called up.
  7. Human Rights Watch, which is a Soros NGO, is condemning Israel’s attacks as violating International Law targeting civilians.
  8. Netanyahu is dropping white sulfur on Gaza.   And seems to be operating as an android might.
  9. Israel has killed and injured a umber of war correspondents including from Reuters – and seems not to care. In additional 11 UN peaceworkers were killed by Netanyahu without remorse.
  10. The UN is calling out Israel’s War Crimes.

Blinken admits on national news that funding Iran means funding Hamas, gosh darn unfortunately.   But Blinken is likely the one who negotiated the exchange of 5 Americans for 3 Iranians and the unfreezing of monies held via a trade deal between South Korea and Iran.   A Contract.   And Qatar has likely refused to become a party to violating said contract.  Blinken – Fatal Flaw was already on the suicide watch.

I see three possible explanations:   1) Netanyahu has gone rogue. And is insane.   2) Rothschild’s Israel (owns 93% of the land in Israel and leases it to settlements) and the new Soros protégé, Pierre Omidyar, are having an argument.   3)   Netanyahu is AI.

Good ole desk jockey Austin has declared that the US can easily handle two wars, Ukraine and Israel thru funding, weapons, and ‘aid’.   The fact that the bank was broke with Ukraine makes the statement a bit as though memo’s are NOT emailed to everyone and thus we have a Houston Problemo.   The stories do NOT jive.

We know our weapons are depleted.   We know our coffers are dry. We know our manpower and intelligence are ill-equipped. And we are on a temporary budget!  With Jim Jordan coming in – a McCarthy democrat deal is not nearly as likely.   The Democrat pick failed and Jim Jordan is taking the baton.  DANG!   Of course, they might use the, ‘We have to fund our military fighting against the Nazi terrorists’…

Yes, Hamas is no longer Hamas they have been promoted to ISIS/Nazi/Hamas. As though this reference will drive even greater fuel for rage responses.  

Something is amiss.  

Blinken ending his trip to Qatar to shore up the $6 billion of funds for Iran was billed as a great success until a day later Qatar announced that they would cutoff ALL oil exports if a ground war was launched in Gaza.   Interestingly, Qatar’s main export partners for oil include: Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea and Thailand.   None of whom have any hand in the Israel war.   But it could force these countries to thus take a side.   In particular worry is – China.

Creating the backdrop for the WWIII proposal that is making Blinken so jittery and nervous – eyes darting, etc…   Yet another development: Right after leaving Qatar, Blinken traveled to Colombia, Chile and Peru claiming these countries are the source of our out of control border…   What The Heck?

Of these three countries, the singular common denominator is they all export oil to – China.   Therefore, Blinken knew that Qatar would make the oil embargo statement and is busily trying to shore up and replenish Qatar’s oil for China with South American oil so that China doesn’t get in a wad and side with Palestine.

Back home in Amerika, America First Legal has filed a lawsuit against Blinken charging he violated the Taylor Force Act by subsidizing Palestinian terrorism resulting in the death of 14 Americans in Israel.  A potential death penalty.

Iran is an ally of Qatar.   Any attack on Iran would ignite Saudi Arabia and Qatar – both of whom have been heavily supplied with US weapons for years!   Putting the entire West on high alert.  And Blinken on the Line!

IF Netanyahu is rogue, then Blinken has no ability to quell Netanyahu’s dearth of vengeance including a ground assault. Meaning this was supposed to be another incursion – not a war.   And everyone miscalculated!

IF Netanyahu is AI – it means the world is under the spear of a James Bond villain set on destroying earth.

IF Netanyahu is answering to Rothschild’s demands and Soros is pissed because the funding he had already earmarked for Ukraine has now dwindled, negotiating peace in Israel would take front seat to appease Soros.

Any way you cook the gamut, it appears, this was NOT the plan and once again Blinken is in the hot seat for not considering the consequences of “Funding”.   Soros could give a fark if all our troops died due to being out-weaponed, he just wants to keep the money flowing into Ukraine. Why?   Because Ukraine was the trafficking hub for all trafficking and laundering;   money, children, organs, slaves, drugs, etc…   And Russia put a huge dent in that revenue source.   Soros has been taking the biggest cut of Ukraine money to replenish what he is losing from his trafficking trade.

That means, Blinken is charged with keeping China at bay, negotiating with Netanyahu over implementing peace, keeping the Middle East happy with suitcases of cash, and reinstating Ukraine Aid to Soros while keeping that war ongoing. It then becomes understandable that Blinken is losing it –

In the meantime, Putin has offered to step in and mediate a long lasting two separate state solution returning the pre 1967 boundaries taken by Israel. The UN concurs with Putin.

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen – Revisited!

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.