A Call for Justice

We were fooled.
We’ve been had.
We took the vaccines
and the vaccines were bad.
Millions have died and millions are sick
because of the covid needle arm-prick.

Let’s hang the bastards who did this to us.
Let’s bring them to justice, one and all.
The bureaucrats, the vaccine-pushers
and the presstitutes must take a fall.

There was NEVER an ultra-dangerous virus.
It was milder than the seasonal flu.
There was NEVER a need for lockdowns or masks.
The fascists did this to me and you.
They shoved the genetic crap in your arm.
Those deadly clot-shots have done much harm
damaging the heart and the brain.
But they say: “Get your booster and don’t complain.”

Let’s arrest the bastards who did this to us.
Let’s bring them to justice for Nuremberg crimes.
Don’t fall for the lies of the CDC,
CNN or the New York Times.

Everybody knows somebody
who was killed or injured by the toxic jab
but the presidential candidates
don’t mention “vaccine” in their boring blab.
The media goes along with the scam,
pumping up fear with their propaganda.
Making you sick, controlling your life,
and depopulation—that’s their agenda.

Simple justice is all we ask.
Let’s nail the bastards who pulled off this hoax.
Let’s unite and bring them to justice, folks.
Get plenty of sunshine, rest, sleep well
and tell W.H.O. to go to hell.
Don’t let them steal your sovereignty
and dictate what’s “good” for you or me.

We were fooled.
We were tricked.
The clot-shots are making billions sick.
But “even cows look up sometimes.” *
We’ll make the globalists pay for their crimes.

*”Even cows…” — Indian proverb.  Even gullible or complacent people wake up at some point and realize they have been duped.