First Rule of Fight Club: Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program

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You probably haven’t heard of Rupert Sheldrake. He is a biologist, a former fellow and don at Cambridge, and a devout Anglican in the tradition of CS Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. But unlike them, he performs double blind experiments, one of them being on the morphic field..

Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home was the first of his books that caught my attention, since every dog I’ve had seems unnervingly to know everything that I think. My current, Pan, is always to be found sitting in the front hall to greet me, exuding crossness that she didn’t go with. Unless of course, she is canoodling with Jamie which is her second favorite thing to do, her first being keeping me on HER schedule.

Sheldrake posits that a good portion, if not all, of our minds (that of dogs too)  is located outside our bodies and is in communication with something he calls the field or morphic field.  This term was picked up by the New Age and consciousness community, but is being investigated as a legitimate study in places like Stanford by people like Carol Dweck. Since Stanford is also the location of the SRI, Stanford Research Institute, which secretly investigates PSI, mind control, the occult as tools for power, Dweck’s is probably a limited hangout, meant to answer the suspicion of three billion easy, if not six billion, that telepathy, etc is real.  Let’s put it this way, military intelligence knows that telepathy is real because they use it, train and experiment, and not just a little. The remote viewing program is very well documented.

Feargus Greenwood’s image of the real fight

The morphic field is why we are going to win this thing and beat the Satanic Luciferian banksters who run the world.  We know.  Look at Gabon. They just imprisoned the family that has been looting their country for the past fifty years. People in every country know our leaders with almost no exception, are psychopaths stealing everything not nailed down. In every country in the world, people are recognizing we have the power, and the money that we don’t have, has been stolen by them. The games of globalists, the little feints and releases and projects they try are being met with universal dislike and there is so much dislike now that people feel comfortable voicing their displeasure.

Oprah and the Rock went on socials to solicit money for Maui this week. One million views over the first 24 hours raised a whole $5,000. Tens of thousands of negative comments greeted them. Not one person showed the sought-for submission and forelock tugging. Mocking comments from every country in the world. This movement is as global as the WEF.

Catherine Austin Fitts, rather than voicing her usual Cassandra schtick, was caught on videotape saying that a magnificent prosperity is just around the corner, that the cabal of vicious bankers is running out of the energy needed to control us. She starts with my principal theme, which is that we should all be two or even three times as wealthy as we are now, and the future, once we get rid of the WEFers, is limitless.

One of the reasons for my profound optimism …words cannot express to you how expensive tyranny is. Our economy is so poor compared to what it could be, if we were free to just optimize economically. The wealth potential of freedom combined with new technology, if we get the risk management right, is just extraordinary. Centralizing this way is very very destructive of wealth. The idea of a society where you could let that growth happen is very exciting to me. As an investment banker,  I have a mathematical conception of what is possible. And that is one of my reasons for optimism. Tyranny is just fantastically expensive. As is secrecy. It’s very profitable for the billionaires.”

Fitts thinks these idiots – because evil is boneheaded stupid – are going to end by killing each other.

“The closer and closer these people get to success, the more they risk killing each other. You are creating a very psychopathic culture. It’s not the kind of culture that holds together through thick and thin. When Gideon threw the Minionites out of Israel, the Minionites were so hateful and suspicious, they ended by killing each other.”

Then defaulting to her usual despair:  “I’m not so convinced that we are going to win, but that the people trying centralized control are going to end up killing each other.”

Me, I’m not despairing.

Sheldrake did a series of experiments called the Hidden Figure experiments. In essence the Hidden Figure experiment demonstrated that the first time two million people saw the image it took them 40 minutes to find it. Repeated with different images in Britain and other countries a few months later, every time the experiment was performed, it took much less time for people to recognize the image. As if the skill had entered into the collective consciousness.

Let’s turn to Wikipedia for a concise explanation of Sheldrake’s reasoning:

Sheldrake’s A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance (1981) proposes that through morphic resonance, various perceived phenomena, particularly biological ones, become more probable the more often they occur, and that biological growth and behaviour thus become guided into patterns laid down by previous similar events


While initially when people first saw the images, they found it hard to see what was there.  Like many optical illusions, sometimes you need someone to point it out to you.  Once they do you wonder why it took you so long!  As more and more people saw the image, people started to identify it much faster even though they hadn’t seen it before.  Was this because they were tapping into some sort of collective knowledge?”

The more popular, crude term is the 100th monkey effect, often observed, that monkeys on different islands somehow ‘learn’ behaviour from others hundreds of miles away.

That is what is happening now. Everywhere normals are putting the boot to the power, and their financial system is starting to show significant cracks. Even the Bank of International Settlements worries out loud about massive withdrawals, vanishing deposits and collapsing loans. We don’t trust the system.

Also, one of the excavators of evil, Feargus O’Connor Greenwood, posits the seven virtues needed to understand and defeat the Luciferian cabal. All that is needed, he says, is passive resistance. Not violence, violence almost always ends in another set of psychopaths taking control.


VIRTUE 2: REALIZATION (understanding)

VIRTUE 3: REVULSION (disgust as motivation)

VIRTUE 4: REJECTION (non-compliance)

VIRTUE 5: RESTORATION (of your power)

VIRTUE 6: RE-IMAGINE (create the new)

VIRTUE 7: RETRIBUTION (the reckoning)

Legacy Media’s failing demoralization program

Legacy Media runs a demoralization program, but they have to report the news sometimes and the real news is that their narrative is crumbling. This is just from the past week. One week. I can aggregate another thousand to make up the month.

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