My Gromyko Theory

Senator Ted Cruz says that Michelle Obama may step in to the role of unifier for the sad, sad Democratic Party.  She has certainly picked up the pace of pocket-lining, in the traditional Clinton Obama way.

If Cruz can make a prediction, I hope I can be forgiven for this one.

I think Hillary Clinton awaits her second chance – and like CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius, she doesn’t want Kamala to be the first woman king. I mentioned this to a likeminded friend, who was horrified – we agreed, everyone we know hates Hillary.

But a Hillary, with her new campaign hairstyle, and possibly running with a healthy-looking younger super leftie like Gavin Newsom, may be required to guarantee a Democratic win 13 months from now.

She is not popular, and neither are the Democrats.  No amount of advanced cheating, corporate funded and media promulgated lies, ballot harvests and dumps, and middle-of-the-night vote counting system resets can give the Democrats a win in 2024.  So how do the Democrats prevail?  They will prevail the same way that they almost won in 2016, and the way they did “win” in 2020, with Joe Biden as presidential placeholder.  Hillary is, like Joe was, the pro-war, pro-state, pro-vaccine uni-party choice, and she will have the silent yet reliable support of the significant GOP fifth column – some of whom you see here.

The uni-party plan was, and remains, to keep Trump off ballots, so red state voters and others can’t choose him.  For a decade, the anti-Trump strategy has been the same –  harass, minimize, gaslight, ridicule and sanction the Orange Man and his supporters, and drive disgusted establishment Republicans to vote Democratic or stay home.  The second uni-party objective, beyond his total destruction, is to goad Trump into saying something that costs him his base.  So far, this strategy has backfired  – every establishment taunt and test seemed to help the Trump campaign, with pro-Trump rap videos and popular campaign material featuring his latest mug shot.  Trump runs today 10 points ahead of Biden, according to the Washington Post’s own polling.

Hillary recently warned Joe Biden that third parties will cause a Democrat loss, just like Green Party Jill Stein “stole” her victory in 2016.  She’s also warning about more “Russian election interference” because “Putin fears her.” She’s dog-whistling to the old guard about her work with sponsor Blackrock, and other elite movers and shakers, to rebuild Ukraine, through the Clinton Foundation.

I suspect Hillary believes if the Democrat machine puts her forward, her age will be less of a problem than it was for Biden in 2020, and she will work harder than he ever did.  New York and California speak for the Democratic Party, and have more to lose if Trump or any conservative, America-first or anti-corruption ticket is elected.

Key to this prediction is my belief that the US is in its final stage, its last days.  Not “end times” of spiritual punishment and reward, but a major and exciting shift into decentralized power, and populist-powered federalism.  It has been occurring for a long time, largely under the radar, subterranean – and yet it’s the reason for the reactionary surge in recent decades of the modern surveillance and warfare state, armed federal bureaucracies, and mass inflationary policies that deprive the populist masses of prosperity, property and liberty. This kind of existential shift also happened in the former Soviet Union, under the auspice of communist decay.  In the mid-1980s, after the death of Brezhnev, a number of older, weak Soviet General Secretaries, placeholders from the old system, tried to wring the last bits of relevancy and resources from a precarious and pre-collapse USSR.  Russians, by that time, had evolved to disbelieve, as a default position, each and every government narrative.  We are where they were.  DC and the gargantuan US state is justifiably worried, but like the former Soviet Union, it’s locked into a failed model.

If Joe Biden is our demented and stumbling Chernenko, Hillary is his successor, Andrei Gromyko. After Gromyko comes the guy who presides over the collapse, and through accident, error, vision, or some combination of the three, presides over the end the current experiment, and ushers in a new world.  In this role, the Soviet Union had Gorbachev – a man still held in contempt by many in Russia – because change and accountability and loss isn’t easy, and it usually hurts.  It is not clear who the US will have in place when we usher in what comes next – my prediction stops with reliable Hillary, the last of the old guard.

Hillary Clinton as our own Gromyko fits – politicians posited as “someone who can lead,” both sharing philosophies solidly welded to the past.  Hillary promises to uphold the US as sole global superpower, and like Gromyko, she distrusts the “other.”  Gromyko was a trusted party leader, and Clinton – as the Democratic Party itself dies and fragments, has been a reliable standard bearer of left statism and democratic totalitarianism.

The US party system itself is in trouble – and we will see this played out powerfully next year. Hillary is more ruthlessly dedicated to state power than any other leader of the uni-party, and this fact is increasingly being telegraphed throughout the American MICIMATT – which is running out of time.

Beyond this, we see the continuous and energetic suppression of critics of the corporate state. Tucker Carlson, and everyone he interviews is, or becomes, a target of the state.  We see structural suppression of all speech critical of favored government narratives, unabated by the revelations of the Twitter Files and the lessons learned from COVID or the Iraq war.  Google, Meta and Microsoft continue to ridiculously censor on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-In – while these companies simultaneously lobby to end TikTok in America – because it is stealing our data!  Really?  It brings to mind a sign on Ron Paul’s desk “Don’t Steal: The Government Hates the Competition.”

I wasn’t going to advance my “Hillary as Gromyko” theory publicly, because it is nightmarish and truly unthinkable. But in driving back from Nashville a few days ago, I heard on the radio that the famous 2016 Clinton-Trump debate occurred on “this day in history,” and that it was the most watched presidential debate.” Now, NPR made a big deal about this happening on that day, and other radio stations did as well – yet if you visit the many “this day in history” sites on the internet, you won’t easily find this factoid.  But it was broadcast by state media corporations this week for a reason.  The repeated mention of Hillary (who no one likes) is by design.

She’s not popular – but Democrat strategists know Trump, on a ballot or not, will divide the 60% to 70% of the vote that opposes war and interventionism, despises authoritarianism, and wants DC to shut up, and pay us back for what it has stolen and wasted. Trump supporters know how to spell his name, and if he’s not on the ballot, it doesn’t equate to a vote for the “nominated Republican.” GOP leadership, like Clinton and the MICIMATT, is welded to the past. Democratic strategists know their own biggest threat is the anti-intervention, pro-America and anti-corruption candidate Bobby Kennedy, Jr, and he’s attracting alarming levels of support from left, right, and everyone else.   Tellingly, the generation that has suffered the most from the modern monetary theory/warfare-welfare state really likes RFK, Jr. –  a lot.  Gen-X’ers will inherit whatever is left of Boomer wealth, along with the massive US federal debt, default, stagflation and possible war, and they know it.  There are 65 million of them, all relatively healthy and hard-working, and every one repeatedly betrayed by government promises all their lives.

A three or four way race for the Presidency, one divided generationally, geographically and ideologically, reminds us of the last time we got a Clinton in the White House. Then as now, it was the only way a Clinton could be elected.  It also reminds us of the last time we had a serious four-way race with a large party experiencing its own destruction/rebirth, in 1860.

What came after Bill Clinton’s election were small wars overseas, limits on federal spending, and saxophones. After Lincoln’s 1860 election, our divided angry nation blew up, with other countries choosing sides, and sending aid to the American combatants on both sides.  If and when another such fight starts here, we will receive little sympathy from the rest of the world.  Perhaps they will send bits of aid, and chat over cocktails about a world made better as we fight to the last American.

If history rhymes, and some say it does, we will have our own Gromyko in 2025.  Soon after, and sooner than many think, we’ll watch our country, and also the world, decentralize in powerful ways that the angry mutterers in both parties cannot understand. Entropy comes from the Greek entropia, meaning “a turning towards transformation.”  It’s coming to America – and that’s not a theory.