Meanwhile in Other News… Ukraine Proxy War Is an Unmitigated Disaster for U.S./NATO

There will be hell to pay for the U.S. and European rulers who have staked everything on their nefarious ambition for “strategic defeat of Russia.”

The Ukraine proxy war against Russia can be increasingly seen as a disastrous defeat for the United States and NATO. That stunning outcome should be making world headlines. Instead, the Western media spin machine is in overdrive about a failed mutiny in Russia, which on an objective scale of important events is relatively minor compared with the colossal U.S./NATO scandal.

A month-long Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed to make any dent in Russia’s defenses despite billions of dollars and euros in weaponry funnelled to the Kiev regime by the NATO bloc. That is a veritably astounding calamity and scandal. The completely unnecessary death and destruction are obscene – akin to World War One slaughtering by callous armchair generals and politicians.

Even Western officials and the corrupt money-grubbing Kiev regime are coyly admitting that the much-vaunted counteroffensive – that had been hailed for months as an expected hammer blow against Russian forces – is a failure. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers as well as NATO special forces covertly on the ground have been killed. Hundreds of tanks and infantry vehicles have been pulverized by superior Russian firepower.

It is a slaughter and orgy of war racketeering that American and European political elites, along with their media servants, have endlessly promoted.

There will be hell to pay for the American and European rulers who have staked everything on their nefarious ambition for the “strategic defeat of Russia” (under the specious guise of “defending democracy” in a Nazi regime!)

The political consequences for U.S. President Joe Biden will make his Afghanistan withdrawal debacle in 2021 look like a picnic as presidential elections loom next year.

As for the European Union, whose leaders have slavishly followed Washington’s folly in Ukraine, the repercussions of economic and political chaos will fatally undermine this already teetering entity.

Ultimately, there’s no getting away from the impending seismic geopolitical crisis, no matter how much the Western elitist mis-rulers twist and squirm to avoid accountability.

The tumult from the Prigozhin affair in Russia over the last week, which saw a mutiny attempt by the chief of the Wagner private military company, came at a convenient time for the U.S. and EU. It momentarily distracted from the unmitigated disaster that Washington and its NATO allies have created in Ukraine. But as the Prigozhin charade dissipates, the focus will rightly turn to the far bigger scandal of Western-led defeat in Ukraine.

Who will answer for the countless lives lost, the millions of displaced, and the American and European economies and livelihoods thrown into disarray? All of the Western so-called leaders, as well as the shameless war-propagandizing media outlets, are a rogue’s gallery that will face searing scrutiny from their public in due course when the chickens inexorably come home to roost.

Disturbingly, however, in the short term, the mad rulers in Washington and Europe show no connection with reality and no turning back in their war obsession.

This week, the European Union’s supposed top diplomat Josep Borrell is proposing to turn the bloc’s so-called European Peace Facility into a “Ukraine defense fund”. The EU has already committed over €50 billion of taxpayers’ money for propping up the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. Now, unelected bureaucrats like Borrell want to make the whole purpose of the EU a banker for war in Ukraine.

Denmark has this week taken the lead among other European states to begin a pilot training program for Ukrainians and other NATO mercenaries to fly the U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets.

The Biden White House is also reportedly close to signing off on the supply of long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine which would be capable of launching attacks on Russian territory. Biden has already burnt through $150 billion of public money in fencing a corrupt Kiev regime whose army and NATO weapons have been obliterated. (Of course, this is a super-lucrative, self-reinforcing business for the U.S. military-industrial complex and their political pimps in Washington, including Biden.)

In other words, instead of sobering up to the reality that the U.S.-led proxy war in Ukraine against Russia is doomed, the Biden administration and its European flunkies are doubling down. They are strapped by their own ideological straitjackets, corrupt personal interests, the short-term elite profits of war, and Russophobia.

Western leaders are even making the twisted deduction that the failed mutiny in Russia is all the more reason why the U.S. and NATO should ramp up arms to the Kiev regime. Antony Blinken, the American Secretary of State, gloated this week about a supposed opportunity to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. Such thinking is completely delusional and insanely dangerous.

The conflict in Ukraine could end in short order. It should never have started. The solution to end the violence is the same as was advocated by Moscow a long time ago: to formulate geopolitical security accords and in particular neutrality of Ukraine with regard to joining NATO.

The Western rulers have learnt nothing. Ahead of the NATO summit in two weeks’ time in Vilnius on July 11-12, Britain and others are calling for Ukraine’s membership to be fast-tracked. Such a move will consolidate the path to all-out war with Russia.

Further arming Ukraine and pushing for NATO membership is not simply digging a deeper hole for yourself. It’s pushing the situation over the abyss.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, told the Security Council this week: “For this war to end, the American masters must give orders to their vassals. The absence of such signals and orders indicates only one thing: the United States has no need or desire to end the conflict, but has an appetite for its continuation and anticipates when Russia will be defeated, preferably [in the U.S. interpretation] strategically. I want to tell you that that isn’t going to happen.”

The Russian envoy added this grim warning: “Having become completely detached from reality, the West is deliberately provoking a direct confrontation between nuclear powers.”

There is a foreboding sense that rather than face accountability for their Ukraine nemesis, the Western elite would rather start World War Three.

That is the most damnable realization about the Western political class and their so-called liberal democracy. It’s a fascist cabal willing to suicide the world.

Up to an indefinite point, Russia’s formidable military deterrence can hold off the Western cabal from their warmongering delusions, and in that way increasingly expose the Western psychopathic system for what it is. But for a historic transition to a more peaceful world, the onus is on the people in the West to take down their warmongering system and hold their criminal mis-leaders to account. If World War Three can be avoided in the meantime, that is.

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