City of London’s Desperado Edict: Nato Commits To Kiev’s Fast Track Membership and Cluster Bombing to WWIII

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the days leading up to Tuesday July 11th’s two-day NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania appears to have dramatically pivoted back into the Western Deep State fold, on Saturday July 8th raising the issue of becoming an EU member again, advocating Ukraine join NATO, finally giving in to Sweden as a NATO member on the eve of the Vilnius NATO summit, and last Saturday releasing five neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azovstal commanders vowing to return to the combat zone who were held in a Turkish prison, breeching the original agreement between Ankara, Kiev and Moscow to hold off their release until after the Ukraine conflict.

In front of the cameras handing five commanders over to a beaming Volodymyr Zelensky in Ankara last weekend was optically a much-needed promotional big PR win for Ukraine, just ahead of the Vilnius NATO summit. With Ukraine’s counteroffensive a complete failure, optics means everything to this fake actor. But to Russia Erdogan and Zelensky’s move was viewed as Erdogan stabbing his close ally Russia in the back. Right afterwards, the opportunistic actor Zelensky flew off to Snake Island to thank Ukraine troops, basking in more centerstage theatrics, reminding the world that southern Ukraine’s coastline access to the Black Sea is still controlled by Kiev, despite strong likelihood that Russia will soon militarily snatch Odessa and Ukraine’s sea access away for good. The shrinking nation and population of Ukraine will be without its “fearless” dictator puppet soon as well.

A further development explaining this abrupt switcheroo by turncoat Erdogan suddenly kissing US/NATO’s ass again is the F-16 fighter jet deal with the US, announced on Tuesday July 11th at the Vilnius, Lithuania NATO summit. This deal had been held up until Erdogan caved in to agree on Sweden becoming the 33rd NATO member.

Considering that over nearly the last decade, Erdogan has consistently thumbed his nose at America, NATO and the West, overtly distancing himself from his NATO membership while defiantly strengthening ties with Putin, Erdogan in 2022 steadfastly refused to join the US/NATO’s condemnation and sanction pile-on against Putin for his Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Less than two months ago, Erdogan defiantly stated in a CNN interview:

We are not at a point where we would impose sanctions on Russia like the West have done. We are not bound by the West’s sanctions. We are a strong state and we have a positive relationship with Russia. Russia and Turkey need each other in every field possible.

So naturally this last week’s complete turnaround is drawing lots of attention. Erdogan has been coerced by US/NATO/Western power to seemingly betray his now well-established friendship with Putin. Erdogan’s neutrality stance toward the Ukraine conflict worked in his favor amongst his Turkish voting constituents to secure his recent reelection bid, and now having overcome that hurdle, Erdogan has apparently reverted back to his checkered past playing both sides against each other in the perennial East vs. West Cold War chessboard game, with yet more cloak and dagger politics that he’s notorious for.

Aligning with Putin essentially amounted to aligning with the demonized enemy of the globalist City of London-US power structure, and was not to be tolerated as outright sleeping with the enemy. On top of that, as leader of the seven-decade long NATO member Turkey since 2014, Erdogan’s sudden aggression disputing fellow NATO member Greece’s ancient sovereign right to its own east Aegean Islands was deemed as more over-the-top antics and insolence bucking the City of London/Washington DC/NATO pecking order deemed the last straw. On February 6th, 2023, the devastating 7.8 Turkish earthquake killing over 50,000 victims appears to be yet another unnatural catastrophe likely committed by the Khazarian mafia pecking order to punish Erdogan as Western payback against his deemed out-of-control defiance.

In the following month in March Erdogan and his Turkish parliament’s unanimous vote was the final NATO member to approve Finland’s entry into NATO as an early sign of post-earthquake submission to the West. Thus, in the lead-up to the NATO summit this week, increased pressure was brought to bear on the Turkish president to toe the line, lest another killer earthquake or Soros Purple Revolution erupt in his backyard.

With NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and NATO member majority calling for Kiev’s clear expedited pathway to membership, it’s clear that the Western puppets following their bloodline masters’ orders are inching ever closer to igniting nuclear WWIII. The Vilnius summit this week has forwarded NATO’s rushed plan guaranteeing Ukraine security for years to come that for all intents and purposes means full de facto NATO membership, despite the largely empty claim to defer it until after the war against Russia ends. Again, Victoria Nuland’s May conference call with Kiev officials proclaiming that WWIII would be arranged during this week’s NATO summit, in effect, evoking Article 5 as bogus excuse used to justify NATO forces entering the war in Ukraine against Russia in defense of de facto member Ukraine.

On July 8th the same day as Erdogan and Zelensky violated the deal they made with Putin regarding the Azov prisoners, Erdogan had the gall to say he was pressing Putin to extend the Black Sea grain deal Erdogan brokered last summer for both Ukraine and Russia’s shipments of the vital food staple’s safe passage to feed a hungry world. Whereas Kiev’s grain shipments were earmarked for needy African nations, it turned out virtually all of its grain went straight to nations in the European Union. Moreover, it’s been reported that so-called Western cargo ships transporting grain have also been covertly used in the past to ship Western weapons in through Ukraine’s port of Odessa. As a result, Russia has been wanting out of the grain deal, and now it obviously has every justifiable reason for shutting it down. Erdogan gained geopolitical brownie points as international broker between the two warring enemies in a humanitarian cause, but also financially gained as middleman charging vessels’ access to Black Sea entry through Turkey’s Strait of Dardanelles. Some analysts minimize the apparent betrayal by Erdogan toward Putin, claiming his last weekend deal breaker colluding with Zelensky to liberate Azovstal commanders was merely a necessary setup for Russia to then justify pulling out of the grain deal, and that Erdogan and Putin still remain allied “friends,” albeit on a less overt basis.

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