Trump Classified Documents – The Presidential & Federal Records Act

The Presidential and Federal Records Act was amended in 2014 by Obama.   The skirmish over how documents were handled and the rules surrounding any documents was assigned to NARA archivists.   Despite this, the entirety of Obama documents remain housed outside of NARA control in a private storage facility in Huntington Illinois.   The given reasoning is that the archives is overburdened and doesn’t have the capacity to take control of Obama’s records…

The Obama era Amendment states that all records will be available to the public within five years of a president vacating office.   The Obama records have been ‘unavailable’ for over 7 years.   According to the National Archives, Obama’s documents may be viewed at his public library address of 2500 W Golf Road, Illinois – an abandoned furniture store.   In 2022, the building was listed for sale.

It is NOT a secure warehouse or storage facility. It is NOT a presidential library.   It was an abandoned furniture store that is currently leased by the GSA for Obama’s 33 million documents…   With no public access. Up until 2021, the facility had 3 employees. According to NARA’s Chicago website:  

The Barack Obama Presidential Library is not part of the National Archives at Chicago.

When viewing the Obama Presidential Library Website – I was redirected to a photo-op and old photos of artifacts collected by Obama over his course as President.    There is NO public access to ‘records’.   “Since 2012, NARA has required all Federal agencies to use ERA to submit records schedules to NARA for approval by the Archivist. Additionally, ERA manages the transfer of all permanent records, in all formats and media, transferred to NARA through the Annual Move or by direct offer.”

NARA is claiming that it is the responsibility of ALL Federal Agencies to transfer records to them – in real time annually.   Apparently that did not happen under Obama.

The Obama Presidential Library is a website which provides no access to any records.   A link on the website contains a heading, ‘VP Biden release of documents’ –  all dated 2023.   The first such document is a NARA letter to All Employees stating –   “You have most likely seen media reports this week about the National Archives and our actions relating to records from President Joseph Biden’s tenure as Vice President. We are unable to comment on the specifics of the matter. I will share information with you if and when I can.”  

That said – there is no NARA record of ANY kind related to now President Biden despite a mandate that a complete set of records must be transferred.   In a second archived letter to All Employees by NARA dated January 2023, “Until November 2022, we were not aware that any Obama-Biden records were missing. I clarified that NARA receives only the Presidential and Vice-Presidential records that the departing administration provides us; we are never able to know whether we have “all” such records.”

Oddly, despite Biden and Obama having never turned over their documents – per NARA’s own assessment, The Biden Handlers sought an FBI investigation and indictment against Trump. NARA has declared they made no assertions to the FBI regarding Trump and did not initiate the investigation. The FBI claims the initial assertion/claim came from NARA and was sent to the Justice Department.

They are so sloppy they can’t even get their story right!

Federal Magistrate Bruce Reinhardt signed the initial warrant for the FBI search at Mar a Lago.   The purpose of the warrant in 2022 was to recover missing classified documents according to NARA.   However, as noted above in their January 2023 statement, “…we are never able to know whether we have all such records”.   Therefore it would have been impossible for them to initiate an FBI investigation.

The statement that 337 documents recovered by the FBI ‘were classified’ – could be a functional defense in light of The Conservative Treehouse notation that the Indictment reads, “classified markings”.   The key wordplay being ‘markings’.  “Were classified” could also be interpreted to mean they were classified at one point and are no longer…

In 2015, the Washington Post went into hyper mode attempting to justify Hillary Clinton’s Illegal email server use for classified documents. The author was Tom Blanton, then head of NSA:   The article states that classification of too much information – makes us less safe.   “Here at the National Security Archive, in our “Dubious Secrets” series, we have published hundreds of U.S. government documents that one office or official considers declassified, while another insists must stay secret. Whom do you listen to?   Now, the same folks who clamored to see those messages seem to want to lock them up in classified vaults. Foolishness. They intend to redact the e-mails, thus putting red flags right on messages that circulated for years in unclassified form, thus highlighting the secrets they contain, if there really are any. Keeping the e-mails unclassified would actually be the best way to protect anything sensitive — through obscurity.”

75% of what Blanton saw – he says – should never have been classified. He concludes by stating, “The best defense of an open society is open information. We are not safer in the dark.”   Key = Soros Open Society.

It was because of Blanton and the NSA that Hillary’s classified leaks were determined to be nothing. In fact, the DOJ turned head over heels to alter the classification status quo in order to protect Hillary and Obama.   NARA’s statements on their website and the most recent 2023 Biden/Obama records indicate they desperately do NOT want to be implicated in the Trump scuffle.   The reasoning is as outlined above – as well as the fact that NARA does not know if ANY Biden documents have ever been transferred to them.

It would appear that Biden never sent ANY documents to NARA.   In Fact, the Penn-Biden Center in Washington DC, a ‘think-tank’, was not thinking when it housed Biden documents from during his time as a VP.   Apparently, several of those boxes were transferred to Biden’s attorney in Boston without NARA’s permission or notification.   Are Biden’s Attorney’s privvy to classified information?  Have they been vetted and given security clearance?

NARA claims they were unaware that there were ANY documents at this unsecured Think Tank, The Penn-Biden Center in Washington, DC.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.