Economic Collapse Survival Tips: How To Make It During Hyperinflation

So how do you prepare now for the hyperinflation and chaos that will come on the heels of an economic collapse soon? You have two choices. You can wring your hands and worry and be paralyzed, or you can learn lessons from other major countries who have endured similar situations and get ready.

The following four tips will help you be well on your way to having both peace of mind now and a much easier life once there is an economic collapse.

Your Survival Network

A lesson from other countries and from our own country during the Great Depression is that you can’t go it alone. Start now building a network of people that you can trust and count on when the chips are down.

Knowing someone with tools and the ability to be a fixit man, a nurse or physician’s assistant, a mechanic, and a gardener are some really good people to have in your network for when the economic collapse hits. Make sure that you hone your own skills so that you have some things to offer others.

Food Storage

Every week for the next couple of months, double up on your non-perishable groceries so that in three months you have an extra three months of food in your pantry. An economic collapse brings with it hyperinflation and instant food shortages, hopefully temporary, and a full pantry will give you peace of mind.

Personal Items

Don’t forget to stock up on personal items like razors, soap, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products. These items have a history of becoming worth their weight in gold during an economic collapse.

Creative and Adaptable

The other lesson to be learned is to hone your skills to become more adaptable and creative. Start going camping on vacations and learn how to “rough it” and “make do” even if it is just car camping. There is nothing like a 3 day weekend in a tent learning that you can really live without your special omelette pan and wire whisk to make you more creative and adaptable.

Finally, make sure you have an emergency car kit so that if you are stranded away from home for a day or two that you can get by with minimal discomfort. During times of economic collapse, crazy things like riots happen suddenly and it is not unrealistic to expect that there will be times you just can’t drive the streets safely, even if it is just to get home from work.

This originally appeared on Preppgroup.