Insanity Nation II; Beneath "The Rise of The Hoodies"

After posting my observations on the widespread wearing of “hoodies”, I dug deeper into the origins and overt symptoms of mass anxiety.  I stitched together long forgotten psychological studies, the effects of covid lockdowns/distancing, the advent of impersonal electronic relationships and physical isolation.

I recalled an experiment where a baby monkey was isolated in a cage;  solitary confinement apart from the “touch” of its mother and any other living thing.  It was very disturbing to watch this baby twitching, quivering and obviously in extreme emotional distress. It clung to a “blankie” or a cloth doll as I recall, the best substitute it could find for its mother.  We all begin life with close skin-to-skin contact with our mothers and never lose that unconscious craving for the security and comfort of a simple human touch!  I can remember tearfully clinging to a stuffed panda bear as a 3 yr old when mom was not around.

Touching another or even a pet dog or cat releases pleasurable brain hormones; oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin while depressing the fight/flight stress hormone cortisol.  When we grow older, social isolation increases as we leave the closeness we once enjoyed in families and school settings. Recall the ecstasy of a first kiss?  Any parent can remember the joy of cuddling with a spouse and having little kids crawling all over ’em.  That physical touching is a drug!  Ergo; mass anxiety becomes visibly obvious in those seeking security through any number of workarounds aimed at the fulfilment of that most primal need…Touch!

Mandates against close personal contact were a most devious part of the greater pandemic psy-op.  From the drone of Fauci’s death warnings, to TV’s spooky music and incessant infection stats, to the constant “public information” commercials designed to overcome vaxxx-hesitancy and shame non-compliants.  The whole operation stunk of preplanning and the “leak” of a lab-created virus if not its intentional release.  Fauci told us we were totally helpless in the face of this novel corona virus when he claimed there are “no treatments” available, wait for a vaxxx,… as he himself waited for the billions he extorted from congress…It wasn’t his first rodeo, he’d succeeded in these shakedowns every few years for decades. The government and State Media conspired to evoke mass anxiety, mass insanity and “death-consciousness,” and throw the population into a nervous funk where immune strength was inhibited, intelligence levels and judgement dashed, and self-healing made nearly impossible. When secrecy is wrapped in indecipherable “scientific” hyper-complexity, it is concealment nonetheless; the foundation of power.

*(Two modes of the autonomic nervous system are the sympathetic fight/ flight and the parasympathetic healing/restorative branches.  Were there no news of covid hysteria, 2020-2022 might have been just average flu years.  Enhanced susceptibilities to germ warfare via propaganda were established by military studies in the 1940’s! The covid-19 bioweapon attack on humanity was no amateur job.)

The State Media, when not involved with disasters, scandals and celebrity sensationalism, is mainly tasked with creating fear and anger through disinformation, distraction and division. Symptoms of their success are visible everywhere propaganda is sold; hoodies, companion animals, hoarding, prepping, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and the most widely popular reaction to stress,… escape into the cloud. Phones and screens are here and likely here to stay. Try and take away a teenager’s phone and you’ll see him or her become that twitchy baby monkey.

I’m in favor of any comfort available in a world that has become as nuts as that poor monkey.  One might choose comfort foods,.. or dental cleaning, a massage, a visit to the chiropractor or barber just to enjoy the pleasure of human touch.  Being a little old for pacifiers or carrying Paddington Bear in public, I just bought another hoodie, cook family favorites and find myself constantly shaking hands, hugging and patting backs.  I fondle every puppy I come across.

How many song lyrics have involved the longing for touch,… from the Righteous Brothers, The Doors and Willie Nelson to many gospel themes?  But we never think about this hunger, the loneliness of the neighborhood cat lady or other odd actors born of unconsolable unhappiness.  Touching others fell to the correctness-police and their preoccupation with sexual abuse and pedophilia.  The economy and the invention of toxic masculinity crippled flirtation, but now look at the prevalence of lonely young men, of pornography, sex dolls and “self-touching.”

Man, like other mammals, is a social animal. To be separated from the family, tribe or herd is a slow but sure death sentence.  This works through aforementioned sympathetic dominance.  Eventually DNA malfunctions and all diseases manifest,… from knee and back pain to heart disease and cancers. That’s the science behind mind-body phenomenon in the simplest terms.  When these connections are understood and even why we do illogical things in our own lives, we can begin to become whole and avoid the pain we absorb and unknowingly inflict upon ourselves. What “people say” and all media inputs must be taken with a grain of salt. When external propaganda is filtered-out, only a few flakes of truthremain.

The ego is not only the target of fear mongers and seductions, it’s the seat of illusion and separateness.  When Aaron Rogers found, “My only enemy is Me,” he really spoke of the adolescent ego.  Once he managed to dominate it, he approached spiritual enlightenment and his performance potential. Maybe it’s the “out of body” psychedelic perspective on one’s self?  Those suffering traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic/PTSD issues have also seen life-changing “miracles” through these substances.

Fasting, meditation, hyperbaric oxygen and cleansing sauna can provide similar effects without ayahuasca or mushrooms; simply recognize and monitor the elusive ego and its endless monkey-chatter and see that fear, hate, anger, doubt, selfishness and separateness are illusions that keep one imprisoned in an imaginary hell.  Enter heaven through unconditional love and respect for all life.  I try to remain relaxed, fearless and live in the moment. I avoid regrets of the past and ignore doom/gloom and fear of the future.  I don’t always succeed, but know I’m part of the universe and along for the ride.

Toxic physical chemistry aside; The State Media focuses on “mental health” as THE problem… when The State Media IS the source of CRAZY!   …and so it is within our upside-down backward-ass narrative… so cleverly designed to perpetuate compliance, confusion and serfdom. Don’t we all just wanna be free and happy?