The Compliant and Obedient Are Freedom's Cancer

“Obedience is the greatest refuge of the weak and the coward people!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

Sometimes, in order to clear the air, it is necessary to expose the real risk to our freedom, instead of simply concentrating on the obvious evils that surround us. Those obvious evils of course consist of the State, government, criminal politicians, their enforcers in police and military, and corporate and banking heads, who actually control the government, and therefore, the people. Yes, these are bad people and entities who seek power and control, but are they the only real problem? Most would claim that the real problem lies with others, and never accept any responsibility themselves. Whether this is simply a human trait of avoidance, or purposeful deception matters not, as it comes down to covering up fact to hide the truth in order to escape all responsibility.

Tyranny and totalitarian rule, or any rule over others for that matter, is based on the fact that most all rule is voluntarily accepted, and usually embraced by the collective plebian herd. The master/slave relationship could never exist without the slave. Once any individual decides to be free, he is free, because his mind and soul are free. This reality is overlooked by the general population, for adversity is avoided at all cost, as the masses willingly choose to accept their own serfdom to supposedly gain false safety. This would not be such a monumental problem except that most all those who deliberately accept rule, expect everyone else to act in the same manner. They expect, as their chosen condition is obedience and submission to the State, that everyone be subject to government rule, and therefore, free and sovereign individuals are looked down upon, censored, marginalized, and cursed.

Compliance, submission, and obedience in the face of any governing system seeking rule,  is like a malignant cancer that spreads throughout the population at large. It is entirely based on fear and cowardice, and the ensuing refusal to accept the truth, to face any difficulty, or to accept any personal responsibility for protecting their own lives and liberty. What is forgotten is that no State can exist unless the masses allow it to exist. Tyranny cannot thrive in any society whose residents are willing to negate the State in favor of freedom. No government can gain power unless the people voluntarily give them that power. This is evidenced in the insane act of voting, where the populace gets together to ‘elect’ a master-class to rule over them. This is done willingly by purposely picking a king and his court to claim power over the people. When one is able to understand that this voting scam is a trick, and meant only as a confirmation of voluntary rule, and nothing more, then why continue looking for political saviors instead of looking to self?

Governments lie, politicians lie, fascists lie, and the controlled media lies. What is worse however, are those who remain silent in the face of war, murder, slaughter, torture, lockdowns, pedophilia, child trafficking, and economic destruction. By this apathetic behavior, they allow the ruling class lies to stand, and worse, by their silence and non-action, they sanction the horrors committed by the State in their name. Many, especially in this country called America, not only remain silent, but honor and applaud the terror committed by what they call ‘their country.’ This atrocious behavior can be witnessed at any sporting event, any concert, most all churches, and at any large gathering of people, especially when all are a part of the collective herd in any bread and circus environment.

Those who stand against the state are in the vast minority, and have been targeted for some time; from extreme censorship, to shunning by this pathetic society, to outright violence against them. This will only worsen, as dissent, especially when so few are willing to rebel and disobey, will bring out the State enforcers, but it will also bring out the dregs and snitches of society, those conformists who seek dependence, and hide behind the State.

As I wrote over a decade ago:

“In America today, the many are ruled by the few. The many allow this tyranny voluntarily, and with open arms. The only men who can be reduced to servitude are those who choose to do so. For men who cling to liberty with passion can never be ruled, and will never allow their freedom to be taken from them. These are men of truth and character, and sadly, they are the extreme minority. These men of integrity are now directly in the crosshairs of this oligarchy called America, and without them, the rest of society is doomed to a life of serfdom.”

Is any clarity of realty beginning to soak into the minds of those who are becoming inquisitive concerning their own freedom? Is it not obvious that the base cause of our loss of freedom lives in the mind and body of most every common citizen? Is it not apparent, that the silence and indifference, and the lack of a backbone, are at the core of our problems? It is easy to blame the accepted antagonists called government, rulers, and their enforcers. It is easy to blame one side or the other in a country split down the middle and pathetically labeled as red or blue, or black or white. It is easy to be lazy and cowardly in the face of adversity, but it is not easy to deal with the very extreme consequences of this lack of courage by those who have caused so much misery to others.

Yes, the hard truth is that most who comply with draconian measures initiated by the State, most who have succumbed to government mandates, most who only consider their own personal temporary position, all who ignore the plight of the victims of aggressive wars and totalitarian rule, and all who obey on command, are in fact at great fault for their own and other’s enslavement.

You, each of you, are fully responsible for your own actions and non-actions. You cause your own enslavement by your cowardice, and unwillingness to simply say no to this heinous government and State. You who applaud this murderous military while they slaughter innocents around the world, and you who hide in the shadows when your neighbors are in harms way due to State tyranny, are the problem. Obedience leads to slavery, and disobedience leads to freedom. This has to be understood by the masses if ever this country is to be free or of any value.

You who claim to be special and deserving of more due only to the color of your skin, your sexual misconceptions, your culture, your minority status, or your political party, are also at fault for our downfall. Division is always purposely stoked by those seeking power so as to be able to gain control, but brought to fruition by the very people claiming to want ‘equal’ treatment. Division destroys fair treatment of individuals, and pits all against all. Hypocrisy and contradiction at this level are asinine, as each of you seek out enemies amongst yourselves, instead of living and working together in harmony against the State monsters. How insane is this reversal of logic, and effort in idiocy?

Every act of compliance and obedience to tyranny, drives another nail into the coffin of freedom. When you actually want to know how to escape this madness, when you seek and demand easy and impossible solutions from others instead of self, when you think you have had enough, and do not want to allow this misery to continue, and when you actually want to see and face your real enemy; just look in the mirror!

 “In precisely the same way the specialty of government is not to obey, but to enforce obedience. And a government is only a government so long as it can make itself obeyed, and therefore it always strives for that and will never willingly abandon its power.”

Leo Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God Is Within You