The Leaks Are Starting

From the Tom Woods Letter:

We have so many sinister figures in the United States that we are apt to overlook those who terrorize other countries.

For example:

In a series of leaked WhatsApp messages between the UK’s ex-health secretary Matt Hancock, the following exchange from late 2020 was just uncovered:

So spreading fear — seeking to “frighten the pants of[f] everyone” — was to be the official policy, and to that end Hancock asked, “When do we deploy the new variant?”

Hancock proceeded to go on television and call for more useless lockdowns:

It’s important for everybody to act like they might have the virus… The cases, as you’ve seen from the graphs, have absolutely rocketed in the last few days… Given how much faster this new variant spreads, it will be very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine rolled out.

This inhuman approach was supposed to save lives.

And yet here’s something interesting:

Now this chart looks at continental Europe, so the UK is not listed (although I believe its excess mortality to be in the 9% range), but note that the country with the lowest excess mortality happens to be the very country that the crazies and control freaks screamed at the loudest for not obeying the lockdown religion.

So the more you ignored the public health establishment, the better off you were.

We sort of knew that, but it’s gratifying to see it laid out so starkly, is it not?

Now, two important items:

(1) For those of you who, like me, live in central Florida: my old friend Fred Badalli has just opened Fredster’s, a place for great food and drink, and live music. I want to help him make it a success, so I’m inviting you to meet me there on Thursday, March 16, at 6:00pm for dinner, drinks, and socializing. The address is 1720 Fennell Street in Maitland.

If you’re planning to join me there, can you please reply to drop me a line and let me know (and whether you’re bringing a +1), so I can let Fred know what to expect? Thank you!

(2) Last week I told the story of my friend Blake Brewer, who at age 19 watched his father die in his arms after a tragic accident in the water.

But his father had written him a letter (that he had no idea would be his final words to his son).

That letter was full of advice, guidance, and reminders of his love. It meant everything to Blake, whose life had been turned upside down by the loss of his father.

After much struggle, Blake completed such a letter to his own children not long ago, and he’s now on a mission to get one million parents to write legacy letters to their own children.

I would like all the parents reading my words to join me in doing the same.

Tonight (Wednesday, March 8) Blake will be giving us some guidance as to how to write such a letter.

Please sign up to join us right now, while you’re thinking about it: