Fat, Stupid, and Diverse

To lift a line from the immortal Dean Wormer: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life…” here amended to fat and stupid.  Case in point, Alvin Bragg, now the Manhattan district attorney, and a guy who never met a calzone he didn’t eat.  Calzones deserve a better fate.

Bragg — who badly wants to carve up Donald J. Trump, but won’t — was boosted into office in November 2021 in yet another spasm of virtue signaling by the Rotted Apple’s smart set, and whose campaign was lubed by dollars from George Soros to the aptly named “Color of Change PAC.”

Bragg is another swell diversity hire.  They abound in America’s deteriorating cities.  And not incidentally — in fact, importantly — he’s a Soros and establishment sock puppet.  In going after Trump — and as of this writing, flailing conspicuously in his gambit — he’s paying his dues to the Man.  Diversity hire’s only requirement is doing the Man’s bidding.  Alvin is trying.

Bragg is a Happy Meal for the “diversity, inclusion, and equity” crowd.  Nothing brings bigger smiles to their faces than foisting unintelligent, untalented, poorly skilled “of color” or gender box checks on mostly “of color” Democrat-ruined urban communities around the country.  In NYC, it makes those fashionable, progressive Upper West Side dinner parties so… perky.

Other than the quixotic quest to get Trump, Bragg’s primary duty as a Soros sock puppet is to free mostly “of color” murderers, rapists, child molesters, gangbangers, and robbers.  Or not charge them in the first place.  Soros and his ilk demand it.  The riffraff are victims, after all, of “systemic white racism.”  Why, racial justice demands it.    

Certainly, said victims of white racism would never, ever have murdered and raped but for whitey’s oppression.  The irony is — actually, it’s demonic more than ironic — when Bragg frees these scourges, where do they go?

Do they pack their bags for white precincts?  Suburban Topeka?  How about piney Fayetteville?  Hmm… Butte?  Nah.  They return to the brilliantly urban renewed slums from whence they crawled… return to terrorize and prey upon the “of color” denizens, who are struggling to survive another day.

Whitey’s victims slither from slums to terrorize and brutalize the law-abiding elsewhere.  For instance, the “Latinx” bodega shopkeeper, Jose Alba, who for the crime of defending himself against a couple of downtrodden, was arrested and packed off to Ryker’s Island.  Bragg intended to indict Alba for the unpardonable crime of having the wrong pigmentation and defending self against the “of color” oppressed, but public blowback proved too great, even for a Soros sock puppet.  Bragg backed down.  A sumptuous meal must have soothed his bruised sense of justice.

Or — here surmised as pastime — racial injustice legions venture into New York’s subways to terrorize riders or push the unsuspecting onto train tracks.  Or… target Asians (usually females and the old) for old-fashioned beatings.  And while this mayhem sinks the Rotted Apple into an ever-deeper abyss of crime and dysfunction, Bragg just shrugs.  As policy, Bragg shrugs.

Bragg and other Soros-owned big city DAs and elected leaders marching orders have nothing to do with putting hombres behind bars and upholding the highest standards of public safety. They have nothing to do with the canard of “racial justice.”  They have to do with the Marxist imperative of destroying to rule over the ruins.  Better to rein in Hell than serve in Heaven.

About Asian Americans and immigrants, well, yellow isn’t a color on the “of color” palette.  As a rule, Asians just can’t get with the victimology scam.  Another rule: Asians dare to be industrious, thrifty, highly disciplined, and very focused.

Go to the takeout around the corner from you.  Mr. Yang and his kin are busting tail in the kitchen and at the counter.  Mr. Yang’s kids?  Sitting at a table cracking schoolbooks.  His kids are going to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs — and not because of dumbed-downed diversity standards, but because of sweat equity and bona fide achievement.

For the sin of genuine merit — when will believing in the American Dream be criminalized? — the Yangs and Asians of all stripes are loathed by the diversity, inclusion, and equity mob, particularly affluent, progressive whites who fear their kids will be outperformed and outcompeted for prized higher education berths.

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