Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

Eleven minutes into her latest Tore Says podcast on Wednesday, Tore Maras explains what she thinks is the real twofold motive for the train derailment and toxic explosion in East Palestine, Ohio last week, as having to do with organ trafficking and the Intel Corporation’s plans for the “largest silicon manufacturing location on the planet”.

Tore says the stories about the train’s axles are fake and that there might have been additional cargo on the train besides the noxious chemicals publicly described. She suspects the haul included components needed to make fentanyl, “specific ones which maintain the integrity of organs” and help ensure the “viability of human organs” for transplantation.

The fentanyl overdose epidemic of mostly-young victims in America has proven to be a boon for the organ transplant waiting list and an excellent source of fresh organs, in a country with a waiting list of 106,000 – multiplied by the millions of people waiting all over the world. She has often stated in the past that many of the young migrants coming into the US are being used for this purpose, in addition to sex trafficking and for use in human pharma experiments.

The other angle is that in order to run Intel’s semiconductor chip plant in Ohio, they’ll be needing 5 billion gallons of water a day. Such an enormous amount of water will need to be recycled – and Ohioans will have to drink it.

Tore believes that the explosive destruction at the scene of the East Palestine derailment served the dual purpose of eliminating the evidence of the train’s cargo, as well as providing the “problem” that will serve to fast-track the already-written so-called “clean water” legislation that will benefit the Intel Corporation, whose proposed semiconductor chip plant in Ohio will require an absurd 5 billion gallons of water per day. Ohio’s water is about to be controlled by Intel.


“The train derailment wasn’t supposed to happen now. That was supposed to come when Intel had a little bit more infrastructure set up. I think Biden talked about infrastructure and clean water. This is how they disable your wells. This is how they shut down systems, because they need to re-pipe things. “You don’t need this lead pipe, you need this copper, because copper interacts differently – but is it copper, really?..

“And that’s because it’s going to be very hard to find clean water. None of you sat up and said, ‘We don’t want fluoride in our water.’

“And then, you’re going to get silicon-tainted water and just going to have to deal with it. Maybe this technology is what they’re going to use to make you OK with drinking that kind of water. And while people are testing their water sources…do you think the government doesn’t know what these chemicals do? And whose bright idea was it to just put it up? We may have a little acid rain. But that hasn’t not happened before. It has.

“So why is it being made a big deal of right now? Because it’s an operation to quickly pass legislation for clean water. And all of you are panicking and feeding it, so they can do it faster, because this will satisfy what they need to get the Intel chip processing plant in Ohio going to take your water.

“Again, where are they going to find 5 billion gallons of water  – or million, it’s either million or billion – a day – a day. Not a week, not a month, not a year. A day.

“And all the while, we have idiots in Ohio thumping [promoting/supporting] the Republicans that actually got this done. ‘Cause it’s gonna make us money. Yeah, you’re gonna have all the H1 Visas coming in from India, you idiots. That’s what happened to Oregon when they opened up, there.

“It was all about your water. And pipelines. Remember the pipeline they tried to get with Eminent Domain so they could take farmland from Ohioans, so they could pipe up things going to Canada? All this stuff is so Canadian.

“And it wasn’t one derailment. There were four. And no one’s thinking about, ‘Oh, it’s our infrastructure.’ Again, going back to what Biden said, ‘We need choo-choo trains. Let’s federalize that, too!’

“So, you have no idea what’s coming. Nobody can make money. Your products are going to be higher. This is what you call a Communist nation.

“Am I against federalizing the railways? Not really. Am I against federalizing the access points and the ability for the track warrants? Yes, I am. Because, then we’d have to, by Eminent Domain take the land there…

“This is what people need to understand. This [East Palestine, OH] is an operation. It’s not a funny one, because there are real implications. But this is where you need to find your skill and focus on the things that are actually happening. And I believe that maybe this will help me pop it off.

“Because kids getting raped – a list with Chelsea Handler and Oprah Winfrey at Epstein’s Island – and no one’s talking about it – no one’s canceled OWN. No one’s canceled her. She still has a bank account. She still has a TV. No one’s taken her assets. Chelsea Hander’s still being a slut, a drunk slut on Twitter, right?

“So, again, where’s your media? Where’s your government? Why isn’t Pete Buttplug out there talking about how we need to federalize your railways? Oh, ‘cause it’s too raw.

‘Cause somebody pulled the trigger on their plan quicker than they thought. Because maybe, maybe this is why they burned everything down, because there’s other things that they needed to cover up.

“And there will be trains and planes and buses and trucks that will tip and tip and tip, because it’s not until the precipice, until you know that you are directly at risk, that you will actually do something. And that is so sad, because our society is reactive, rather than proactive.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.