One of the great incongruities of our time is the obsession with sickness, on the one hand – and the lack of interest, on the other hand, in doing what it takes to be healthy.

And thereby avoid most sicknesses.

This phenomenon could be called allopathia – a combination of allopathic (as in mainstream medicine, that focuses on symptoms – and suppression of them – rather than on causes and changing one’s habits to correct them) and pathological; i.e., compulsive/obsessive.

People who suffer from allopathia compulsively and obsessively wear “masks” – because mainstream medicine told them to. They took “vaccines” on the same basis. But they have little interest in losing weight, or changing what they eat. Or what they do, as in terms of exercising rather than “masking.” Because mainstream medicine hasn’t told them to.

Possibly out of ignorance, as modern medical schools devote almost no attention to nutrition and exercise. A fraction of the attention that is devoted to pharmacological symptom suppression, which is no doubt focused on because the pharmaceutical conglomerates fund much of modern allopathic medical education. As in roughly half of all continuing medical education (CME) in this country. How about that? Isn’t that like having the insurance conglomerates  fund the “safety” studies that end up being used to “adjust” the premiums of the insurance coverage people are forced to buy?

The pharmaceutical conglomerates also employ legions of salesmen – they are styled “reps” – to peddle drugs to the allopathic doctors, who are rewarded for peddling them to patients by the drug reps with “free” lunches and lots-to-drink while they eat. Most patients have no idea that when their doctor recommends Lyzurpia – a name just as plausible as Nemenda or Domperidon, both of which are the names of real drugs peddle by the “reps” to the allopathic doctors who then peddle them to you.

Without having disclosed the peddling to them, before you.

Allopathic doctors have, shall we say, an incentive to offer you a pill rather than a solution. A person is identified as having high blood pressure. The doctor can see the person is obese – and if asked, the person would probably admit he regularly eats (and drinks) too much of the food and drink that tend to make people fat and so, likely to become hypertensive. A pill – rather than a diet – is suggested. Possibly because there is profit in the pill while the diet earns the doctor nothing.

Not all doctors are this way, of course. But all-too-many are because of what doctors are taught. And aren’t taught.

Including common sense.

But it is much more (and worse) than that because modern allopathic medicine teaches that there’s a cure for every ill – and it comes in the form of a pill. Or some external thing – like a “mask.” What can fairly be described as contempt, almost, for the human body’s inherent capability to heal itself manifests constantly, as in the form of the near-unanimous insistence by the medical industry – just the right phraseology – on “vaccinating” people against a sickness that most people have nothing to fear from, if they are healthy. You might think that being healthy would be encouraged as the preferable long-term solution.

Instead, contempt is shown for the healthy, who’ve proven they need these “vaccines” like a person who can run a marathon needs a wheelchair. Interestingly, the “vaccines” have the same effect – on a previously healthy immune system – as forcing a marathon runner to trade in his shoes for a wheelchair. He gets weaker the more he uses the latter. In short order, he’s no longer able to run marathons. Or even around the block.

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