Would You Start A New Business Today, If I Could Convince You It Was The Best Way To Save America?

A reader writes: 


Hi Allan,


First off, thank you for fighting. 


I am leaving [my state] in a couple of months. I’m not so much running from a fight as I can no longer deal with sheep.


I can’t operate a business and my emotional well being is not in good terms. 


I’m an awesome childcare provider with a 2 year waiting list prior to covid, now 3 years. It’s sad [my state] is losing another great employer. But I just can no longer serve the sheep/clients. Always fighting with them about the facts, which the sheep believe are conspiracies. I’m just done. 


I am welcome to your opinions. 


Best regards,


A Reader 



Without getting into the significance of the various debates on the definition of the word entrepreneur, I am going to give one that I generally turn to. 


An entrepreneur is one who recognizes needs, recognizes unallocated resources, and matches them together. When done successfully, he is able to earn a profit for the part he plays in this. 


Seen from this perspective, profit is the money one earns for helping another person fulfill his wants. 


In the simplicity of the definition is much missed, but in the simplicity of the definition much is also explained. 


Corona communism was brought about by government. The solution to corona communism is ideally not more government, though government can, at times, be put to work against itself with some success. The solution to corona communism, like all government over-reach is more entrepreneurship, and ideally in combination with that, less government. 


Entrepreneurship built on government is parasitic in nature. Such parasitic businesses are seldom able to access the solutions required to address root problems that prevent the consumer from satisfying his wants. 


It is in moving government out of the way, or at least in disregarding government as much as possible, that we arrive at solutions.


Woke Parents, Harmful To Their Own Children


And that is where I find myself when I speak to this reader — she is clearly an entrepreneur by nature. The populous metropolitan area that she calls home, she has concluded, can no longer provide her with a customer base that is not both woke and harmful to their own children. 


How devastating such a recognition must look. Yet would you believe that I have readers of these very pages , I have readers of my email newsletter, I have readers of my RealStevo Substack that are moving for the very same reason — they are moving away from that very same place because they cannot find educational opportunities that do not require their children masked, vaxxed, and tested? Her key concern is parents who demand masks, vax, and testing. 


Communicating Values To Others In Society 


Do you see the problem there? There is a lack of communication between the customer and the entrepreneur. At one time market research and marketing would have handled this issue, but there is a great deal of fear around broadcasting one’s intentions not to follow the edicts of an unelected bureaucrat such as the local public health director or the commands of the glorified manager of the state called a governor, who has virtually no part in the legitimate rule making authority in any American state, and certainly not a single-handed ability to make law or to delegate law-making authority to his minions. 


The Kernel Of Beneficial Change 


All around us, at a time like this, are such important opportunities to do some of the most effective work possible in this era: 1.) identify a need, 2.) satisfy that need, 3.) collect a profit, 4.) replicate, and 5.) scale. 


To achieve massive good in this scenario, that profit must be sufficiently large to motivate the entrepreneur to continue through good and bad, and sufficient profit for him to build a scalable business out of the opportunity. Profit is nothing to shame. Profit is something to embrace and to happily pay and receive when important wants are being appropriately provided for. 


Great good can be done in the world if I can get you to think that way encompassed by the previous two paragraphs. 


What About Voting? Isn’t That More Important? 


I like voting. I like elections. I don’t believe it is violence the way some people say. I find many people with that opinion to be full of a defeatist attitude that life wasn’t perfect the first one or five or ten years so now it is time to give up. I’m sorry, but much neglect has brought us to this moment in time. It will not be easy to undo. And it likely must be fought and undone in all areas of life. Living the libertine life of the perpetual tourist is unlikely to get us any closer. 


What About Lobbying? Isn’t That More Important? 


I like lobbying. If you stop at the vote you have given up on the opportunity to write that chapter in history and are just focusing on the punctuation marks at the end of the sentence.


What About Controlling Government? Isn’t That More Important? 


I like organizing others around meaningful political goals. The work is relatively easy and very effective. This is especially true since so few capable people are playing any meaningful role in that realm. By capable I mean 1.) intelligent, 2.) philosophically sound, 3.) and diligent. You can be in the bottom 20% in all three of these categories and still take over local government in four years and state government in a decade almost anywhere in this country. 


There are lots of governmental behaviors that I like. But I know that entrepreneurship takes the cake. The entrepreneur who can rebuild a free America is an entrepreneur who will be both wealthy and will have done much good for many others.


The Habit Of Running Away Is A Toxic One 


To any entrepreneur reading this who is thinking about moving, reach out to me. If this article isn’t enough, I want to help you see differently. I don’t want you to get in a habit of running. I want you to get in a habit of fighting in the place you are in. While I would love to have you move next door to me and be my philosophically aligned neighbor, you would likely come lacking something that only tough times can bring — the resolve to stay the course.


One way that socialist places turn into such dumps is by the non-socialists giving up on the place. That act — running — is so much more important than any five year socialist plan. 


In almost every scenario you teach yourself and others around you a very bad lesson by running from a hard situation. And I’m not saying to airlock yourself in a sinking ship until divers find you and your horde of gold coins a century hence. No. I’m not saying that at all. And sinking ships analogies do not apply to states or even cities as much as people pretend they do. Things change, things can get worse, but a leader can remain a leader. 


For lack of good leadership (from people like you and me), the two most prosperous states in the country — New York and California are the run by some no good people. 


The Failure Of The Institutions


Virtually every entity around us from church to hospital to art to information to small and big business to government to you name it, virtually every entity, virtually every institution is failing the public. A small 5 or 10% of the political class, the hyena-like people, they are satisfied. The vast majority of sheep-like people baaah loudly but truly do not care. Then there is a very large unsatisfied group of leaders in society that see how wrong everything is — the steadily awakening lions. 


You see, many good people allowed the socialists to take their long march through the institutions. They looked the other way, they aided, they even welcomed it, but eventually they ran away to where they could not be blamed. 


Why The Long March Ultimately Fails At Its Purpose 


And the socialist plan to take the long march through the institutions works, except for one thing — after they turn the institutions to total garbage, men and women of resolve will have replacements ready to take the place of the institutions the socialist hollowed out. Their long march would work except entrepreneurship, except competition, except perseverance, except truth, except ingenuity. Except people just like you who saw that great evil as an opportunity to build something great. 


In the darkest days ahead the most important institutions of the future will be forged. They will be forged by someone who saw a problem, set about to fix a problem, and made sure there was enough money in the equation to allow that business to scale and maintain itself. Often this equation, properly laid out, leaves room for the entrepreneur to go on to tackle another pressing problem as others manage his business. 


Many models have existed for making such a thing happen. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. All that is needed is to boldly state the problems you see in the world, find others who agree, and build a business that solves those problems. 


Great wealth and great benefit are built by those who do exactly that. 


Summoning The Will & Summoning The Purpose Means So Much 


As I walk the town that today houses me, I know that the men and women who occupy the grandest cathedral will never summon the will or the purpose to build such a cathedral. The men and women who occupy the board rooms of the landmark buildings will never summon the will or the purpose to build such a building. The great statues. The great books. The great inventions. The occupiers are unable to summon the will or the purpose to make such things. These are not the people who make a society great. They are critics and janitors. The will and the purpose it takes to be generative is unknown to them. 


You look at such janitors in fear. You look at them as so powerful. It is artifice. It is trapping. I look to you and me and those like us who have the generative strength and vision. Now I only need you to stop looking so much at the parasitic ones and at the janitors of this era. I need you to stop honoring them. I need you to stop granting them authority over you. I need you to simply recognize them for who they are. 


And once you do, the unimaginably large opportunity that is around you to build the future will be unmistakeable. Sure, some things about this moment suck. The trappings of old need to be burned away and some pain may come. But something very special will rise from those ashes, built by people like you and me. 


Now will you sit out such a moment in history? Or will you embrace it for all the opportunity it can give you to help the bad around you turn into the miraculously good? 


That is a role you get to choose to play. 


That is a role I get to choose to play. 


Imagine the possibilities of a world one or two decades from now set into motion because you and I this day rose to the challenge and stepped in to those roles. 



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