World War III May Have Already Begun

In the early stages of World War I and World War II, chances are that people didn’t know that those wars had started. A series of events began to unfold and eventually it was realized that they were irreversible events. Things took on a life of their own and the world was at war. In March of 2020 when the world decided to follow a blueprint for disaster and began coercing face masks, lockdowns (yes that is a prison term) and a year later Covid gene therapy shots, many may not had realized that this had been the beginning of World War III. Unfortunately, it appears to be the case.

World War III looks to be an asymmetrical nonlinear war. It entails psychological, economic, and biological warfare. It is a war to create a technocratic global government. It is a war to impart a sophisticated type of neo feudalism upon humanity. A totalitarian system designed for total control and to transform what it means to be human. This war, is a war against civilians. It is a war against the human race. It appears a war of extermination and of extinction. It is the execution of a plan to depopulate the planet, and in the process, corral humanity into sophisticated prisons called smart cities.

The apparent deliberate destruction of food supplies and an outright assault on agriculture and energy supplies, and the implementation of medical tyranny, are tactics in this war. Geoengineering is also a tactic. That’s right, create the climate disasters and blame them on humanity. Governments and government controlled media are weapons in this war.

A multipolar world is a stated goal of globalists at the WEF and elsewhere as that sets the stage for global technocracy. The escalation of the Russia Ukraine conflict and the fanatical sanctions appear designed to hurt the West and dislodge the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the United States as a superpower. The war could become multidimensional and have a linear and nonlinear aspect to it as events get a life of their own. A conflict between the United States and Russia and China are not off the table. These tensions appear to be deliberately intensified. It would be a high stakes play, but a nuclear detonation at some point would aid the argument that world government is needed for peace, and of course, needed to save the environment. Let’s face it, ‘plan Z’ is probably sitting there in case it all hits the fan and the globalist will just go underground for 150 years and their progeny will inherent the globe. Of course, that is not the intent. The intent is to continue with a controlled demolition of human civilization and a gradual disempowerment of humanity. The establishment of a neo feudalistic global society with the remaining members of humanity acting as serfs or slaves to the global elite. Sanctions on Russia and the Russia Ukraine conflict dragging out will continue to disrupt food and energy supplies increasing food and energy costs, as will the deliberate attack on fertilizers by globalist climate change cultists, such as Canada’s Justin Trudeau. This may potentially lead to mass starvation especially in the third world.

Covid, and Covid gene therapy shots especially, increasingly appear designed to reduce population and disempower people. As more people get sick and die, this also has a devastating economic impact. If you haven’t noticed that auto insurance and homeowners’ insurance premiums are increasing, you will, as you will be forced to pay for the increased death benefits paid out by insurance companies. The loss of even a few percent of the workforce will increase supply chain shortages too. With up to 36 million Americans injured from Covid shots this will tax the health insurance system as well. Even the UK government has admitted that vaccinated children are 45 times more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children and 137 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than unvaccinated children.

The global move toward digital currencies to track and control, and punish citizens, is another tool to marginalize humanity. This will allow easy confiscation without due process and will be utilized in conjunction with a social credit score CCP style. The ability to function in society will be based on whether you abide by arbitrary rules set forth by oligarchs that own the government. This push for digital currency is coinciding with a push for a biological digital identity. None of this is the result of normal societal evolutionary processes. Enhanced technological advancement feeds into greater decentralization. We saw this in the 1990s and early 2000s when the internet was free.

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