Misgendering Tyranny

The cult of social justice is accumulating tremendous power, and for the left, with great power comes ̶g̶r̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶p̶o̶n̶s̶i̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ greater tyranny.

Is tyranny a vir, a xyr, or xis? Is it non-binary or is he a non-non-binary?

It or they certainly would make sure there were grave consequences if we ever misgendered hir.



A culture that allows the concept of “safety” to creep so far that it equates emotional discomfort with physical danger is a culture that encourages people to systematically protect one another from the very experiences embedded in daily life that they need in order to become strong and healthy.

― Greg Lukianoff

TGCWhat if all this woke insanity, this tyranny of the social justice minority was mainstreamed two centuries ago?

Readers: That’s impossible Good Citizen, people worked 6 and 7 days a week back then. They had no time for leisure let alone worrying about less than 0.0033% of society’s preferred pronouns.

TGCYou’re probably right flock. But what if? Where would we be today?

Pleasanton Gazette, local crime reporting. April 21, 1868.
Filed by Reporter Dawson M. Hughes.

On the Friday of the week past, a strange boy came upon the local schoolhouse and caused quite a sensation and by some accounts a violent ruckus. The schoolboys had gathered in the meadow behind the schoolhouse for their daily recess activities. After the winter thaw, they were overcome with tremendous eagerness to resume playing the team sport of baseball.

The strange boy, 9, is a new arrival to Harrison County Schools. The boy had just witnessed a male teacher in the outhouse, attending to his business. He claimed the door was slightly a jar and witnessed the teacher quickly proceed inside to piss while sitting down. The strange boy is a new arrival from a county where it is still not against the county legal code to piss standing up. When addressing another boy about what he witnessed, the real crime was committed.

The schoolmaster Wilson McCuthers issued a written apology to the school children, their parents, and the community and asked that we publish it here for the public record.

“It is unfortunate that a boy with different views was allowed near the children whose safety and security were not adequately protected. We are taking all measures and precautions to ensure that no child with differing views that may be deemed offensive or violent by the other children is permitted within any harmful distance of the school grounds. Any utterances made by this child will be investigated by local authorities for violations of harmful speech codes. We have asked community neighbors to be vigilant and alert the appropriate authorities if any such person again breaches our newly established county safe space.”

The boy is being held without the possibility of bail bond and it’s rumored his guardians refuse to claim him. His father has since disowned him.

We are unable to republish the offending speech uttered by the boy in these columns, but the subject matter pertains to the improper use of another pupil’s preferred pronouns resulting in harmful misgendering.

Support groups have been established at the school gymnasium that will be available until the commencement of summer vacation. Any boy or girl who was in the vicinity of this crime can seek trauma assistance at this location.

Local Justice James W. Peterson is considering a series of public struggle sessions as a penalty for the boy in lieu of incarceration, which might include public peeing while seated and being forced to memorize the preferred pronouns of all residents of Harrison County.

We will further update the community as new information becomes available.

Questioning the cult symbols of the pride order now results in corporate retribution by financial institutions.

Standing up for defenseless children who are being groomed into gender confusion and life-altering physical damage through surgeries and chemical castration is now “transphobic”.

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